Saturday, December 7, 2019

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #198

A more accurate prediction: The carebear will regret his failure to obey the Code, and our Agents will continue to experience joy. Welcome to the latest edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Violetta Star belonged to a communist-themed corp called Socialist Industrial Union. Our Agent attempted to speak in terms the miner would understand. Did it work?

Unfortunately, bot-aspirants only speak in Goofus.

Perhaps all of the unlicensed carebears should remain docked until this "exploit" is fixed?

Protip: Beware the cargo containers labeled "free ore"...

PENTRITE BSM became a victim of his greed. New Order of Highsec to the rescue!

Luckily, PENTRITE realized that he didn't really need to mine after all. Ganks are good for inspiring these kinds of realizations.

Uh-oh, more paperwork.

After carefully examining all of the evidence, I find the accuser to be guilty.

Friend, you have taken a good first step. But there is no neutrality in the Code. Positive standings only, please!

Deveton Vaille confessed to AFK mining. However, Agent LowPower Solutions wanted to know the full extent of Deveton's guilt. So he asked Deveton to write a reimbursement request with a complete description of the circumstances of the gank:

Now that is one bot-aspirant miner.

Fair warning: The Code forbids miners from being "wallet warriors". You should not fly a ship that you can only replace with PLEX. But I think CCP would like to know if you're interested in raffles.


  1. Now that is one bot-aspirant miner.

  2. All these years, all these HMGB's, and the carebears still have not learned.

  3. Wow! That miner was an extreme case. Imagine confessing all of that to the Saviour Himself. By the fourth word he had already damned his case.

  4. *plays EVE at work*
    *watches YouTube*
    *does work stuff*
    *wonders why his ship got blown up*

    Fucking millenials, I swear.

  5. "they were shocked"
    "Evidently he also stoly my Orca"

    Two times I've burst out in laughter so loud,
    even people on the street heard me.


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