Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Genesis of Compliance, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Alt 00 warned the miners of Genesis that they would be subjected to further ganks if they failed to obey the Code. But the miners didn't listen--and they cried out as massive gank fleets fell upon them.

Orca miners tend to think themselves invulnerable. When they returned to their keyboards, they were in total shock.

MidNightRage lost a 1.5 billion isk Orca. He had grown accustomed to his bot-aspirant routines. Now, with no choice but to face up to what he'd done, the miner grew bitter and angry.

MidNightRage lashed out at anyone who tried to help him. He was a sorry sight.

Agent Nitetime Video sensed that the miner was miserable. The Code was the only answer.

Unfortunately, something about the Code made MidNightRage even angrier.

The tranquility and grace of our Agents, set in contrast to the gruesome spectacle of the bot-aspirants, should make it clear enough which side the good guys are on. Advocates of 100% safety in highsec always get it wrong, though.

The ganked Orca pilots of Genesis snarled and gnashed their teeth. That was the natural result of justice being done in the region. But theirs were not the only Orcas that died that night.

Agent Kanye North had a run-in with an Orca who made the mistake of partaking in a holiday filament. The Orca pilot found himself beamed into the middle of nullsec, where he was killed.

'Twas none other than William Rageclaw. We previously saw him during an 8-part MinerBumping series that concluded with William buying a mining permit. Was he truly Code-compliant, though?

Although his Orca was destroyed, William managed to escape in his pod. However, as he made his way back to highsec, he was caught in a gatecamp and podded. Among the implants he lost was a Mining Foreman Mindlink. Contraband!

Since William owned a permit, he felt he had been treated unfairly. He made his case in the "Why Was I Ganked?" channel, but reimbursement wasn't forthcoming. That's when William decided to flip the script: He invited our Agents to join him in his own channel.

In his own channel, William had the ability to mute the Agents at will. Now that he had the home court advantage, could the miner convince our Agents to reimburse him for his lost Orca?

To be continued...


  1. Oh wow, he's more retarded than we thought.

    'Dis gun be gud', as they would say down in the pearl river trailerpark

  2. Probably not.
    Can result in mysterious permabans from CCP for absolutely no reason at all.
    Of course if you don't play EVE anyway, then link away.

  3. I shore did no rallyize mindlinks twarnt legal down by dat dere Parl Rivuh ova yonder, oh well shut my mouth and pain da barn red, dem ol mindlinks be hottah than a Loozayana sommah. Hoooo neelly.

    1. There's more oinking in a pearl river trailerpark. You have to oink more to sound like those cousin lovers!

  4. Weza gotta sayuh dawn by da bayoo, orca be a fryin, orca be a dayin, an u best not be flyin. My grandmappy daughta done toll me dat, and its as troo as da crocodiuh in dat dere swampuh.

    1. "roflmao"??

      Is it 2004 again? Or does it take modern culture that long to reach those shitters in the pearl river trailer park? I knew dial-up was slow but holy crap...

      Pearl River Louisiana, population 2500. Two last names in the phone directory.

  5. Wild, isn't it... ccp trying to tell us what we can do out of game.

    Fuck Iceland, long live CCPearl Abyss!

  6. Imagine Rageclaw's elation when he saved his pod. And, after 50 minutes of frantic effort, the devastation when he hit that gatecamp on the highsec border, when his preference for Goofus implants was indelibly recorded.

    1. lol well it did spawn the idea of how many jumps around the map could I do in a pod. 230 lol

    2. willie greer the tearJanuary 26, 2020 at 1:46 PM

      LOL! I'm willietear.
      I like to say LOL! i think it makes me seem not so mad!
      Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
      I sound like an idiot. I hope i never had kids, that would be unfair to them and their offspring, not to mention the gene pool in general.

      A real AN HERO would make like shardani and AN QUIT.


  7. Too bad nobody told him...or he never learned...that bubbles exist.


  8. So that explains a lot about williamtear's recent spam rage. Maybe he should find another game, and blog, to enjoy.

    1. Yup.
      Dunno why he bothers, it just draws attention to the fact he's the biggest assclown in EVE since Holysheet. And that's.....saying a lot.

    2. lol well I can admit that there has been good content as of late. and well that's a plus

    3. You don't like it here willie! You keep coming back because we own your retarded, trailer dwelling, cousin marrying, stolen valor ass.

      You post here because we MAKE you. You can't NOT respond. We snap our fingers and you show up to post ignorance and tears for us to ridicule.

      You can't stop, and we won't let you.

      Still not 200, still no google police. We are still using your name and location. You are impotent to stop us.

      You have no power here, or anywhere for that matter.

  9. Replies
    1. So, where's the google police you illiterate cousinfuker?

  10. EH! i'm still waitin on that there teamspeak invite XD

  11. I love how the code test was highlighted o7 outstanding!

    1. Keep going William Greer.

      The response of Anon Jan 26 1:37 PM proves that you are getting to them. Just as EVE can't rid itself of code you are showing them that minerbumping can't rid itself of you. Stick it up them I say.

    2. wooo man anon J26 you gots all my extremities tingling XD

  12. I think a CODE court hearing is in order for miner greer.

    I am happy to preside this one for those who do not want to be banned.

    100% torture free.

  13. Couldn't you troll the miner into linking it himself?

    Alternatively - I didn't play EvE in ages, I gladly post anything you want to distance yourself from.


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