Monday, July 23, 2018

Tapestry of Tears, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Former Anti-Ganker Lahnius turned from his old ways--or so it appeared. His alt, Vaughn Law, joined the mighty CODE. alliance and ganked miners. Yet something still troubled him.

As Vaughn Law, the former rebel was able to kill unlicensed Venture pilots. That should have been enough. However, even now, in the warm glow of CODE., Vaughn couldn't escape his feeling of discontent. He said as much in the MinerBumping channel. So a concerned Agent invited him to speak in Alliance chat.
Trump The King > Vaughn Law whats the actual problem you have in minerbumping
Vaughn Law > you are an embarrassment
Vaughn Law > i am embarrassed for being here
Vaughn Law > how dare you insult CODE.
Vaughn Law > is this how it is?
Agent Trump The King could see that Vaughn was upset. The cause remained a mystery.
Vaughn Law > i have admired CODE. for years ... only to get in and find out that this is the embarrssment
Vaughn Law > you dont enforce
Vaughn Law > enforce the word of James 315 in the channel man
Vaughn Law > wth
As a moderator of MinerBumping, Agent Trump had somehow failed to live up to Vaughn's expectations. The specifics still weren't clear--but Vaughn needed no prompting to explain himself further.
Vaughn Law > i honor him
Vaughn Law > akways have
Vaughn Law > wth man
Vaughn Law > you have ag members in channel playing wannabe code member
Vaughn Law > s
Vaughn Law > dude!~
Vaughn made a startling allegation: The official channel of the New Order had been infiltrated by saboteurs from Anti-Ganking--and Trump was helping them!
Trump The King > link me one
Trump The King > have you checked with aaaargh
Vaughn Law > i did
Trump The King > Vaughn Law wheres AG
Vaughn Law > ag is all over the channel
Trump was confident that everything was in order. But Vaughn saw enemies everywhere.
Vaughn Law > d cent and redia are kypp durron of marmite
Trump The King > and so?
Vaughn Law > i said this many times
Lillie Naari > Vaughn Law u said u had chat logs
Lillie Naari > i want all the evidence you claim to have assembled sent to me in a mail.
Vaughn Law > right now just look at D CENT .,.. and ... REDIA ... what more do you want?
Another Agent, Lillie Naari, joined Alliance chat. She'd been told that Vaughn had assembled a dossier exposing the spies from Anti-Ganking. So far, though, Vaughn had only identified members of The Marmite Collective.
Lillie Naari > who cares?
Vaughn Law > look at their profiles ... wait ... Lillie Naari - who cares?
Lillie Naari > literally who cares at all? this is not a realistic "counterintelligence" objective of CODE alliance as far as i can consider
Vaughn Law > wow ... i thought more of CODE. ... i dont want to be here
Vaughn Law > this is insulting
Though the Marmites aren't affiliated with Anti-Ganking (they use wardecs to gank carebears in highsec), Vaughn couldn't imagine why they would be allowed in the channel. The presence of Marmites, it seemed, was causing his world to crash down all around him.
Lillie Naari > Relax and isntead just tell me about the evidenc eu claim to have
Lillie Naari > and lay out your case
Koruma Darrknauv > Vaughn Law I'm going to bet you're going to keep going on for at least another 20 minutes
Vaughn Law > Lillie Naari and you really dont mean shit sdo
Vaughn Law > Trump The King i know your ip now ... youre sarah
...Then came another bombshell.

Trump The King is feared across highsec as a devastatingly effective ganker and fleet commander. Vaughn claimed to have evidence in the form of IP addresses that proved Trump was actually someone named "sarah". Vaughn was apparently referring to Sarah Flynt--one of the original Anti-Gankers from the early days of the New Order. If true, it was an extraordinary infiltration by Anti-Ganking, and an unprecedented breach of CODE. security.
Koruma Darrknauv > 4:51 EVE Time and Vaughn Law will still be going on
Lewak > he is going for like hour now or more
Vaughn Law > this is embarrassing
Vaughn Law > im blown away
Vaughn Law > Lewak you need to walk out right now i dont trust ytou at all
Ordinarily, the famously transparent CODE. alliance conducts its affairs in a public channel. Vaughn's rant was keeping the normally quiet Alliance channel lit up, attracting curious onlookers.
Trump The King > you want me to pastebin this convo for you
Vaughn Law > Trump The King dont need to ... look fuckhead ... kcik me or stfu ... BIG MAN
Lillie Naari > lol wtf
Vaughn Law > Lewak yer a liar
Vaughn Law > you talk too much
Vaughn Law > Trump The King you also talk too much stfu
Vaughn's paranoia grew. If being a member of CODE. meant being surrounded by enemies, he no longer wanted any part of it.
Vaughn Law > Trump The King you have nothing
Trump The King > we get more salt from you then we do retriever pilots
Vaughn Law > I AM HERE
Vaughn Law > you try to play big man yet yer just a shit
Vaughn Law > Trump The King thats all you can say ... you try to play me like a miner ... but im a killer not a miner ... try again silly boy
Vaughn's only consolation was the fact that Agent Alt 00 wasn't here to see this. Alt 00 was the one Agent he truly trusted. It was she who had convinced him to abandon the Anti-Gankers.
Vaughn Law > Trump The King this is between me and you ... nobody else ... yer a fool, you try to play big man but yer just small shit ...
Lewak > good that you are not hunting me anymore vaughn
Vaughn Law > Lewak ugh wtf?
Vaughn Law > Lewak only one that would even know that is alt 00 ... are you alt 00?
Koruma Darrknauv > Vaughn Law how long before you challenge someone to a 1v1 duel?
Now it was Vaughn's turn to be on the receiving end of a bombshell: Was Alt 00 against him, too?

To be continued...


  1. Real sperg hours.

  2. What is Vaughn so concerned about? The presence of spies? We're not concerned about that unless they start shitting the place up. Hmmmm.

    1. Minerbumping was always a place for angry miners to shit up and lose it in.

      It was the whole point of the place.

    2. Don't you guys feel guilty at all for trolling that retard? I mean, I'm pretty sure he's a legit window-licker and doesn't even have the ability to understand what's really going on at any given moment.

      Stop picking on the special needs kids. ;)

      I guess I should take my own advice and stop trolling that apachreeeeee shitter. XD


    3. Oh look. Normalfag thinks he can troll. Try harder, with more feeling. And I look forward to killing uyou in IRL. self-defense, of course. Normalfag is still too chickenshit to even use a fake internet handle. Go figure.

    4. "reeeefag! reeeee! I'm pissy becauze you are smarter than meeeeeee!"

  3. Everyone gets a chance.
    Some people fuck it up.

    Praise James! o7

  4. Woah. How does someone's brain break so badly and so suddenly? Delayed-onset veldspar poisoning?

    1. There's a whole bunch of people that "try" joining in the CODE. Alliance for glory.
      It takes a very special boy to make it onto the minerbumping blog.

      Probably something from birth... it's the Midwife's fault.

    2. I'ma go with 'bad genetics'. Natural Born Shitter.

  5. You would think that someone who had actually ganked for himself, as well being ex-AG (self-proclaimed experts on the subject) would realise the sheer futility of spying on a bunch of -10 gankers, who, for the most part operate independently from the collective.

  6. I knew that salad al losttheplot was ag, but trumps alt was sarah flynt?


    Way off the charts the dipshits you guys let into NOL.

    Too funny.

    1. Wait, I thought it was obvious that Vaughn Law was Salad's alt...

      Hell what do I know, all shitters sound the same to me.

    2. Definitely got lots in common.

      Both salty plebs. Check
      Both were NOL. check
      Both are trash. Check.

      Both have zero chance of graduating to T.C.E.

      ag is still recruiting failures.

  7. I was wrong, grand design is not the dumbest shitter in highsec.

    Not even close.

    It's really hard to believe anyone is really that oblivious.

  8. I remember when this happened. Oh lord, the tears, the salt, the unmitigated idiocy.

    *gets tons of popcorn*

    1. reeeeeeeefag!

    2. How could you remember it? There was no apahreeeee shitter there, you try-hard wannabe.

  9. Meh seems made up


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