Saturday, November 30, 2019

Tugging at the Hems of Power, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Kalorned was attacked by Tug Industries Corporation, who tried and failed to gank him in retaliation for bumping their unlicensed Orca. At times, the miners tried to negotiate with (or beg for mercy from) our Agent. Kalorned sensed that the miners still had hate in their hearts. Only time would tell what the next day would bring.

Kalorned's return began with a bang--specifically, the explosion of a fail-fit Retriever.

Though the ganked miner was not a member of the corp, Tug Industries pilots quickly took an interest. The New Order of Highsec was back.

Folg3r Tinlan openly schemed in local. It was clear that he still did not embrace the Code.

Armed with kill rights against Kalorned's -10 security status friends, Tug Industries hoped to find a way to strike back.

...But they failed. Adding insult to injury, one of their own was ganked right in front of them.

Like the rest of his corpmates, Killxone was furious. When he noticed Agent Kalorned resting innocently in the system's only station, Killxone couldn't restrain himself.

Agent Kalorned tested the miners by feigning ignorance of the previous day's events.

But the rebellious miners could not be so easily turned away. They demanded justice for their wrecked mining barges and bump-drunk Orca.

The more that Kalorned asserted his innocence, the angrier the miners became. But what could they do about it?

zandar Melkan, a miner from a different corp who lived in the area, announced that he had contacted his powerful friends in nullsec. Since there was nothing to do in nullsec, they were being deployed to highsec.

Tug Industries surrounded the station, baying for Kalorned's blood.

Our Agent kindly asked the miners to explain themselves. They were not interested in having a conversation, though.

The restless highsec system had become host to a lynch mob. Violence was inevitable.

To be continued...


  1. oh gosh, what's a kalorned to do?

  2. I invite them to wardec CODE, and yet they never do.
    I challenge them to duels, and it turns out they have duels blocked.
    I fly into low and null and wormholes, and they never follow me.

    Somehow I think this means something.

    1. Why do you invite them to dec COCE.? You're not part of that, you're not on the list...

    2. Is a typo the best you got?

      Too easy

    3. I thought it might be those new gaurd edgelords reinventing the wheel again.

      You never know with anons.

  3. Folg3r Tinlan got one thing right. Code violators are weak.

  4. I invite them to calm down, but that doesn't work either.

  5. I invite them to make like shardani, and quit.

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