Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Please stand by for an important message from Agent Lawrence Lawton:

People who don't play EVE Online wonder what EVE is? This is EVE.

Distinguished members of the Poddington family have joined Doomheim to ensure that the future of ganking is as bright as humanly possible--and the bot-aspirants tremble.

...For there is always another gank to be had.

Let's make it official, then. The Lawton School for Pubbies Who Can't Mine Good has added to its already-sizable cache of New Order shares with its 77 billion isk order for 77,000 shares. This took us past the... here we go... 1,925, 1,926, 1,927, 1,928, 1,929, 1,930, 1,931, 1,932, 1,933, 1,934, 1,935, 1,936, 1,937, 1,938, 1,939, 1,940, 1,941, 1,942, 1,943, 1,944, 1,945, 1,946, 1,947, 1,948, 1,949, 1,950, 1,951, 1,952, 1,953, 1,954, 1,955, 1,956, 1,957, 1,958, 1,959, 1,960, 1,961, 1,962, 1,963, 1,964, 1,965, 1,966, 1,967, 1,968, 1,969, 1,970, 1,971, 1,972, 1,973, 1,974, 1,975, 1,976, 1,977, 1,978, 1,979, 1,980, 1,981, 1,982, 1,983, 1,984, 1,985, 1,986, 1,987, 1,988, 1,989, 1,990, 1,991, 1,992, 1,993, 1,994, 1,995, 1,996, 1,997, 1,998, 1,999, 2,000, and 2,001 billion isk marks.

The result? An unprecedented Septenseptuaguple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. And this:

More than 2 trillion isk worth of New Order shares have been sold. As for the Lawton School, it now boasts ownership of 130,315 shares, making the corp our fourth-biggest shareholder.

You know, when the New Order began, some might have doubted our ability to raise 2 trillion isk to support the Code in highsec. Some might have doubted the goodness and generosity of EVE players. However...

...Those who know the Code well never doubt. Agent Alt 00 commissioned artwork to celebrate the two trillion landmark--not knowing that it had been reached earlier that very day!

This portrait paints a fine picture of the New Order's decency and humanity. I wonder, though, about the impact this portrait will have on all of those isk-grubbing highsec miners who grouse about paying 10 million isk. Will they be inspired by the 2 trillion--or jealous of it?

Some might ask what comes next. Our Agents aren't known for resting on their laurels--despite earning countless laurels. No, I can only say this: The three trillion isk mark awaits.

So it's back to the business of saving highsec. On that note, see this EVEmail from Andy Post POSTAL:

Where's the money?

On we go, with another 2,000 shares purchased. Andy's newly acquired stock brings us past the 2,002 and 2,003 billion isk marks and earns him a dignified Double Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

Our victories continue.


  1. Congrats on the big 2T!

  2. Looks like the professor got the word from Command, time to do nullsec shit if you want a nullsec home. At least he biomassed those highsec alts and used their equity to promote the Code. Well done sir. You only need one alt to blap miners in highsec.

    We look forward to seeing his main on comms and in fleets, fulfilling the obligations and responsibilities that come with membership in the Imperium. We certainly don't begrudge him his highsec ganking, but his first duty should be home defense.


    1. I never realized the situation is -that- dire out there. You may consider hanging a note here before the Imperium falls apart. The best tend to end up here you know.

  3. every high sec mining corp needs such inspiring CODE compliance officers to ensure that corporate leadership makes the right decision!

  4. Great drawing as always Alt 00! Congratulations to Mr. Lawton, you are a true hero of high-sec! Kudos to whoever is the elite mining consultant with Andy's Mining Corp! Winning, daily, always!

  5. Thank you, Saviour, for the septenseptuaguple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™, with hat, and to Alt 00 for the exquisite golden masterwork. Here's to the next trillion arriving sooner than the last.

  6. The mighty Poddington's have finally achieved martyrdom! Their ashes shall create fertile ground for new Catalysts to blossom, and new Code pilots yet unborn.

    Praise Lawrence! \0/

  7. Well done all, proud to be a part of this landmark!




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