Friday, November 22, 2019

Tugging at the Hems of Power, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Tug Industries Corporation launched failed suicide attacks against Agent Kalorned, who was expertly keeping their Orca bumped away from an ice anomaly. Pilots from Tug Industries began to protest in local. Inevitably, shots were fired.

The assailant was Killxone, who was piloting a battlecruiser. He still yearned for Kalorned's destruction--but he fell victim to his own thirst for revenge.

Despite all of the defensive modules on Killxone's ship, he was unable to tank CONCORD. Or the Code.

Killxone was outraged by the notion that CONCORD could prevent someone from carrying out an attack in highsec. What kind of people would take advantage of such an unfair game mechanic?

As Killxone raged, corpmate Folg3r Tinlan took a moment to reflect upon what he had witnessed.

Folg3r had seen enough to know that Agent Kalorned was a force to be reckoned with. Tug Industries would not overcome his bumping Orthrus so easily.

In order to defeat Kalorned, the miners would need to outsmart him. And to do that, they would need to learn his secrets.

In a way, Folg3r admired the Agent. Kalorned's was a cruel, wicked genius--but genius nonetheless.

The miners of Tug Industries resumed their protests in local chat. For now, their only strategy was to whine until Kalorned was persuaded to change his ways.

So far, though, Kalorned could not be moved--unlike their Orca.

In a moment of weakness, they offered the incorruptible Agent a bribe. But Kalorned wanted their compliance, not their money.

Hours after the commencement of Kalorned's bumping campaign, the Agent suggested that he might leave to do something else. At last, the carebears had reason to hope that they might be allowed to resume mining.

However, Kalorned soon returned and began bumping again. There was no question about it: The only way for Tug Industries to win was to kill that infernal Orthrus. But how?

To be continued...


  1. These highsec cowards cannot see their own hypocrisy. Too stupid to leave highsec, they don't belong in this game. Where do these shitters come from, and how did they not know by now that acting like that, in EVE, makes you an instant loser? No matter what happens next, those carebears displayed the worst kind of trait for an immortal pod pilot, they Lost Control Over PVP, and they did it while hiding in highsec. Tsk tsk, maybe some more gankers could add to the pressure, and help them decide if they want to play EVE properly, or become someone's property.

    That's all a highsec carebear is, someone else's property. Cattle.

    Moo, bitches!

    Good thing they found Agent Kalorned, he'll teach them some humility, and possibly teach them some much needed skills.

    Otherwise, a highsec shitter using that language to an Agent of the Code deserves nothing less than total destruction and complete humiliation.

    Hopefully that mouthy killxone shitter will soon make like shardani, and quit.

    In game of course.


    1. Calm down, angry Highsec miner.

    2. I saw Lahnius bragging about how he 'pizowned' you, and got all your alts banned, and you don't seem willing or able to correct him.

      How are all those alts lately? I haven't seen them on in a while...

      Are you still mad?

    3. He started it


    4. Says the goof who opened with the 150 word diatribe. Sheesh, anons.

    5. Says the fake professor alt hiding in highsec.

      Will you ever learn, coward? You should just leave Delve permanently, you don't belong there, and no one really wants you there.

      Sarcasm always escapes low I.Q. carebears.


  2. It's almost as though miners want to be hated. Sportsmanship fail.

  3. Always remember Viirilithizu Ward! one day she will return.
    and take revenge on those who betrayed her!

    1. Never forget viiridani ward, he was a true shartdani lover and minor ganker!

  4. All that "ur wasting time" does not realise 1 simple thing: bumping Orcas is extremely relaxing. It is joyful view to see Orca travel on its own after bump.

    1. It's almost as carefree as afk mining!

    2. And appeals to the same unimaginative people. James had the original thought, all others are just Johnny-come-lately copy cats.

  5. Bumping in the ice belts.

    Such a noble passtime.


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