Sunday, December 22, 2019

Kills of the Week

Carebears, lest you be tempted, the Code does not permit you to engage in any of this "wallet warrior" nonsense. Buy a mining permit instead. As a holiday bonus, we're willing to sell permits to you at a special price of 10 million isk! Speaking of holiday cheer, from the week of December 15th @ 00:00 EVEtime through December 21st @ 23:59 EVEtime...

It's difficult to imagine a worse ship than Kyrd Deninard's grotesque mining Praxis. Yet Kyrd was quite confident in its combat abilities. He (unwisely) challenged Agent Krig Povelli's Nergal to a fight. Apparently mining lasers do quite a bit less DPS than Kyrd was expecting, and he lost the fight to our Agent.

The laziest miners, of course, can't even be bothered to come up with some terrible idea for a fit, so they simply leave module slots empty. Imperator Adoudel bet big on his ORE Strip Miners, only to find that the blingy mods attracted the wrong kind of attention: Agents Elena Sabezan, Eduard Limonov, Maximus Gooseman, and Misha Mawashi.

Arguably, lazy haulers are even worse than lazy miners; they make a career of AFK autopiloting from place to place. all-midnigh was a hauler pilot of the "blank fit" school. But here's the thing: If you aren't willing to put modules on your ship, you don't deserve to have any cargo, either. Agent LowPower Solutions put this philosophy into practice when he doled out this carebear's punishment.

You think the no-module haulers are bad? Consider hollman-ggo bong2, whose "hauler" consisted of nothing more than a rookie ship that materialized in a station. Maybe she thought her rookie ship would go unnoticed--that it would get lost in the crowd. Fortunately, we have Agents like Arylcyclohexylamine who routinely cull the rookie ship population. These days, anyone who autopilots in a Velator is going to stand out.

not another tradealt probably considered himself superior to the bot-aspirants featured above: He bought an actual hauling ship and equipped tank modules. Yet he could not resist the temptation to go AFK and autopilot his vessel in New Order territory. Friends, a ship without a pilot is a ship without a future. Agents Narl' Amhar, Votre Dieu, Rungerd, Astrid Tyrfing, and Wilhelm Scylding blapped the 6.3 billion isk Occator and helped themselves to some loot.

Remember what I said earlier about rookie ships that autopilot? Reiny Dae tried autopiloting in a shuttle, which is a wonderful way of getting on the New Order's radar. Agent Arylcyclohexylamine was pleased to get the opportunity to pop a shuttle and score a quick Capsule killmail.

In an instant, 2.4 billion isk worth of implants was vaporized. No pilot, no tank, no permit--no implants.


  1. But I thought CODE. was finished now because one citadel was taken down!? GASP.

  2. her-

    1. bigbud fled astral after they got wardecced, like a coward.

      bigbud is still hiding behind CONCORD, like a coward.

      The question still stands: Where was ag while CODE. racked up 86+TRILLION in destruction?

      I remember how ag used to cry, like cowards.


    2. bigbud joined Astral while they were decced to help kill the fortizar and some CODEys, unfortunately CODE. forgot to show up , cos *reasons*.

      CODE. tried to hide behind PIRAT, who for some reason also failed to show up, cos *reasons*.


      I remember the delicious tears of Loyalmoron when I looted all that polarised talos blaster loot from under his nose after I probed down his Missioner gank.

      He was so butthurt over it he then wasted over 1/2 billion in war dec fees trying to permadec Bigbud.

      The best he achieved with his alliance of hundreds, including their mercs was a no score draw with 1/2 dozen lost against a solo player.

      The tears from him were epic until he blocked me after I started linking the war reports in local.

      Good times.

      The CODE always whines. Always!

      Have a great Xmas y'all.

      o7 BB

    3. ps; I also remember those nights in Uedama when HSM fielded fleets of 25, and Loyalmoron refused to undock , cos *reasons*

    4. Lol 163+ billion in the Treasury at the moment, and over 2 trillion in shares sold so far.

      And you want to brag about pos bashing 10bill? In highsec?

      The only reason loyan ever didn't undock was there was nothing worth shooting at, including you carebears. I remember him undocking and killing more than any of you highsec shitters ever will. You lying about it won't change it.

      You should all make like your hero shardani, and quit.

    5. It's hard to shoot bigbud when he leaves during wars, and hides in highsec

      Like a coward

    6. I remember the entirety of ag being invited to a lowsex party near Uedama, and NONE of them showed up. Hell, a few of them even logged off.

      More than once.

      bigcoward included.

      I also remember ag whining about -10.0 characters not undocking and dueling... but not willing to go even 1 jump over to lowsec to pvp.

      ag's dead, it ganked itself.

      There are no caps in ag.
      Get it? Because they never leave highsec, and because they haven't earned it. ahahah

      Why is anyone still in highsec other than to punish highsec cowards?

      ag fails daily.


  3. How's that ag blog no one ever reads?


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