Saturday, July 21, 2018

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #162

When LuNaRiAn SeRpEnT starts crying, that can mean only one thing: It's time for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Remember the "Ganking Is Bullying" movement? I suppose LuNaRiAn is a member of the "Ganking Is Cheating" crowd.

Khamul Ulairi claims to speak for everyone in highsec, which is absolutely absurd. Highsec hosts an incredibly large, diverse population--one with many competing views and interests. I'm the one who speaks for them.

Ah, betrayal. It's always sad to see a permit-owner betray the Code by voiding their own permit.

Further proof: A Goofus who spends 10 million isk is still a Goofus.

Conspiracy theories aside, people who actually obey the Code never regret buying a permit.

Agent Aaaarrgg has over 24,000 kills and nearly 6 trillion isk in damages to his name, yet moranno thinks he can lecture him on PvP. (According to zKillboard, moranno's last kill took place about eight years ago.)

To be honest, "the proper pirate groups" sounds like something you'd hear about from a guy who never played EVE.

Though carebears often have difficulty communicating, their hostility invariably makes its way through.

...And their clarifications rarely make things more clear.

You can always tell a bot-aspirant by the way they invoke the name of the Saviour. My name makes bot-aspirants see red. By contrast, it causes good people--like my Agents--to beam with pride. It's really powerful.

Look for Victor Kaj to command a fleet "one day".

Why do people blame us for driving carebears away from the game? The truth is, carebears don't like EVE. They never did.


  1. Replies
    1. Read that in Curly Bill's voice

    2. Well...buh-eye!

      Wait! Now I'm gonna read it in a Pandemic Horde anti ganking voice:

      Reeeefag! Reeeeeeefag! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My name is apachreeeee and I like to act like a hypocritical shitter while making internet-tough-guy threats! I can't prove shit, but I am shit! Reeeeeeeeeeeee!

      Nailed it!


  2. "Alt 00 July 21, 2018 at 12:09 AM
    It is neither glitch, nor exploit. Fortuitously Alt 00, in her infinite compassion, is willing to teach you how to execute this manoeuvre. Be sure however not to bite the hand that feeds. :-)"

    Well? So far I see nothing but lies and poor attempts at misdirection, but proof of the fabled agress-warp trick is strangely missing.

    Is it possible that highsec is full of shitters who sperg before they think, then are too obstinate to admit they overreact and lost their self control?

    "Reeeeeeeeefag! Reeeeeeeeefag! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" -Some ragey highsec shitter with obvious developmental issues.
    Lookin at you, apachreeee.

  3. "Apachreeeee July 19, 2018 at 11:28 AM
    I've ganked folks and warped off. About 5 seconds later, I drop out of warp and die due to CONCORD MagicScram(tm). When I did it it was accidental, but it CAN be done. You still die to CONCORD in any event."

    Well here's the thing about anecdotal evidence... It's shit, useless, and makes the idiot using it a shitter for even attempting. But if you need more proof, real proof, of apachreeee's highsec agshitter heritage:

    "Apache July 20, 2018 at 1:21 PM
    Oh, look, its a worthless normalfag. Hi, normalfag. See, that's the thing about glitches. The game glitched. A very rare set of circumstances lined up and weird things happened, normalfag. I killed somebody and warped off. CONCORD yanked me from warp and then blew up my ship. Been playing for many years, and this has only happened once. So, its a glitch, not an 'exploit', normalfag. Now do be a dear and drink some bleach IRL. Come back and tell the rest of us how it tastes. Or douse yourself with gasoline and light up a smoke, normalfag. Oh, and by the way, normalfag. Nobody cares what a POS coward who hides behind 'anon' has to say. Ever. ?cuts the normalfags throat.

    Silly fascist pig. The oinks and squeals they make."

    "Fascist"? ... Holy hell! that's one ignorant shitter. How does fascism even apply here? He's too stupid to know what it even means. He's one of those hypocritical douchebags that thinks he's smarter than he could ever be. Probably genetic.

    Something something Dunning–Kruger poster boy.

    Where ya at apachreeee? You silly Pandemic Horde anti ganker, why you hiding? Yea, I would too if I had shown that much ignorance and hypocrisy in public. Who wouldn't right?

    Only the most oblivious.

    RL shitters should biomass in game. Lol "normalfag", WTF?


    1. Cry more. Did I hit a nerve, normalfag? I bet you don't even play EVE. Oh, and sorry, never was in the Horde, normalfag. And yet more proof why nobody cares what an 'anonymous' normalfag says. And I look forward to killing you IRL. Being it will be self-defense and all. I also look forward to telling you so-called parents they did a bad job and should have bought a puppy instead. Now go kill yourself and improve the human race, normalfag.

    2. "Reeeefag! Reeeefag! Reeeeefag! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Nobody cares what a big ol' meanie thinks! Reeeeeeeeeeeee!" -apachreees last post. What is he, like 13? Definitely prepubescent. So much rage.

      Why do you even play, miner? You obviously don't belong here. And where is the link to your in game character? You whine and cry about anons while posting as an anon. I could not find any apachreeeeeee on zkill, fool, at least not one with any real EVE experience. So who are you, apachreeeshitteranon? Yea, I bet you're scared, like a true highsec chicken shitter. No wonder you won't link your main character, too embarassed.

      Say fag again, precious.

      You sure are a whiney Pandemic Horde anti ganker. Do you even gank bro? You sure don't act like an agent. I bet you dont even play EVE. I you did, and were not such a pitiful little lying shitter you would post as your main, like the rest of the real agents.

      So who are you again? Oh yea, just another ragey highsec shitter that can't do shit, can't prove shit, and are not worth shit. All you have done is lie and sperg, you NEVER ganked shit, you never agress-warped, you probably never even PVP'd since you are such a whiney little 'Pandemic Horde anti ganker'. "PHag for lyfe" is what your bio would say, but you don't even have a gank alt.

      Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefaaaaaaaaaaaaaag! You sound so very mad. Looks like you are from highsec after all.

      "Repeat after meeee! Reeefag! Reeefag! Reeeeeeeeee!" -apachreees mom teaching him how to be a good little PHag.

    3. You never explained what a "normalfag" was. That's because you don't know, it was just the enraged screeching of yet another highsec shitter who lost his shit over a video game.

      Scratch that! He's a highsec shitter who lost his shit over the comments from a blog about a video game. Holy hell what a loser.

      "Nobody cares", but here you are making excuses and avoiding the real issues. Like why you lied about that latest "exploit".
      Apachreee, you are a shitter. You don't belong here. You sound like every piece-of-shit highsec ag idiot who has ever been ganked and featured here.

      Say fag again? Like a "real Agent" would. Come on friend, don't be a chicken shitter, link your ingame character if you dare. You do realize how hypocritical you sound when you cry about someone else posting as an anon, while using a name not easily linked to your in game character or actual RL person. What exactly do you think an anon is? You still refuse to educate yourself before whining here like the highsec shitter you really are.

      You are the anon here apachreeee, anyone who's a real ganker knows who I am, even when I post as an anon. The rest of you hangers-on in the peripheral don't need to know. I am here to adress your hypocrisy, to rub your ignorance and impotent rage in your face until you lose your shit.

      Op success!

      I do it because nobody wants you here, Pandemic Horde anti ganker. If James wanted to stop the anonymous posting all he needs to do is check the box in the settings.

      But it seems James believes that ALL forms of anonymity are equal, and who are you to say different, hypocrite. If it's good enough for the Savior, you should stfu and deal with it. Or maybe start your own (highsec ag) blog that no one reads.

      But you won't, because you are just another useless shitter. So keep posting sperg and lies here as an anon, apachreeee, you don't have the balls to post your actual character.

  4. Why you so angry apache? You sound like a hisec miner immediately after a gank. Well, I guess you were pvped in the comments, and lost hard.

    Can you explain why you are posing (not posting) as an Agent, but acting like a hisec carebear? Are you an antiganking sympathetic spai? Well you are acting like one.

    Please tell us how you are going to kill someone IRL and make it look like self-defense. While you are at it, please tell us why you think making RL threats makes you any different from every other ragey hisec miner.

    I bet you can't answer without looking like a fool, but give it a shot anyway. Unless you are too scared.

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  6. Meh seems made up

  7. John Piddle has gone to extreme lengths to false flag

    1. He's not that smart. He's just a pedophile.


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