Friday, December 20, 2019

Over Two Trillion Five Billion in Shares Sold

Isk continues to pour into the New Order share program--EVE's first and only share program based primarily on the promotion of truth and justice rather than mere profits.

zyk0 upgraded his holdings with a purchase of 500 more shares, which took us past the 2,005 billion isk mark and earned him a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. He wasn't the only one purchasing shares recently, though:


More unorthodox share purchases came in from Agent Aiko Danuja, who honoured an NPC--as well as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is not an EVE corp but a real-life entity of some note.

The occasion for Aiko's share purchases was the destruction of a Rattlesnake, which belonged to a streamer...

Somewhat unusually, the streamer was Russian:

Did you know that Russian carebears stream EVE on Twitch?

Bot-aspirancy is a universal problem. The solution, too, is universal: The Code.


In case you missed it:

Agent FloppieTheBanjoClown of the Belligerent Undesirables wrote a guide to Min/Maxing the Catalyst Gank. In case you're in to that sort of thing.


  1. all the miner cared about was "his stream", not his fellow miners.
    very good gank my princess!

    1. Did I mention the Old Guard still makes me jealous? I can't seem to measure up, so I overcompensate by playing a creeper, lusting after a G.I.R.L..

      I'm a loser, I should make like shardani, and quit...

    2. James is captain of the football team, 4x all state wrestling champion, class president, valedectorian, drives a 1969 Yenko Camaro which he built himself using parts he bought with his job as a mathematics tutor at the local university, and he's an Eagle Scout who volunteers at the local retirement home. Overmind is, well, he's that weird guy who sits by himself at lunch and got kicked out of class because he had another episode and was talking to himself again.

  2. Eve farming is disgusting - the guy doesn't even have to maneuver, he isn't taking any damage, he just lazily shoots the endless series of rats - without being ganked, his stream would be boring.

  3. oh my gosh, that poor raznaborg was starving

  4. Agent Raznaborg should join CODE. if you are listening CCPearl Abyss.

    Hell, he's got a better killboard, and he's killing more carebears than 90% of the nullsec population.

    Raznaborg is doing more to improve EvE than all the highsec carebears combined.

  5. A fine guide by Floppy. To my knowledge, it was Agent Alt 00 who first implemented the use of T1 Algid + T2 Aerator rigs to achieve a max DPS T2 Neutron Scramcat. Anybody else remember a time when T1 hybrid rigs were so cheap that the prospect of using a T2 rig seemed ostentatious?


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