Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Best Revenge, Part 35

Previously, on MinerBumping... 'Twas back to business as usual for aiva naali and his secret team of galaxy-ruling master strategists. Pandemic Horde's days were numbered.

With a little help, aiva came to understand that applying to join one of Goonswarm Federation's member corps was futile. After all, low-level recruitment officers didn't have sufficient clearance to learn about aiva and everything he'd done for the Imperium.

aiva's solution was to create a corporation of his own; the corp would then apply to join the alliance.

While aiva waited for his corp to be accepted into Goonswarm, his team would continue to fight the good fight.

aiva commanded his forces remotely, as he was accustomed to doing. But he looked forward to the day that he could watch the battles from the helm of his flagship. He'd even have a flag to go with it.

Regardless, aiva was the indispensable man. There were plenty of other talented people in the Imperium, but only aiva was skilled at so many different things.

Anyone for a Kickstarter?

From time to time, aiva continued to make contributions to his titan fund. The sooner his flagship was complete, the better--for everyone except Pandemic Horde, that is.

Though he still had ambitions for titan ownership, aiva's priorities changed. He now craved a Nyx above all else. One way or another, he kept the Imperium shipbuilders busy.

Time passed. Pandemic Horde was not yet defeated, but aiva was working on that.

Even a super-genius needs to be surrounded by a competent group of people who can carry out his orders. Luckily, aiva had the best team the Imperium had to offer.

Despite the diversity of talents represented by aiva's "coucle" (council?), everyone had the ability to grow and learn from each other. aiva's colleagues often picked his brain with probing questions:

...And aiva was always happy to answer them.

For any EVE player with a serious interest in nullsec, being in aiva's coucle/council was a dream job. It seemed as though nothing could ruin their happiness. Then again, in the world of EVE Online, anything can happen.

To be continued...


  1. no one can beat avia, even after 15 minutes. also, where is the battlecry? :D

  2. I started to wonder if his application process is still going on..

  3. Replies
    1. I can no-longer read his scrawlings, they are quite nauseating.

    2. Just think, if someone had taught him the illegal agress/warp out trick for ducking CONCORD, he may have became a high caliber strategist for NOL. If ag didn't recruit him first.


      Still, it's better than living in a trailer park with your cousin/wife, while all of pearl river laughs at you.

      Two birds and all.. oh yeah! (Duffman voice)

    3. I'll admit I skim some and rely on the summary.

    4. hey anon you kinda stuck on repeat there homie care to come up with anything new??

  4. "Luckily, aiva had the best team the Imperium had to offer."

    Oh no

  5. I wonder if he's paid his new corp application filing fee yet? I know a guy with goons that can expedite that for him.

    For a small fee of course.

  6. He complains about nothing new, then copys someone else's taunt? And weak. What a loser. Has space vegas put odds on when that retard is gonna make like shardani, and quit?

    I gotta get in on that action.

    1. oh we taking bet's on someone suicide attempt?

    2. Yeah.
      Don't disappoint me, I got 50 on black.

    3. "attempt" ha! There is no attempt, do or do not. Everything else; is just a bid for attention.

    4. awww say it isn't so Apache unchuckcatalyst you bet a whole 50 on black? well that was a wasted bet

    5. you mad he bet on black? That's what a racist would cry about.

    6. hey anon only one to make it racist was you shitstick lol

  7. all it takes is 15 minutes and the virus spreads out of control


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