Thursday, November 7, 2019

Challenge Withdrawn

Though the mighty CODE. alliance is among the most famous alliances in EVE history, the New Order is home to countless Agents who enforce the Code from various corps and alliances of their own. Agent Xuixien is one of them.

Xuixien was patrolling a backwater highsec system when she discovered an ORE-equipped Covetor attempting to gather ice without a license. She killed him.

ApocaKnight was furious when he learned that Xuixien was a Code enforcer. It's open to debate whether a miner gets angrier when ganked by an Agent in CODE. or out of it. Regardless, ApocaKnight was so incensed that he challenged Xuixien to a duel. Anti-Gankers have long insisted that no one in the New Order would ever be willing to fight on even terms.

Then again, Anti-Gankers are always wrong. To ApocaKnight's shock and dismay, Xuixien accepted the duel and immediately proceeded to kill ApocaKnight's Scorpion with her Jackdaw.

Word spread quickly. From then on, the Jerma system's miners were on high alert. When Xuixien returned to the system a few days later, she was greeted with boos and threats.

Xuixien went about her work bumping the ice miners. SukoRowtag was greatly displeased, so our Agent offered to participate in a duel.

SukoRowtag, too, had been brainwashed by anti-Code propaganda about how cowardly gankers will never duel a valiant miner. So he called her bluff, assuming Xuixien would never fight him in any circumstances other than a miner gank.

The carebear was alarmed when he was met by our Agent at the rendezvous point.

Suddenly, SukoRowtag changed his mind. He didn't want to duel after all.

The sheepish anti-Code rebel could offer no explanation for his change of heart.

However, SukoRowtag and his friends plotted revenge. They decided to engineer a situation where they could ambush Xuixien on terms more favorable to themselves. So the next time Xuixien sent a Catalyst into the ice anomaly, SukoRowtag's Hecate alt followed her.

...Only to find himself ganked.

The truth is, our Agents are more than capable of winning a fight no matter what the conditions are. Because the CODE always wins. Always!


  1. What a Chinook...

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  3. (Couldn't edit my above comment so delete + repost with changes)
    Hi, Absolutely brilliant write up! Are all your agents so diligent in screenshotting all their interesting chats? I have zero screenshots so far, but I diligently keep all my murder related chat logs and combat logs in my notepad. Though the 5k characters limit hurts...

    And do the field reports arrive with cropped chats to you or are you stuck editing the screenshots yourself? I'm a new player but I already won a duel (against another newbie, obviously) I'm going to train bumping skills and try my hand at freelancing for CODE when I grow up. Hell, I can start today (by following evedarklord's 2014 article "carebear-to-killer") I'll amass a few randoms before sending it all in.

    1. Better. Crop the chats.

    2. Followup question: Once the mining permit is purchased, do I still get to kill the victims? You are cleverly silent on that subject... I'm thinking yes. Or how about rogue agents who sell permits but also do not actually honor them. Or agents who only honor permits they themselves have sold, not other agents' permits.

    3. Permit is not indulgence. It is a token of good will. Code compliance involves some protocols and procedures, following them makes one more or less not gankable in 99% of cases. Those who were ganked were breaking Code.

    4. Excellent! I'll honor Code and ask if they are AFK and if they do not respond in 7 seconds I'll assume they were and that's my excuse to fine them further (or open fire). They are ALWAYS in violation of Code (prime directive): AFK, bot-like behavior. Excessive mining. Not thanking me for providing them with emergent gameplay. Not praising James. Not being courteous in local. I love citing all these rules.) --3ICE

    5. If you can catch and gank a highsec miner (with an E) then it's the miner's fault, regardless of if they have a permit in the bio or not.

      Even when a miner has a permit, if you can catch and gank them before CONCORD kills you them the miner failed at something:

      Failed to tank/ship correctly.
      Failed to Dscan your incoming enforcement, and warp out.
      Failed to hail you upon your entering system.
      Failed to dock before going afk.
      Failed at spatial awareness.
      Failed to research the game they are playing.
      Failed at not having more than 2X #21.
      Failed to NOT be a highsec miner.

      The only good highsec miner is a dead highsec miner.

      Never forget viiridani ward!

      It's miner with an E!


    6. If you catch a high-sec miner, they never have a valid permit in their bio. At best, they have an expired permit.

    7. You don't even need to wait 7 seconds, just warp in blaster cat at zero, lock, approach, shoot.

      If he dies, he failed to obey the Code somehow.

      If he does not die, you allowed him to live, and you will gank him later at your leisure.

      The Code always wins!

    8. So many helpful recommendations and advice! Thank you all. I witnessed the aftermath of this salvage bait recently:
      And was impressed with agent Krig Povelli's performance (not minerbumping but similar style of emergent gameplay).

      [ 2019.11.06 21:53:01 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from Krig Povelli [DAYMN](Ikitursa) to Tecon Rados [EVNAV](Paladin)

      He killed two of my corpmates and taunted me mercilessly via renamed cargo boxes and "AIDS[]" fliers but I knew better than to engage. He even invoked the almighty redlist afterward, via mail:
      [ 2019.11.06 21:39:56 ] Umberto Wilson > what do i do then
      [ 2019.11.06 21:40:01 ] 3ICE 3ICE > eh, nothing
      [ 2019.11.06 21:40:06 ] Umberto Wilson > Permit RevocationFrom: Krig PovelliSent: 2019.11.06 21:24To: Aiko Danuja, Alivia Nattiel, James 315, Umberto Wilson, The permit status of Umberto Wilson and anyone else in his corporation is hereby revoked for interferance in New Order operations. He is also placed on the Red Pen list.-Agent Krig
      [ 2019.11.06 21:40:07 ] 3ICE 3ICE > learn from others mistakes
      [ 2019.11.06 21:40:10 ] Umberto Wilson > ok
      [ 2019.11.06 21:40:18 ] 3ICE 3ICE > aww man you got our whole corp redlisted
      [ 2019.11.06 21:40:21 ] Umberto Wilson > so he and his wee clan can just murder us in high sec?

    9. You might want to look back at a few Minerbumping articles. Krig is a regular :)

  4. If they fail to obey the CODE, then the permit is automatically voided.

  5. Being a highsec miner automatically voids your permit.

    1. Why would anyone mine in highsec? I don't understand.

    2. Not "anyone", you mean "anything". Highsec mining bots are subhuman.

      The only reason a bot does something wrong is because of faulty programming.


  6. Why would anybody mine at all?

  7. OverchodeanonshouldbiomassNovember 8, 2019 at 12:30 AM

    CCP has always stated that EvE is a "PVP sandbox mmorpg", and they always put the emphasis on the PVP being first and foremost. (PrePA anyway)

    Yes, it's a sandbox and you can play it however you like, but so can the PVPer that just exploded your shynehy new pve hull. How was the PVPer to know you would be afk shitfitting for the fight. Everything in EvE is bait for a PVPer. Especially pilots that don't belong.

    Yes, we know miners collect the minerals that make the ships that blahblahblahblah... when a miner attempts to cheat by doing it afk in highsec, where they think they are safe, then they appear bot-aspirant. And in EvE, there's nothing more foul than a cheating bot.

    Highsec gankers are doing a service that no other players are willing to do. Highsec gankers do more to help EvE than any highsec mining bot ever will. Not the least of which is helping highsec players decide early on if they are willing to fight for EvE.

    Any pilot not willing to fight for EvE should be shot.

    In game of course.

    1. And the ones willing to fight for EVE should be shot too. Death is crucial part of life for a capsuleer.

    2. The ones willing to fight for EvE, are being shot at. Kinda goes with the willing to fight deal.

    3. Exactly. Everybody must fight.

  8. I wonder if the idiot in the Scorpion realized that CCP changed ECM so that you could shoot at the object jamming you...and nothing else.

    Somewhat useless in a 1v1.

    And I love dueling Hecates....with polarized Cats....


    1. Proof or stfu apachreeeee.

      Seriously, do you even pvp bro? Can you link it? If not then stop making claims like you are a real Agent.

      If you reply with anything but a link to your pvp you will be ignored like the rest of the miners

      Shitters need not apply.

    2. The way he brags about pvp I bet he's got a massive KB!

      Surely he's not just another mouthy wannabe!

      We believe in you apache, link your pvp character. If you can

  9. hmph, unfortunately the hecate pilot that got ganked was just observing.... it was not the alt of the newbie. piss poor reporting.


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