Monday, July 9, 2018

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #161

...In game. Whew, that was a close one! And just in time for the one hundred sixty-first edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag.

You'd think that someone who encourages others to commit suicide out of game (in game) would have a thicker skin, but no. Thin as her pod's shields.

Contact notifications are an ideal form of tear-shedding for those too passive-aggressive to send a proper EVEmail.

I'd actually guess that the "Ventura hedgehog" one is the more accurate translation.

I'm not sure why, but it makes carebears feel better to believe that they get defeated by people with "no talent".

Our Agents were tricked into bumping and killing Michael D-Delta's freighter, but he got the last laugh: His 50 billion isk tech 1 hauler slipped right past them! What a brilliant tactician.

Sure, Anne Rasmussen hit her cue. But miners, you don't need to follow a script. It's better to skip the tearmail step and all of the other losses that follow it--and go right to buying a permit.

I don't doubt that Ciponn has a female in his bed. The question is, a female what?

Oddly enough, I'm going to guess it's a female gecko. Anyone else get that impression?

This reaction is particularly understandable when you learn the context: Her Procurer was being attacked by a group of Orcas.

Miners have strange notions of what "illegal" means. They would be so much less confused if they read and accepted the Code.

If honour were a tangible asset in EVE, the mighty CODE. alliance would have the market cornered.

Protip: If an Agent has the authority to kill you, he has the authority to revoke your permit.

It's true, EVE is dying... for more Code.


  1. Kalisto got Orca'd

  2. Whatever happened to that johnniepiddles shitter? He spent days of his life posting some of the most vile carebear tears on a site that he didnt even belong on. Literally days and days of his life spent crying in the comments section of a site dedicated to making shitters cry like bitches.

    I wonder if he finally pulled a shardani and quit EVE. He didn't seem happy here anyway, it would probably be for the best. I mean, he made a complete fool of himself by self-doxxing.

    I hope his family is safe.


    1. Hahahaha where u at johnny dipshit? Come say hello to your keepers.

      I bet he has a macro for rageposting comment sections.

    2. Pretty sure he's the meh seems made up dude.

    3. Pretty sure he's a raging psychopath, child molestor, and potential (if not yet active) serial killer.

    4. Let us pray he has no children.

  3. Meh seems made up


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