Saturday, January 18, 2020

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #201

It's a new year--will this one be better than the last? Is your life on an upward trajectory?

Those who refuse to learn from the Code will be ganked over and over again, no matter how many new ships they buy. But those who embrace the Code will reap the rewards. Welcome to the latest edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Nuclear missiles mean little in highsec. The Code is the superweapon of EVE--and it works.

No, miners, you can't just go to the bathroom in a 0.9 system. Highsec is not your toilet. Not since the Code.

Now I see why all of the anti-Code resistance movements have failed after all these years: They haven't had enough yet.

When drafting a reimbursement request, keep in mind that you're not going to have much luck if you include details that establish your own guilt.

Then again, it's possible to go too far in the other direction.

I, too, would like an answer to Agent Sievert Solutions' question. Tazer face?

Agent Dishrag translated the miner's message as follows: "What a fool you are! I have been in the game for four days! Drawn to the weak? You moron!"

The miner admits that he is weak. More PvP will do him good, I think.

If you're going to mine in a Venture, it is better to do it in low/null/wormholes. However, if you intend to mine in highsec, don't lie about it.

Reports of my being banned are, as ever, fake news. Don't trust everything in your Facebook feed.

When miners need to be interrogated post-gank, it can sometimes get heated. Don't worry, though--our Agents always err on the right side of torture.

That's more like it. I often say that miners need to thank their gankers more.

For the New Order, progress isn't just an idea; it's our way of life.


  1. So the miner believes utilising Mother Russia's large nuclear stockpile is the solution to losing his video game spaceship. Even though the resulting ash cloud alone would blanket his own country for several years, cut out the sunlight, and leave him starving to death. It seems like quite a high price to pay.

    He would be better off buying a Code mining permit, all for just 10,000,000 ISK.

  2. Highsec shitters need new talking points, all these assholes sound like that cousin lovin coonass redneck retard williethepedo

    1. If that's the best you got, you should probably calm down miner.

    2. Just do as you've been told.

    3. That's the problem with calling out low I.Q. shitters daily, you may trigger the wrong one ;)

      Don't I remember some retard claiming to know how to warp away from illegal agression in highsec? Able to warp, in highsec, after going flashy red, has been impossible since the CONCORD revamp years ago.

      No one has any respect for reactive shitters that make claims like that.

    4. Come on TeamSpeak and I'll show you how it's done.

    5. damn i'm sorry alt I clearly got under this anon's skin XD

    6. damn anon you seem to be foaming at the bits there need me to get you a napkin?

    7. you laugh at me cause I'm different, I laugh at you cause your all the same

    8. Your comment was not accepted due to: ERROR IP BANNED

    9. Williethepedo triggered again.

      If alt00 could escape her concord spawn she would tell us how. It is impossible, and was impossible long before that liar made her highsecmineresque claims. Having someone join comms is a thinly veiled attempt to glean some personal information to be used against them. Alt00 must be a highsec miner if it thinks anyone will fall for that. Alt's claims are almost as grand as lahnius...

      I snap my fingers and shitters post tears

    10. You're not different, willie. You are just like every other shitter that should be playing a different game but insists on failing at EVE and then crying like a bitch about it.

      You are a dime a dozen. Nothing new or unique about your actions, shitter. Although the cousin/wife is a bit extreme, it's not even uncommon where you come from.

    11. here let me sum it up for you

      Synonym's and Words Related to anonymous: undetermined, unspecified
      obscure, uncelebrated, unheard-of, unheralded, unknown, characterless unremarkable nondescript impersonal faceless. undetermined, unspecified obscure, uncelebrated, unsung
      unexceptional, unremarkable

    12. ^^^^ just pick a feature XD and that's you ^^^^

    13. That's a lot of tears, williethecousinlovinpedo

      You thought you were gonna spam the comments in a sissy rage, then when you burned out you would just leave and maybe come back when you were mad again.

      No way friend. You have to visit daily now, just to see what I post about you.

      You promised 200 tear posts a day, I promised a daily shout out.

      You should quit, like shardani

    14. awww aren't you just the cutest anonymousnoballschickenshit XD

  3. Nice to see Jaden getting his loss on the blog.

  4. Highsec is not a toilet. This fact we hold to be self-evident.

    1. If it looks like a toilet, and it smells like a toilet, and it's full of human waste.

      A cesspool by any other name, is still a shithole.

      Too easy

  5. Oh lord, another salad-al-losttheplot trainee. I wonder how long until that one reverts back to being a carebear hiding in highsec, like all the rest.

    It's not really a question.


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