Saturday, November 23, 2019

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #197

You know, there's a lot of negativity in the EVE community of late. People point to all of the high-profile devs who have left CCP in recent years and say that the game is dying--that CCP is dying. Not so. In fact, CCP still has lots of employees...

...And apparently they're all highsec miners. Welcome to another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Is that a threat of terrorism? On the bright side, CCP may have already cancelled whatever event the miner is referring to. Still, I wonder what's wrong with this Jmyotis fellow?

Jmyotis eventually traced the source of the Code to highsec's Saviour. He sent me some harsh words. But, to his credit, he changed his mind and sent a revised EVEmail ten minutes later:

He was still angry, of course--and still losing mining ships. For example:

Jmyotis is a Goofus.

People find it relaxing to kill miners, though.

Yes, there is an ETA on this, but I have a feeling you won't like it.

I've been getting a lot of reimbursement requests from hauler pilots these days. Since they come from Code violators, they keep getting rejected. But since I am in an especially generous mood, I have decided to grant one of these requests at random. Solomon Iskander is a lucky carebear! Before I send him the isk, there is but one formality to take care of--looking at Solomon's bio. That won't take more than a moment, and then he'll have his money...

Tsk. Reimbursement request denied.

Miners can be a proud bunch, crediting themselves with gathering the resources for all of EVE's ships and modules. At other times, they refer to themselves as low-hanging fruit.

Ranzin Yumanizer is among the lowest of the hanging fruit.

"I wasn't AFK, I was just away from my keyboard..."

After being ganked, dascouch Pappotte vowed never again to use a bad fit for his ships. And miners say that we don't teach them how to play the game.

Silly miners. On the one hand, they say we're chasing everyone away from the game and threatening CCP with bankruptcy. On the other hand, they think everyone in the New Order will get bored and quit the game before they do.

This game is EVE. And today, EVE belongs to those who obey the Code.


  1. wreck them bears, always!

  2. 186b in the Ponzi scheme, I bet James is getting ready to cash out

    1. I see you don't understand how this works. He doesn't need to 'cash out', it's all his anyway.

    2. We give everything we have to The Saviour. He is a river unto His people.

    3. Did you write that without vomiting on your keyboard?

  3. Every day is Highsec Miner Grab Bag day, in the comments section.

    Solomon disregarded the section of the Code pertaining to mining indulgences, filled his bio with anti-ganking propaganda instead, and had the great gall to demand benefits reserved for members in good standing.

    1. Speaking of good standings, have you got all your paps for Nov?
      You know, Delve participation. Where you actually put your money where your mouth is, and fight for your home, all the cool kids are doing it.

  4. Even as the game takes it's final breath, a shitter miner can be found whining.

    The last tick of the server will be spent calculating the dps from an agent squishing a miners pod.

  5. Triggered shitter best shitter

  6. Calm down miner, can you stop the ganks before the last tick of the video game that has become your life?


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