Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Tears of zahara, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... zahara Acami lost a pod worth 1.8 billion isk when she autopiloted it through highsec. zahara was at fault for violating the Code in a particularly foolish manner, but she blamed Agent Katy Melons, who had merely pulled the trigger. zahara threatened to get revenge for the gank--by reporting Katy to CCP.

The carebear let our Agent in on a secret: There was an active campaign to get CCP to ban her.

Behind the scenes, the carebears of highsec have been sending a deluge of petitions to CCP, demanding that all the gankers be banned for shooting their spaceships.

For years, miners have been begging CCP to outlaw PvP in highsec. Their efforts to remove ganking have failed. zahara freely admitted that the mighty CODE. alliance doesn't break any rules. But she was convinced that the years-long downward trend in EVE subscribers would motivate CCP to change the EULA.

In other words, zahara confessed to intentionally filing frivolous petitions. Katy's heart broke for all of the GMs whose inboxes were swamped with such nonsense. When the GMs return from summer vacation, they'll be faced with so much unnecessary work. Bad miners!

Why would this carebear be so confident that she could get our Agents banned, when every other carebear has failed? Katy advised the miner to stop autopiloting and to buy a permit, rather than resting all of her hopes on a delusion.

zahara refused, because CCP hasn't made autopiloting against the rules. CCP hasn't made ganking against the rules either, but never mind that.

The carebear was ready to send her final EVEmail. She let Katy in on yet another secret: She had a history of getting gankers banned. Her threats weren't so empty after all!

Agent Katy quickly investigated the claim, which proved to be false. zahara was thrown off balance--a typical reaction when a carebear is confronted with the truth.

zahara had intended to end the conversation earlier, but she couldn't go out like this. She needed Katy to believe there was at least the possibility that zahara could get gankers banned by whining to CCP.

Spinning in circles, zahara claimed to have special access to CCP. She also claimed that the gank victim was really someone else, so nobody could verify whether the ganker was still playing EVE. Katy would need to trust her.

Agents of the New Order are educators--maybe the only true educators in EVE today. Katy wanted zahara to understand that autopiloting in a naked pod with 1.8 billion isk in implants was a bad idea. She also wanted zahara to accept the fact that making up stories about banning people for ganking (while simultaneously admitting that ganking is allowed under the rules) is foolish--and certainly no substitute for obeying the Code.

Unfortunately, some carebears choose to bury their heads in the sand. It's a bad way to live, but it's a good way to get yourself ganked.


  1. *yawn* Jamey has pretty much printed this same "story" over and over again, he just changes the names.

    And still meh, seems made up.

    1. If it sounds familiar it's probably because EVERY highsec shitter acts the same. Must be genetic.

    2. Yet you still manage to return daily johhny.

      The impotent rage you display is proof enough that you are indeed a failure in rl as well as eve.

      Such a negative vile useless piece of genetic excrement.

      Look in the mirror and ask yourself............

      " why can't i be good at life "

      Say it 5 times with a deep exhale for added effect.

  2. Silly carebears and their lies.

  3. Wow, carebears just keep getting dumber. Holy shit, was that apachreee's alt?


  4. What do you know, some carebear shitter making up some highsec bullshit lies; how fortuitous. I wonder if apachreeee and friends will get the hint.

    James is watching you.


  5. Death and taxes? Lol, nothing compared to the certainty of a highsec shitter lying about something!

  6. "Purchase a permit or perish in blaster fire" I love a pilot that can RP well at the right time. The reason carebear shitters will never get EVE is because they cannot RP, in an mmoRPg.

    If zahara could RP he wouldn't be crying like an apachreee alt. What a bitch.

    GTFO lying carebear shitters! You don't belong in EVE. And if you're trying to hide among real pvpers, you will be found out. Usually through self incrimination, dumbasses.

  7. We don't need that kind of player in our game, zahara should be ganked until she leaves.

  8. "Alt 00 July 21, 2018 at 12:09 AM
    It is neither glitch, nor exploit. Fortuitously Alt 00, in her infinite compassion, is willing to teach you how to execute this manoeuvre."

    Something something prick tease.

    1. You misunderstand, Agent Balancer, alt00 made some pretty fantastical calims as her basis for crying at me for poking fun at some shitter named grand design, now she can't follow through. Like some kind of highsec carebear shitter.

      You should ask yourself why you blindly support an obvious shitter. Is it solely because she's associated with CODE.? Maybe you think I was too hard on that apachreee shitter too?

      Their entire argument was that I didn't know highsec agression mechanics better than some ag sperg, but they have absolutely ZERO proof to supoort their tears, where as I have an almost endless supply of proof that grand design and his ilk are complete turds.

      If altanon's 'friends' really cared they would teach her how not to be so easily triggered. I don't think apachreee has any friends so I will handle his EVE education personally, even though he hides behind an alias.

      Proof! It's in the pudding from what I hear. Maybe those shitters just need a snackpak to calm them down, seems to work on RL brats. XD


    2. I expect the production value of alt 00's upcoming agress/warp tutorial will be amazing. Why else would it take so long to film such a "simple" highsec trick?

      Must be all the CGI. XD

  9. Meh seems made up

    1. Of shitter tears, unsupported claims, and impotent rage! And that's just altanon's jealousy over the amazing Katy's Melons!!



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