Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Local Riffraff

Local chat is like a box of chocolates--you never know what you're gonna get.

...Though miner tears are very likely.

A lot of highsec dwellers don't engage with out-of-game resources or EVE websites. They get their information from random snippits of local chat. And that means "learning" about the game from people like Dracvlad.

A clueless newbie might be forgiven for assuming that the Dracvlads of the world are a valid information source. Or at worst, that they're harmless.

...But those who read MinerBumping know better. Dracvlad, for example, is a notorious Anti-Ganker. This is the bio he had back in 2016.

When you rely on people like Dracvlad to teach you about game mechanics, well, good luck. You'll need it.

Luckily, even random players tend to be skeptical of the Anti-Gankers. Something about those anti-Code people is just... not right. People can sense there's something off about them.

Nevertheless, EVE players can be led astray by the rebels. We, on the other hand, are all about truth.

Anti-Gankers are unable to stop the mighty CODE. alliance from ganking, so they resort to shedding tears in local.

Like Dracvlad, Grand Design is one of their "leaders".

You may remember him as the guy who entertains his fellow rebels with fantastic tales about fighting the New Order.

When faced with an Agent of the New Order in local, Grand Design can still be entertaining--though unintentionally so.

Local chat provides our Agents with something to do between combat operations, while waiting out the 15-minute aggression timer. But the anti-Code rebels of highsec are basically incapable of engaging in combat, so local chat is pretty much all they have. Despite all of their years of practice, they're still bad at it. And they wonder why people call them Goofuses!


  1. dracvlad thinks someone is able to agress ILLEAGLY, then warp off?

    There is no exploit that allows that, drac is just the dumbest shitter in game. He and his buddy pedojedas were both big shardani supporters, so you see how valid their opinions are.

    Both of them should make like their hero shardani and quit.

    IRL of course.

    1. You are mistaken - it is possible to gank a target in highsec and then warp off in the same ship. Whilst the anti-ganker's understanding of EVE mechanics is marginally superior to your own, he is wrong in his assumption that this is an exploit.

    2. No alt00, you are the one mistaken, or you fail at reading comprehension. Either way you should edit now that you are about to be corrected. Again.

      You cannot ILLEGALLY (did you miss that part?) agress someone in highsec then warp out. If you can warp out you were not illegally agressing. Once you start a criminal timer in highsec you cannot warp in a ship, any ship. If I'm wrong then prove me wrong, post a vid of you doing it.

      If you had not been so anxious to sperg like an ag shitter, you would have taken the time to read the post above carefully. Tsk, tsk. Such a shitter mistake, to post while triggered and mad.
      To paraphrase James, you can take the miner out of highsec...

      Are you sure you're a suicide ganker? There's a reason you were NOL you know, am we would not want your ignorance to shed a bad light on The Code.

      AND: You trigger too easily, no real ganker acts like such a reactive shitter. You should take some time to relax and think about what you want to communicate, then use your adult words.

      But first practice your reading comprehension, it's rather quite embarrassing having to correct a "CODE Agent" so often.

    3. He's just projecting. But maybe he will understand your explanation. I sense he doesn't like me :-)

    4. I've ganked folks and warped off. About 5 seconds later, I drop out of warp and die due to CONCORD MagicScram(tm). When I did it it was accidental, but it CAN be done. You still die to CONCORD in any event.

    5. Yeah it has happened twice to me in what 4 or 5 years.

      You do get concorded when you land.

      The lossmail and log timestamps will prove it.

    6. The trick is kill a second target when you land. It causes a flood of tears in local, and subsequent filing of frivolous petitions.

    7. It's bullshit and lies until you post a video of it being done with current mechanics .

      That's a period friends.

      Proof or gtfo.

    8. Hey shitteranon517... Proof or gtfo. If it's as simple as you say then you can do it -with current game mechanics- and record/post it for all of us to see.

      Or are you just another mouthy highsec shitter with no proof?

  2. grand design?

    It's lulzy when some ignorant retard tries so hard to have a "badass" name on his character, then turns out to be a complete shitter IRL and in game.

    "grand design" is just a HUGE fat fuk that lives off government welfare programs. His entire family has for the last few generations, the entire lot of them are perpetual societal leeches. They contribute nothing except as something to point and laugh at, the objects of much deserved derision. You should see his facebook, so cringy.

    He and his ilk are a good example of why low class shitters should need a permit to breed. If we don't stop them soon their kind will reproduce more leeches until the planet just gives up and kills us all. No more human race because we were not smart enough to cull our own weak and diseased, to protect the species.

    If the thought of culling bad genetics for the security of our future makes a shitter mad, then we know they belong on the list.

    The Code always has the answer to the shitter question!

    In game of course! Learn to Amarr Master Race RP you silly carebear bitches! Or maybe find a game better suited to small children.

    Wait, not you pedojedas, you need to stay away from the kiddies! Silly pedo, kids are not for tricks!

  3. Newbie:hey man what do you do in game?

    Ag: i point gankers as they fly out of gates 1 at a time.

    Newbie: do you stop them ganking?

    ag: no, they always kill the target.

    Newbie: why do you waste so much time failing?

    Ag: because i get a 1 mill isk killmail with faction police or concord doing top damage and it hurts them financially.

    Newbie: dude, are you retarded?

    This was a new player convo 4 years ago with kalyn shardani.

    Never forget.

  4. #johnnypiddlescries

  5. Dracvlad.


    'nuff said.

  6. Meh seems made up

  7. Sure is summer around here.


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