Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Genesis of Compliance, Part 1

A lot of people look down their noses at highsec. The highsec miners, especially, are despised as a lazy, rude, bot-aspirant bunch. They are, admittedly, difficult to love. But surely someone cares for them?

The Agents of the New Order are the miners' only true friends. Alt 00 is one of those Agents--and a true friend to the miners.

Alt 00 packed up her things and went on a trip to visit the wretched miners of the Genesis region. 'Twas sure to be a memorable occasion.

Our heroine's trek across highsec was made in secret. She wanted to surprise the Genesis miners so that she could see whether they were obeying the Code--without having to be reminded.

...As it happened, some miners were in desperate need of reminding.

Alt 00 and her friends from Honeybright swooped down upon the non-compliant miners with destroyers. The miners were taken completely by surprise.

With speed and grace, the Agents ganked one carebear after another. Sometimes they ganked multiple non-compliants simultaneously, like this Porpoise...

...And this Retriever. But as glorious as these ganks were, something was missing.

Our Agents brought out their Taloses. That could mean only one thing...

You know, EVE can be a beautiful game. Especially when miners die.

Agent Alt 00 is known for loving the Code and for loving Orca ganks. The two loves go well together. But the thing about ganking Orcas...

...Once you start, it's difficult to stop. Upon the destruction of a second Orca in the area, miners began to scatter.

The pilot of the second Orca attempted to escape in a Harbinger Navy Issue. He sought revenge against the attackers, only to die under Talos fire in less than a minute. Alt 00's power was great. And her crusade to improve the Genesis region was only getting started.

To be continued...


  1. i feel like typing something.

    1. Most know how to lookup your losses miner,but feel free.

    2. An apology letter to the community for your past, and I assume future, heresies. You have acted like a real miner, and it's time to atone for your sins, friend.

    3. I adore Overmind. He's the living testament of the greatest power of The Code! It can transform a miner into an agent! Mileage may wary and lesser or greater relapses can happen, but still - he is my favorite example for the enlightening effect of just enforcement process.

      Bear with the mockery agent Niminen, and draw strength from it! Turn that strength against the miners, and thank those who induce it. Such is the way of The Code.

      Praise James!

    4. I can't help but notice that your love for Overmind is anonymous. Ashamed to admit it?

    5. overcookedmind is NOT an Agent. He'll always be just another highsec miner, 'converted' or not. He'll not change.

      They never do, but at keast he isn't living in a trailer with a fatass lillie lowrent cousin/wife like that chickenshitter willie greer. Lol, ol greasy greer will always be the worst of the worst.

      The lowest of the low

    6. I don't feel the slightest guilt upon discovering sympathy in myself even for the lowest miners. It does not influence my judgement or approach - that's what The Code is for.

      I never felt the need for my name to weight what I say. It's definitely not Overmind who'll get me to break this old tradition.

  2. "Especially when miners die."

    Yup, EVE is a beautiful game! Where else can you blap some trailer park dwelling carebear shitter from pearl river, and then watch him meltdown like Chernobyl?!?

    It would seem only highsec gankers really care about supporting EVE.

    1. lol yup your still bent out of shape XD calm down anon

  3. Field trips are fun, especially to Gallente space.

  4. Great job, Alt 00band friends!

    -Galaxy Pig

  5. Carebears:- "CODE can't gank anything but 5 day old newbro Ventures."

    Alt 00:- "Hold my cocktail."

    1. XD but what about that 80k alpha though o7

    2. Is that 80k responsible for you spending new years eve/ day, losing it in the comments section greer?

      I look forward to the chat in teamspeak about it.


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