Monday, July 16, 2018

The Code Compels You, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Anansi Veles sulked and complained after losing two Mackinaws in the same asteroid belt. But after the third Mackinaw loss, she revealed her true form: Mercuri Thoth, a mad freighter pilot with an obsessive fear of Agents "compelling their will" on other players.

Anansi no longer needed to pretend she was interested in anything else. From now on, she would focus all of her attention on one subject, which she found all-consuming.

Like other miners, Anansi was convinced that destroying her ship was an unspeakable offense. She hadn't merely been defeated in a spaceship combat game; she'd been attacked by real-life scoundrels.

Agent Lewak told Anansi precisely what she didn't want to hear: Everything came back to the Code. The miner fumed.

Anansi's trio of dead Mackinaws were just the beginning, she thought. There was no telling what sort of atrocities were being committed by the New Order's Agents while they weren't playing EVE.

On some level, Anansi understood the strength and invincibility that the Code granted our Agents. To hurt those who had destroyed her mining vessels, Anansi would need to find a way around that shield.

What Anansi didn't expect was that our Agents had a few questions of their own. They'd watched as the miner sat in the exact same asteroid belt for an hour while her ships were ganked, one after another. If anyone needed to defend their style of play, it was Anansi.

The miner, for all of her accusations, couldn't help but condemn herself with her own words.

Anansi was now fully on the defensive.

In the end, every carebear in highsec must accept that they have chosen to play in New Order territory. They must live according to the Code. EVE is our game.

Desperate, Anansi went full space lawyer. But she couldn't hope to come up with a legal argument for why the Code cannot be enforced in highsec.

Anansi's disgust grew as she slowly came to the realization that our Agents had bested her in verbal PvP as well as spaceship PvP. She would get no satisfaction out of this conversation.

The miner logged off in a huff, refusing all further communication. There was no denying it: The Code has been, and always will be, the most compelling document in EVE history.


  1. It never ceases to amaze me that, despite EVE Online's reputation for being a dark, cold universe where anyone can shoot anybody anywhere, where losses are permanent, where emergent player generated content is king; players like Anansi Veles think it's a good idea to join and play it like a solo themepark game. Miners and industrialists like her, who don't value their own time, but nonetheless dump their outputs into the economy, devalue the efforts of responsible capsuleers everywhere. Every miner killed is a win for EVE and a cause for rejoicing! Praise James 315!

    1. IRL of course! Never forget shardani!

      ahahahahahahah ag shitters so bad they gank themselves, permanently. Nature loves irony.

      So do I.

  2. Mercuri Thot, I will gladly answer that question for you! The strong did what they could, the weak suffered what they must.

    Tl;dr Git Gud

    1. Someone read the history of the Peloponnesian War!

  3. "Hiding behind your character".... In an RPG.

    Ignorant shitter should prolly biomass IRL, we don't need that idiot reproducing. It would be cruel for him to even have children. To the child of course.

    1. I always found it funny how many miners regard agents as 'roleplayers'. They can't even imagine that actual players actually value the principles The Code is based upon. And that we praise James for all he does to uphold these values.

      They -must- think that we are faking it. What other reason could one have to shoot spaceships in a spaceship shooting game?

  4. You know, when you call out retards for being retarded in RL you get all kinds of backlash. When you do it in EVE you get to be a hero and help the game.

    I love EVE.

    Retards like anansi, no so much. They are incapable of understanding why they should not play EVE, and that's what makes them so fun to gank. They actually think they belong here! Lol!

    If CCP deleted highsec tomorrow, EVE would finally become the great sandbox it's supposed to be, with shitters like anansi either adapting or quiting, just like nature intended.

    I mean, look at how much better off EVE and shardani-and-family are since he quit. (Well, the family he didn't RL gank.) Highsec miners are the most vile animals on the planet. Backwards, superstitious, violent, illiterate, willfully ignorant; they are everything EVE and the community can live without. CCP only allows miners to play becuase they bring the best tears!

    Still, highsec miners should quit on principal. Talk about "no space bushido"... HA! There is no honor amongst those criminals.

  5. "Compell your will on others"

    That miner has an 80 I.Q. max. So, legally a retard, and no adult supervision while he is online?!?!?



    His parents are probably special needs also. We need some sort of rules about how stupid someone can be and still be allowed to reproduce. Something has to be done before the whole species is extinct due to bad genetics.

  6. Miners are the weakest players in the game. You should get a system generated bounty payout for ganking them.

    They truly are the problem in this game projecting their self absorbed rules on others.

    So toxic and weak.

    1. Those silly miners that put HUGE bounties on themselves because they think it makes them look badass or whatever, everyone in the fleet, including the scouts on grid, they all get a bounty payout when we kill that carebear.

      It's never much of a payment, but the irony of some shitter paying us to gank them, then screaming because we ganked them, in a PVP game known for it's rabid hostility to carebears and idiots... That's some kind of special, and it begs to be punished.

      The tears of willfully ignorant fools make me smile.


  7. Question is it ok to AFK in a station

    1. If you fail to give a gf in local after an agent ganks a criminal bot aspirant then your permit will be revoked.

  8. #cryjohnnycry

  9. Meh seems made up


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