Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tapestry of Tears, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Former Anti-Ganker Lahnius' ganker alt Vaughn Law set the mighty CODE. alliance's Alliance chat on fire. He claimed to have evidence of spies and saboteurs operating through the New Order's public MinerBumping channel. Though he refused to provide proof, he took the opportunity to hurl a series of new accusations against others in the alliance.
Vaughn Law > Lewak only one that would even know that is alt 00 ... are you alt 00?
Koruma Darrknauv > Vaughn Law how long before you challenge someone to a 1v1 duel?
Lewak > alt is my alt
Vaughn Law > Lewak you are alt 00?
Trump The King > i am alt 00
Trump The King > we are alts of alt 00
The one thing that kept Vaughn from going entirely off the deep end was his trust in Alt 00, the Agent who had rescued him. If he found out that she was betraying him too, there was no telling what would happen.
Vaughn Law > no yer not, alt would never talk like this
holdmybeer > bro I am alt 00
Koruma Darrknauv > I am alt 00
Ilithyia Borgia > I am Alt 00
Vaughn Law > see this is what i mean, how ugly is this shit ... this isnt CODE. ... this is bitches in mommies basement
Fortunately, Vaughn decided that Alt 00's hands were clean. But it looked like the rest of CODE. was dirty in his eyes.
Trump The King > yeah
Trump The King > and you are here with us
Vaughn Law > Trump The King yea im here to shit on you for disrespecting CODE. ... how is it feeling?
Vaughn Law > you liking it?
Vaughn Law > Trump The King i remember you ... shatterdd galaxy? hahahahahaha
Vaughn Law > ip match
Vaughn now saw Trump The King as his arch-nemesis. But he had some special ammunition to use against the Agent.
Lillie Naari > are you claiming to have hacked Trump The King ?
Koruma Darrknauv > Careful or Vaughn Law will hack your encryptions
Vaughn Law > Lewak i already answered that long ago
Vaughn Law > Koruma Darrknauv who the fk are you lol
Lewak > long ago? u are like week in code
Our Agents called Vaughn on his bluff. So far, he had yet to back up any of his claims.
Vaughn Law > Trump The King look asswipe ... boot me or stfu
Vaughn Law > Lewak you have no idea who i am
Lewak > who you are then?
Lewak > im dying to know
Vaughn Law > Lewak then die
As Vaughn's fire continued to rage in Alliance chat, he realized that he was burning every bridge in sight. And, strangely, he felt at peace with it. As long as his relationship with Alt 00 was intact, he was willing to cut ties with everyone else in CODE.
Trump The King > a literal nobody
Vaughn Law > try again
Vaughn Law > kk?
Vaughn Law > *- UH OH -*
Vaughn Law > Trump The King < --- this asshole says he has access to my email
Suddenly, Vaughn uncorked a new accusation: Not only had he hacked Trump--Trump had hacked him, too!
Vaughn Law > do you know what vaughn means?
Vaughn Law > Lewak STOP TALKING
Vaughn Law > NOW
Trump The King > Vaughn Law why so salty
Vaughn Law > Trump The King there is no salt funny man
Vaughn didn't see any friends coming to his rescue in Alliance chat. Nevertheless, if he kept his cool, the possibility remained that he might decamp to the MinerBumping channel and drum up some support there.
Vaughn Law > Trump The King i told you ... boot me ... but you cannot .,.. why is that
Trump The King > boot you from minerbumping?
Trump The King > [04:49:08] EVE System > Vaughn Law was kicked from the channel by Trump The King Reason: "dunked and rekt nerd you are bad at eve"
Trump The King > there you go
...Then, without warning, that door was suddenly closed.
Ilithyia Borgia > he mad
Australian Excellence > Vaughn Law miner calm down
Vaughn Law > mad has nothing to do with it ... whats the problem here? insulting morons with far too many alts
Trump The King > so you got kicked
Trump The King > when you said i couldnt kick you
Perhaps Vaughn had overplayed his hand.
Vaughn Law > Trump The King yer the douche here not me
Trump The King > you are the one whining and crying
Vaughn Law > Trump The King nah asshat i did whine nor cry ... i posted legit info thart yer not willing to accept
Vaughn Law > didnt
Vaughn Law > apparently yer willing to allow marmite to copy legit permits so they dont get ganked
The rebellious Vaughn returned to his original thesis: Trump was working with The Marmite Collective to sabotage CODE.
Trump The King > if they were following the code they wouldnt get ganked
Trump The King > youd know that if you read the code
Vaughn Law > Trump The King yea qe al know thats bullshit
holdmybeer > Vaughn Law name one guy we ganked who had a permit
Vaughn Law > holdmybeer shhhhh this isnt about you
Vaughn floated the old carebear myth about mining permits being worthless. Yet he, too, was unable to provide an example of an illegitimate gank.
Trump The King > Vaughn Law take it up with james
Trump The King > he wrote the code
Vaughn Law > Trump The King yer a liar
Trump The King > but feel free to name one code compliant miner whos been ganked
Lewak > he already contacted james afaik
Vaughn Law > Lewak yes i did
For half an hour, Vaughn had set CODE.'s Alliance chat ablaze. But the fighting couldn't last forever: Vaughn petitioned the Saviour of Highsec. If the Father of the New Order entered the fray, the fighting would surely come to an abrupt conclusion. But what would happen if Vaughn's petition went unanswered?

To be continued...


  1. Meh, seems made up. Especially without actual screenshots of the supposed chat.

  2. Seems like Vaughn had over the years built up a fanciful and unrealistic image of CODE. in his mind, an image that just didn't reconcile with reality he observed. Then instead of adapting he lashed out and tried to impose his will. Just goes to show that all ag are paranoid, deluded control freaks.

  3. So Trump sold the secret of making counterfeit mining permits to the Marmites. He also receives regular cuts from the profits of the forgeries.

    It all makes sense now.

    1. Graft? In EVE? NEVAH!

      Those ag spergs are too easy to trigger. Just look at how bad apachreeeee lost his shit.

      The Code always exposes the truth!


  4. Are you saying you hacked trump the king?



  5. What's with that vaughn shitter and altanon00? Birds of a feather?


  6. *sperging itensifies*

  7. It is so sad that ag can only get known for having meltdowns.

    And the only publicity their characters ever get is typing them in a comments section reply or mid meltdown.

    thankfully this confused maniac does not have children or a shotgun.

    You just can't undo that level of brain damage once ag have infected a player.

    They are rl toxic and never to be trusted period.

    Some A grade salt is all they are good for.

    1. Makes you wonder how long before that apachreeee PHag is gonna shardani his whole family, now that he's exposed himself as an ag shitter. He sure does like to talk about RL murder. (that he's too chicken shitter to make good on)

      I hope his family can get him some help before it's too late.

  8. Hey altanon00, you promised to clarify how to suicide gank in hisec and get away with your ship.

    You and your friend apachreeee both should be embarrassed. I know other CODE. gankers are embarrassed for you, plenty of folks disappointed in you both on comms recently. Sad, sad shitters.


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