Monday, July 30, 2018

Tapestry of Tears, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Lahnius renounced the Anti-Gankers and created a ganker alt, Vaughn Law. Vaughn joined the mighty CODE. alliance and began ganking miners. After a few months, however, he began to notice signs of sabotage and disloyalty all around him. Vaughn joined Alliance chat and made a series of shocking accusations.
Vaughn Law > Trump The King i cant wait to see you gone
Trump The King > good luck with that
holdmybeer > I've been listening to you too much and your iq is like 75
Yabba Dabba Do > that high ?
Vaughn Law > holdmybeer STOP;
Vaughn's main enemy was the freighter-ganking fleet commander, Trump The King. But soon other CODE. members joined Alliance chat, too.
holdmybeer > just one name
Vaughn Law > Trump The King KK THANKS
holdmybeer > YOu can't do it? ok
Vaughn Law > holdmybeer DUDE OK OK WTF IS IT YOU WANT?
Trump The King > hes told you
holdmybeer > I just told you...
Vaughn had claimed that Agents of the New Order were slaughtering permit-holders. Our Agents defended their honour by demanding evidence in the form of a single name. The name of even one unjustly ganked miner was all it would take to satisfy this demand.
Trump The King > Vaughn Law next complaint?
Vaughn Law > Trump The King isnt the one enough? or are you ag?
Trump The King > you dont have one
Trump The King > do you
Vaughn Law > Trump The King i did and i said it ... oh wait you are either marmite or ag or both
Though Vaughn was unable to identify any improperly ganked miners, he didn't need to. Instead, he went deeper: At the heart of the conspiracy was Agent Trump himself.
Vaughn Law > is that you kypp?
Trump The King > name one code compliant person whos been ganked
Trump The King > we are waiting
Cautiously Pessimistic > I'm high but even this looks too weird
Vaughn grew ever more convinced that Trump--despite ganking trillions of isk worth of Code violators--was actually an Anti-Ganker. Or at least some kind of anti-Code operative.
Lewak > are you ag vaughn?
Vaughn Law > Trump The King lol ... i used to be ag ... and james blogged about me changing sides ... but you ... you are a complete asshat
Cautiously Pessimistic > This is some high grade trolling or something
Vaughn Law > Cautiously Pessimistic back out
Cautiously Pessimistic > You do realize you're making yourself look like an idiot right
In fact, Vaughn was the only member of the chat who had ever aligned himself with the Anti-Gankers. But the intrepid Vaughn continued his investigation.
Trump The King > come back when you learn how to pvp
Vaughn Law > lmao tghis is stupid ... i have not seen so many matching ip addresses between code, ccp, and ag ... this is really wierd
Koruma Darrknauv > Vaughn Law What is my IP?
It's unclear where Vaughn got his IP address data from, but he now believed he had evidence that CODE., Anti-Ganking, and even CCP itself were infiltrated. Maybe he thought everyone's IP address was
Vaughn Law > good lawd so many alts now coming out of the woodwork
Vaughn Law > yet he cant control me here
Vaughn Law > HE CANT
Vaughn Law > cuz he is a peeon
Australian Excellence > Vaughn Law feel free to come on teamspeak and discus this with code leadership
Trump The King > Vaughn Law
Trump The King > come on teamspeak
Unable to reason with Vaughn, CODE.'s distinguished leadership determined that Alliance chat was not the proper venue for such a conversation.
Vaughn Law > Australian Excellence why you cant handle the chat?
Australian Excellence > I want to moderate the chat as a leader in code, teamspeak is the easiest
Lewak > so you gonna get back to ag now or what?
Vaughn Law > Trump The King ok meh give me the ts
Trump The King >
Vaughn was extended an invitation to join TeamSpeak for a private conference. Vaughn accepted. Everyone had high hopes for a fruitful conversation.
Koruma Darrknauv > He has come to sow decent in the ranks like the Russians do on Facebook
Lewak > he left
Koruma Darrknauv > did he leave TS?
Trump The King > yeah
Trump The King > because sex kitten started recording
Cautiously Pessimistic > External software is always useful for this
Alas, an unfortunate breach of diplomatic protocol scuttled the talks before they could get underway.
Vaughn Law > i am embarassed to be in CODE
Trump The King > Vaughn Law
Vaughn Law > Trump The King fu
Vaughn Law > leaving,... this is embarassing
Furious at Agent Sex K1tten's attempt to record the conversation, Vaughn felt betrayed. He couldn't believe that someone would try to pull a stunt like that on CODE.'s TeamSpeak server.
Trump The King > come back on teamspeak
Trump The King > we kicked the person who was recording
Vaughn Law > code is ana embarassment
Trump The King > come back on comms
Trump The King > i want to talk to you 1 on 1
Vaughn Law > i am going to hunt each and everyone of you
Vaughn no longer felt at home in the CODE. alliance. He decided to switch sides. Again.
Yabba Dabba Do > oh noes
Vaughn Law > this is shitty]
Vaughn Law > i hate this
Vaughn Law > i busted my ass to fiught for code
From this day forward, Vaughn would be an enemy of CODE. Again.

To be continued...


  1. "He decided to switch sides. Again." - LOL

  2. This is some grade A autism.

    1. Yes, that is how Jamey chooses his CHODE. slaves. They have to score at least a certain level on the Autism spectrum.

    2. The only 32 AQ score around here is you, chodeanon shitter. Let's hear you screech some more.

  3. The miner is strong in this one. I could never imagine a miner getting in Code, starting to enforce, getting to know the agents... and still staying a miner.

    Thank you James 315 for showing us this phenomenon.

    1. Natural born shitters will never truly change. They may try to fool us, and even themselves, but eventually something like vaughn's meltdown will happen and they expose themselves, to our amusement.

      You can't fight your own nature. XD that's why apachreee and friends act like highsec miners sometimes, they can only fight their true nature for so long, and then BAM, tears of a shitter.



    2. I understand your sentiment, though I disagree with the generalization - I firmly believe that The Code is strong enough to urge the miner out of the heart of an EvE player, and fill it with the wisdom of James 315. Such is the power of the Savior.

      Well, not in every case. Not even in many case. Certainly not in this one.

      It's a bless how wide is the palette of individuals unified under the umbrella of The Supreme Proctector, both in background, and in views. It's funny how this exact thing was the one this miner couldn't comprehend.

      But hey, it's still great if CODE. gets miners to shoot miners. Great victory for The Code! As always!

    3. There have been no true 'conversions'. Every highsec shitter that attempts to play the ganker role eventually loses his shit and reverts back to his carebear ways.

      Even that Salad al tosser sperg finally broke under the strain.

      You are either born with it, or not. There is no changing a carebear, without the proper deprogramming, and no one around here seems to be willing to go that far. Hell, every time I mention it folks get all pissy like they are scared to admit the truth, to themselves.

      "Converted" carebears would be much happier if they didn't deny their carebear tendencies. Nothing is more at odds with it's true nature than a highsec carebear trying to play EVE, especially as a ganker.

      Highsec carebears just don't belong in EVE.

    4. "I firmly believe that The Code is strong enough to urge the miner out of the heart of an EvE player,"

      I can't tell if sarcasm or not...

      You know what they say about believing in one hand and pissing in the other right? We know which one will get full first. Faith is a poor substitute for empirical evidence.

      Do you have any examples of a highsec coward converting to ganker and NOT going insane like a killer robot when someone drops a logic bomb on it? You may know some recent converts, but time will place them squarely in the shitter camp soon enough. It's not a matter of IF they will crack, but WHEN.

      Keep coddling the shitters and one day you may not be able to tell the difference between you and them. Then you get to be featured on the front page of the premier EVE repository of shitter tears and carebear whine.

    5. I know no converts. My conviction is based on the theoretical power of The Code, and not individual cases. The fact that I have never seen this power manifest so vividly is a test of my faith. I may have never seen The Code turning a miner into an agent, but it's only a matter of time. It's immaterial if a million or ten million miners should die before we see it once. The path is clear.

  4. Meh seems made up

    1. Lol you got nothing. XD
      Nothing but impotent rage and self-loathing. ahahaha!


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