Friday, November 15, 2019

The Cowardly Miner

Santhorn Nellson sent this message shortly before he lost his corp and all of its assets. What did he learn from this experience?

Not enough, apparently.

Agent Guybertini punished Santhorn for violating highsec law with an anti-tanked Retriever. Yet the miner refused to change his mind about the Code.

Bot-aspirancy is a dangerous thing. Guybertini understood that if Santhorn persisted, the miner was sure to lose more assets in the future.

...But the non-compliant miners tend to be ungrateful ones, too.

And there was more at stake than Santhorn's isk. His emotional well-being also fell under Guybertini's jurisdiction.

Incredibly, Santhorn accused our Agent of being a coward. Generally speaking, winning at PvP is not an act of cowardice. Refusing to accept the reality of the New Order's dominion over highsec, on the other hand, is as cowardly as it gets.

The miner wallowed in self-pity. Guybertini wondered if he was getting through to Santhorn at all.

Santhorn continued to gnash his teeth. No, words alone would not be enough to convince this miner.

Despite losing a mining ship only a few hours earlier, Santhorn was growing more obnoxious, rather than less. Something was up.

So Guybertini ganked him again.

The Code never stops. And a bot-aspirant miner never stops failing.

Alas, Santhorn can expect more failure in his future.


  1. How can anyone defend highsec mining shitters?

    You name a derogatory term, and sure as hell, there's a highsec mining shitter it fits.

    When will CCP wake up and realize that highsec is detrimental to the game? The best a highsec miner can do is parrot the same old cliches. No originality at all from any highsec shitter.

    EVE don't need highsec.

    Save EVE, shoot a highsec mining shitter daily!


  2. Let's just be clear, the cowards are the ones hiding in hisec in an attempt to carebear without risk, in a pvp game.

    Hisec carebears are the worst, and most numerous cowards in the game. EVE IS PVP, someone trying to worm their way around that by carebearing in hisec is the definition of a coward in EVE.

    Hisec cowards doing hisec carebear crap do absolutely nothing to better the game, all they do is create inflation in the market, and give EVE a bad name when they lose their spaceships, then their spaceshit.

    Anyone that really cared about EVE would drop their low/null crap and start ganking hisec carebears until the offensive carebears leave to find another game to ruin.

    Let's face it, no one ever has said of a hisec carebear; "what a knowledgeable and caring EVE player, new players could learn something from him."

    Rather, the hisec carebear is almost universally seen as an angry, foul mouthed, ignorant, closed minded fool. The only thing a hisec carebear has more of than hate, is bad advice about game mechanics. Or maybe his poor understanding of the TOS.

    Thats a great image for EVE...

    This game would be so much more popular and successful if the first thing a newbro encountered was nullsec, with it's friendly and helpful players, instead of the loneliness of a afk-carebear-mining-bot-filled hisec.

    Way to raise the bar, Hilmar.

  3. If a player's first instinct is to hide in highsec and mine afk then that player not ony does not understand what EVE is, that player does not, nor will ever, belong in EVE.

    It's natural selection at it's most pure. The defective ones get ganked until they quit, the adaptable ones find a way to evolve and survive.

    Subscription numbers mean jackshit, EVE don't need a million defective carebears mining in highsec. EVE needs quality players creating conflict in and unrestricted PVP sandbox.

    Who's gonna mine the ore to make the blahblahblah? Nullsec carebears, the adaptable members of that clade, already mine enough to cover it. So no one needs the highsec carebear anyway. Not EVE, not the real players, not even CCP's financials. (Less highsec carebears would mean more quality players joining, and staying subbed)

    When the answer is so obvious, what kind of company would continue to cater to the one group trying to ruin EVE?

    Delete Highsec

  4. Hey ag, think about this. If all highsec carebears left highsec, if CCP actively worked to get newbros to join low/null corps and had PVP training in the NPE instead of bullshit mining agents, then the impetus for James and the Code (and most highsec gankers) would disappear.

    Isn't that what you cowards want?

  5. CCP once did one of their famous studies, and it showed that 'hisec miners' contributed less than 10% to the EVE overall economy.

    Hisec used to be training wheels. You stayed until you found a null corp, and then you went to null to make your isk.

    CCP then, gradually, added ore and more isk fountains in hisec. Now you can fucking moon mine in hisec. You have almost zero reason to go to null.

    So the mental defective shitlords don't go.

    Well now CCP is owned by a Korean company that gives zero shits about the mental defectives.

    The game, it is a'changing..:)

    1. I'ma start petitioning PA and let them know how bad highsec is for eve.

      The Imperium and PL and all the big nullsec alliances should mandate that their pilots must petition PA to remove highsec.

    2. "So the mental defective shitlords don't go"

      That sums it all up well. They won't leave because they have no reason to. The highsec experiment has failed.



      CCPlease delete highsec and bring our brave gankers and Agents home to null where their propensity for destruction will generate content for the pilots who deserve and appreciate it.

      Gankers and Agents have earned a break. They deserve to be brought home to null and low.

      Hell, even highsec wardeccers, barely better than a highsec carebear, could benefit from moving to null/low.

  6. If highsec had time limits for pilots, say any character over 30 days old entering highsec becomes -10.0 instantly, EVE would be much better off.

    Jita would be abandoned and the highsec orca mining bots would have to play EVE properly.

    Why does PA allow CCP to continue to destroy a product PA just sank a lot of RL money into?

    Why would the Koreans buy EVE and not at least attempt to fix it? That's a big tax write-off. I guess if PA ran off all the defective, degenerate, violent highsec carebearz and the game suddenly started making bigbux because it was interesting and a true sandbox again, PA would not be able to claim the losses on their taxes.

    Hilmar-the-carebitch/CCPee sold out long ago, PA is EVE's only hope.

  7. Hisec should be moved to it's own, isolated server. It should be a different game, no PVP, no crossover, one character limit.

    Highsec should be punishment for cowardice, not a risk free reward.

    Nothing would change for the highsec afk mining bot.

  8. Wow, today's multi-posting anon certainly exemplifies today's theme of cowardice. He's no better than the highsec miners he so fervently derides. It must be projection. If only he had the courage to distinguish himself by posting with his in-game name.

    1. Yes it's amazing how emotional they get over a video game.

    2. I guess posting on an alt is better?

      What's wrong 'professor', why you not post on your goon main? Taking the extra step of using an alt to post is true cowardice, at least an anon doesn't add an extra layer of lies to avoid admitting he is a goon that cannot make it in nullsec.

      You belong in highsec, you're never in fleet on your main anyway. While your nullsec brethren fight the good fight in null, you hide behind false credentials in highsec, like the cowards you claim to be better than. When is the last time you participated in defense of your nullsec "home".

      Hypocrisy is an indicator of highsec cowardice, and your nullsec family is well aware of who you are, and what you are made of. We knew that posting a load of crap about highsec, and how useless it really is, would trigger you into exposing your hypocrisy, now we are laughing at you behind your back. Wouldn't you be happier just taking ALL your alts to highsec? Then you would not feel like you were hiding from the truth anymore. You would be free to be who you really are. You could finally make the full transition, as it were.
      Don't worry, we wouldn't/couldn't think any less of you if you leave null. You're never here anyway.

      Stay salty my friend!

    3. The "professor" alt must think that on "coward" day it's not hypocritical to cry about anonymous alts while posting on an alt.

      An alt is still anonymous, you are hiding your goon main. What are you scared of? That your "nullsec" main has no proof of being anything but a carebear? Your nullsec family is well aware of your hypocrisy, and while killing miners in highsec is a noble, doing it as an alt crying about alts is not so much.

      For a "professor" you don't seem very educated. But don't worry, miner, we know who you really are. And it makes us laugh when you get mad because you don't know who we are. I'll personally stop posting as an anon, when you start posting as your goon "main". You know, the character you were mining on in nullsec before you started the "professor" identity.

      What you scared of, anon? Other than looking like a hypocrite.

    4. > I guess posting on an alt is better?

      Yes, absolutely. Any consistent identity is infinitely better than no identity at all. I don't know why hearing that upsets you and makes you lash out. And although unnecessary, my Goon affiliations are in my character bios and declared on my blog.

    5. You still a carebear that talks big but cannot hack it in your "home" systems.

      We are still laughing at you in Delve.

    6. Well the prof is consistent, consistently a hypocrite, crying that his form of anonymity is better than any other.

      Hypocrite, and too ignorant to realize it.

      Professor of what exactly? How to be a carebear shitter?

  9. You know you are a slave in eve when you are flying a mining ship.

    Break the poverty cycle and a life of addiction.

    Nobody wants to be ag.

    1. When is the last time you killed something that was not in highsec?

      Is that why you got kicked from goons? Well at least your goon family knows you were not hiding behind an alt. You were not scared to let the world know you were a highsec goon, like a certain "professor" we all know. (Seriously, have you ever listened to a more pompous ass? He wants us to think he's educated, but he can't see his own hypocrisy)

      Hope you make it back to null soon friend, ganking highsec shitters is only noble if you aren't one yourself.

  10. Hey "professor", to the rest of your coalition, you ARE a highsec miner. You should take all your pvp-adverse goon alts and make the full 'transition' to highsec.

    I mean, you were born that way right? No sense in fighting it any longer, no one in Delve would miss your "main" anyway. There are no highsec shitters to save us from in 1DQ. When is the last time you were even on comms, or in a stratop?

    1. Haha, a Gewnanon.

    2. Lahnius called, he is still convinced he "owned" you, and you seem unable to confront him about it.

      Or too scared.


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