Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Free Drones, Expensive Tears

Some assets, such as ships and Mobile Tractor Units, are displayed on killboards when they're ganked.

Other assets, such as 'Augmented' Mining Drones, do not appear on killboards when ganked directly. Yet these blingy drones cost 50 million each, and they are very cheaply ganked due to their low HP.

Tragaldabas Abandon lost 100 million isk to one of the countless ganks of blingy drones that occur in highsec. Tragaldabas was in good company; those who use blingy drones attract a lot of attention. In fact, the miner was lucky that he wasn't caught using a full set of the drones, which would have cost him a quarter billion isk.

Agent Alleil Pollard considered the miner and wondered aloud about his isk/hour dilemma. The defiant anti-Code miner went silent.

Other miners in the system were disturbed by the incident. They knew that they, too, were economically prohibited from ever using blingy drones in a profitable way. If they tried to use them, gankers would show up and set the miners back days, weeks--or months!

As with so many others like him, Tragaldabas was deeply ashamed of being a highsec miner. He made a brief show of being a wormholer.

Alas, self-proclaimed wormhole players get little respect from our Agents. If we catch you mining in highsec, we know exactly what you are.

The miner tried to engage in smacktalk, but he quickly gave up. It was pointless, just like his unprofitable mining.

Agent Alleil returned to the subject that had made the miner so uncomfortable. Tragaldabas winced. Deep down, he knew that his choices could not bear scrutiny.

Nothing about the highsec-bound wormholer's story made sense. Alleil exposed him as a fraud.

Agents of the New Order are known for shining the light of truth. The light is harsh and powerful. Miners scatter.

Tragaldabas retreated into the darkness of his own ignorance. If only he allowed the ganker to rescue him from his misery.


  1. "If we catch you mining in highsec, we know exactly what you are"


  2. Every one of the carebears featured here today deserves everything they get from hiding in highsec.

    Couldn't happen to a more deserving group of miners.

    Killing highsec carebears is how you help EVE. Stop trying to educate the willfully ignorant, and just blap them into oblivion.

    The onlty good highsec carebear is a dead highsec carebear. In game of course, you miners need to remember shardani.

    It's miner with an E!

  3. "You would make more money by turning your computer off"


    It is so funny because it's factually correct.

    Highsec miners are the horse you take to the dam that refuses to take a drink in a heatwave.

  4. Interesting concept - turn the computer off to reduce electricity consumption, and instead spend the savings on ISK. My calculations conclude this is likely accurate for the more inefficient mining setups. Now taking this idea a step further, Code is actually a carbon negative organisation, because the electricity we use to eradicate miners is offset by them rage-quitting EVE.

    So we can scientifically conclude that by killing miners, Code are playing a role in helping to tackle climate change. Praise James! \0/

    1. Only miners would be happy working for $0.50c an hour in the 21st century.

      Epic goofuses.

      Shardani was a goofus.


    1. Only people with a bad conscience can be blackmailed.
      Did you disobey The Code?

  6. Hahaha poor slave soldiers, this conversation is not completed, I got the log to probe it :-)

    But thanks for publish the part that you think was the most cruelty to me, when I was loling at your slave soldier's face all the time. It's a pleasure to be in this 20th century Blog (this phrase was accidentally cutted in the conversation exposed here, of course).

    I will be really glad to present you my WH char, next time you come to Litiura.

    Have a nice day ns carebears.


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