Thursday, December 5, 2019

Stories of Holiday Joy

Our Agents do so many good things for highsec. Among them: Spreading the joy of the holidays. Today, Agent Krig Povelli shares three different joys.

New Corp Joy

Agent Krig's alt, Lucy Inthesky Withdiamonds, made the acquaintance of a highsec miner.

Lucy was pleased to see that The Pallid Mask was an open, welcoming miner. Sociable miners are so much more likely to be Code-compliant.

Just a few minutes after meeting The Pallid, our Agent was invited to join his corp.

But Lucy had a secret.

Our Agent's confession poured out of Lucy's combat drones. It was a very honest conversation.

Lucy truly did care for The Pallid Mask, but an Agent's greatest care is always for the Code. The Pallid Mask had violated the Code. He was punished for it.

Lucy was kicked from the corp. No matter--other miners needed joy, too.

Jetcan Orca Joy

A fellow named Rictor VonBrunn decided to AFK mine while sitting next to an unpiloted Orca. He used his Orca as a cargo container! So Krig bumped the miner away and supplied the Orca with a pilot.

Krig was pleased to be given the chance to educate Rictor further about how to play EVE. The miserly miner had never given anyone isk before.

Even better, Krig got to teach the miner about the contract system.

Rictor's holiday joy cost some money--more than he'd anticipated--but it was well worth it.

Kill Right Joy

One day, Krig happened upon a carebear who was absentmindedly mining with an active kill right. When you're an Agent of the New Order, good things always come your way.

Krig activated the kill right, tackled the miner, and struck up a conversation with him. TieLight received the joy of being commanded to buy a mining permit.

TieLight paid the 100 million isk ransom and also chose to buy a permit from Krig. But, as Krig candidly told him, the mining ship would need to die as punishment for TieLight's crimes. Besides, EVE is a game about blowing up spaceships, not letting them go.

So it was that Krig Povelli killed the Mackinaw on behalf of... Krig Povelli?

As it turned out, Krig and TieLight had history together. Why, the whole encounter had been a reunion! Thanks to the Code, the joys of highsec will never cease.


  1. CODE. Bringing People together since 2012! Praise James!

    1. kode, samme dritt annerledes dag



    1. Jaws will drop.

    2. Aiko is a good girl who has not done anything wrong.

    3. Slander and lies. Aiko is a sweet princess and a morally upright citizen!

    4. Maybe if you pay her she'll go away.

  3. its gonna be a tweepy christmas

  4. It's a fine time of year to celebrate our many joys. Praise James 315 for showing us the way!

  5. The funny part about the Carcosa guy is that nowadays when you make a corp friendly fire is automatically turned OFF. THEY HAD TO TURN IT ON THEMSELVES.

    Now THATS funny.

  6. Awoxing corps was the niche pinnacle that added a nail in the games coffin when removed.

    I reckon they should add that element of risk back.

    The content that provided alone was gold.

    1. Yeah, it really left a sour aftertaste when they curbed awoxing.

      EVE was advertised using this whole story of a carefully planned infiltration that resulted in the loss of trillions in assets and the reshuffling of the powers in nullsec. The implication was that even a single player could achieve monumental accomplishments, shifting alliances, becoming fabulously powerful, changing the game for thousands of other players.

      Now that sounds like a cool game!

      And then they practically remove most of this stuff.

      Oh well, let's hope the Code brings some more fun to the game! o/ Praise James o/

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