Friday, December 13, 2019

Tormented Miner, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Lewak received angry EVEmails from Pythos Torment, a highsec miner who held an irrational grudge against our Agent after being killed by him.

Pythos threatened to send salt to Agent Lewak each day. In this way, the miner hoped to get her revenge.

Sensing that Lewak was not yet defeated, Pythos redoubled her efforts.

Several minutes later, Pythos' anger manifested itself in a tithe. What had the miner done?

Pythos placed a bounty on Lewak's head, but it was lost in the sea of isk already placed there by other frustrated carebears.

A few hours later, Pythos finally read the Code--or made an attempt, anyway. After examining the Code, Pythos came up with the original strategy of accusing Lewak of not following it. If our Agent didn't retract the bounty he'd placed on Pythos, the miner would tell the whole world about Lewak's Code violations.

Apparently the "mark of 315" was bothering Pythos--further confirmation that Pythos was indeed a Goofus.

The next day, Pythos renewed her correspondence with Lewak. The miner had yet to calm down.

A day later, Pythos had a big update: She now had powerful friends in nullsec. And their first priority was to take down Lewak once and for all.

At last, Pythos had her revenge. Nearly 57 thousand isk had been collected by bounty hunters:

Said bounty was collected as part of a CONCORD killmail when Lewak's gank Catalyst was destroyed. As you might guess from the presence of CONCORD on the killmail, Lewak succeeded in his gank. In other words, a random passerby got a tiny reward for doing nothing, and Pythos lost a small amount of isk for no reason. Bounty system working as intended.

Pythos tried to talk herself into being happy, but her feelings of joy over the bounty payout were overwhelmed by the poison in her soul--her hatred for Lewak. For you see, when a highsec miner embarks on a journey of revenge, he must first dig two graves: One for himself, and the other to remain empty because our Agent is being awesome somewhere else.


  1. The estimated realworld value of 56383 isk is $0.0005 - I'm sure bounty hunters everywhere are in HOT pursuit of Lewak.

    1. Of course, now ALL of us can give that miner some wonderful bounty cheer..>:)

  2. The only good use of the bounty system is playing the saviours favourite game show in the rookie help channel.

    Anybody for 315315 ?

  3. "Several minutes later, Pythos' anger manifested itself in a tithe." :-D

    Unfortunately CCP have taken upon themselves to remove smaller bounties as part of their drive to increase subscriber numbers, essentially banning the 'Mark of 315'. We can no longer place 315,315 ISK bounties.

    1,315,315 ISK works just fine, however. Back to the drawing board it seems, for CCP! \0/

    1. I was wondering how that got changed. Now I know.

    2. Hahahahaha they nerfed minimum bounties because of CODE.

      ohh how they have fucked a good savage game.

      The things you miss not playin anymore.

  4. It takes more effort to write an e-mail like that than it does to skim one and scoff, "pfff, miners."

  5. It will be fun hunting that carebear shitter down and ganking him until he makes like shardani, and quits.

    It's what's best for EVE, and the carebear.

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