Wednesday, May 22, 2013

4chan Contemplates the New Order

4chan is one of the most well-known internet forums around. Perhaps because most of its users post anonymously, 4chan is no stranger to controversy. The board is sometimes associated with hackers, pedophiles, and bronies. However, every barrel has a few bad apples: Highsec carebears also post on 4chan. The 4chan Video Game Generals board recently engaged in a discussion about the New Order. Though threads are automatically deleted after a time, I managed to save the posts. Today, let's look upon the New Order through the eyes of 4chan.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)02:53 No.36072553
Replies: >>36072703 >>36072805 >>36076208

if any of you here are a new order fag... go die in a fire, seriously.

>Be an exploration and pve toon
>can fly a retriever for ice mining
>mine ice to help fuel POS


Seriously... fuck you, I am not paying for a shitty 'permit' that is most likely just a scam for you one person in a one man corp to make an easy 10 mill... Go fucking die, you piece of shit...

Yes I am mad...

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)02:55 No.36072703
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What's going on exactly? Someone is bumping you away from an icebelt while mining?

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)02:57 No.36072805
>Expecting New Order to actually know their own Code, let alone follow it

They're not supposed to bump or gank people just for mining, they're supposed to go after "bot aspirants". There's no point arguing with him, just go do something else for ten minutes until he gets bored.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:00 No.36073018
Replies: >>36073728 >>36073826

Yes... Claiming they are part of a new order and wanting 10m for a year license...

I mine like 3 hours a day, two days a month for POS.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:11 No.36073728
Replies: >>36074189

Ahahahaha oh fucking wow.

This guy has almost as big of an ego as I do, and I have a MASSIVE fucking ego.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:13 No.36073826
Replies: >>36074189 >>36074341

That seems kind of silly. I mean, they'd have to have quite a few members to cover even most of high sec, in addition to quite a bit of ISK to cover suicide ganks. And the only real return on such an investment are the occasional tears you'd get and lining nullsec miner's wallets by slightly driving up mineral prices.

Oh well, doesn't really affect me, since I rarely mine and when I do, wormholes are hostile enough anyway.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:18 No.36074189
Replies: >>36074263 >>36074467

Yea, him and all of the idiots that follow his shit are stupid. Its just a huge extortion racket AND PEOPLE PAY....

Seriously... its just a huge fuckin bunch of fags, they fly stabbers and just bump people out but its annoying.

I rarely mine other than the two days and this is two months in a row I have bunched into these fags at 2 different belts...

The annoying thing is nobody seems to be doing anything about it.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:19 No.36074263
Replies: >>36074518

Have you tried orbiting the asteroid whilst mining? I don't know if it would help.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:19 No.36074265
Replies: >>36074518

Set your ship orbit when mining.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:20 No.36074341
Replies: >>36075348

>Most of highsec
They roam. The vast majority of them are clustered in five or six systems at any one time.

Insurance means suicide ganks aren't as expensive as they sound. For each 2mill ship they get 800k back. Check the donation list on the left of the site and do the math.

>real return
He doesn't care. He's doing it for a laugh/to protest CCP's increasing casualisation of highsec, depending on who you ask. There are worse ways to get your giggles, I guess.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:22 No.36074467
Replies: >>36074558 >>36074671

They'll probably give up as their members get tired of it and/or the money dries up. Hulkageddon comes and goes in phases, there's never been a permanent version of it, no matter how much the jews in null would want one. At a certain point, the fun dries up and it all gets more costly to run it than it does just to soak up the losses on high sec miners.

If it lasts much longer than a month or so, I'd really suggest either buying the ice off the market in your case or joining a fleet if you're a bigger miner. EVE uni's got mining fleets open to the public, I'm pretty sure, and they're too large of target to easily be pushed away or suicide ganked.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:23 No.36074518

To be honest, the guy bumping me down is actually good at it... even orbiting his stabber is too quick to bump and recover for it to work.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:24 No.36074558
But people pay them so they just constantly get money...

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:25 No.36074671
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Where are these fuckers stationed at?

Seriously, might go hire some Kamikazes to ruin the day for them.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:37 No.36075348
Replies: >>36075564 >>36075720

That's pretty funny. Why don't you just run missions and buy the shit required to fuel your POS?

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:39 No.36075476
Nevermind, found out they are doing in my Caldari homeland.


Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:41 No.36075564
Replies: >>36075720

Read up on them more thoroughly. Hardly any of them are in the same corp/alliance, so wardecs don't work. They don't have a station.

More importantly, THAT'S WHAT THEY FUCKING WANT YOU TO DO. Their whole stated reason to exist is to try and force miners to do something other than hit F1 and go make a sandwich.

Bluntly, if you're silly enough to think that "hiring kamikazes" is a realistic threat, you're just going to end up on his blog.

That poster (Me) isn't the guy with the POS. I don't know why anyone would willingly ice mine.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:44 No.36075753
Replies: >>36075886

I suddenly feel the urge to mine and see I can piss these guys off. Even with a Skiff though, I'm willing to bet two cats in a .5 system could take it down before CONCORD showed up.

Sadly, without a couple of logis hanging around for support, I don't quite see a way to successfully mine without sheer volume of miners.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:46 No.36075886
They scan their targets with scouts beforehand to see who has the weakest tank. They target Mackinaws and Retrievers primarily.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:48 No.36076034
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Sorry for my newbish ignorance but POS?

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:51 No.36076156
Ahh I see, thank you for answering my retarded question.

Well, maybe they'll piss off the wrong people.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:52 No.36076208
Replies: >>36076318 >>36076767
File: 1369036320258.png-(88 KB, 705x409, ass.png)
88 KB

It's an alliance, around 6 months old, quite a few members.
They even got a corp dedicated to creating suicide ganking ships.
Don't count on them running out anytime soon.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:54 No.36076318
Replies: >>36076365 >>36076424 >>36076568

All i see in that little desc is that the owner is a giant douchebag, king of douchebags probably.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)03:55 No.36076365
No, he is the leader of the league of douchbags, they are like the Illuminati putting kings into power and such.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)04:02 No.36076767
Replies: >>36076840 >>36076945 >>36077063 >>36077505

I think aggressive bumping is against the rules somewhat. I remember getting warned by a GM when I bumped a mission runner out of alignment until he popped before they implemented target switching in missions. If I could get in trouble for it over that, I don't see why it can't be extended to consistent bumping to prevent mining.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)04:03 No.36076840
Replies: >>36076945 >>36076981

I think I heard one of the morons say something about a rule clarification that meant that bumping was made totally legal by CCP.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)04:05 No.36076945
They are probably only letting it happen because they know it would take way too much to try to enforce it.

I doubt they are okay with it. Hopefully they are looking into other ways to stop it.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)04:06 No.36076981
It might be if you're doing it just to prevent someone from mining, but not if you're going to cause the destruction of their ship without getting CONCORDed. I mean, I know it's fine to bump someone's ship out of alignment in low/null sec so you can score a kill on something slow to align, so it's probably more on context.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)04:07 No.36077063
Replies: >>36077505

Someone just posted this in local as if they were in this thread...

>Bumping explained
>[linked above]
>bits considered harrassment and is reportable

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)04:16 No.36077505
What you got your wrist slapped for was avoiding concord, not the bumping itself.

It's only reportable if it's enough to show consistent harassment. Same as suicide ganking, or anything else that would be considered "griefing" in other MMOs.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)04:22 No.36077896
Replies: >>36077930

Currently sitting in Poinen, so far no sign of any life in the area.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)04:22 No.36077901
I need a good suicide gank fit.

I am going to make a toon to kill these new order fags as I encounter them. Money is not an issue but a fit under 20m will be nice as I can roll out loads of them to different systems ready.

Anonymous 05/20/13(Mon)04:23 No.36077930
That was my home system until the new order fags shown up.. I then left. (This was a week ago)

Now they are in my new system...


  1. Haha, 4chan, that great bastion of reasoned discourse and emotionally well-adjusted internet dwellers.

  2. The fact that you keep posting stuff like this in your blog proves that it is all about you and your ego.

    "Hey, everyone, look! I had a good idea and am using that idea just for my ego! LOOK 4CHAN is talking about me!!!"

    As an outsider, I love the idea that James had.
    However, it seems that his ego is what is now on display as he does nothing but argue and troll for blog material and collect money from donations while the Knights do all the actual work. When was James' last kill for the New Order?

    But, hey, what do I know.

    1. James gets a lot of kills, just that he's not on them. Kinda comes with flying the Invincible Stabber. I mean, how many tengus have you killed in a stabber with no gun?

    2. Uhh.... when you say it that way. I have an invincible stabber too.... and yeah, I am not on any of the kills either... I think I have one more than James does... but since... uh... I am not on the kills, it looks like I do nothing... but really I am.

    3. "it looks like I do nothing"

      Actually what it looks like is that you have an ellipsis fetish.

    4. To put a semi-philosophical spin on this, what I believe we are seeing is what is called a cult of personality. With James, and according to the Code, the Mittani are placed up above the rest of us through charisma.

      ---Alistair Drake

      Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

      P.S: This is my response to the OP

    5. Alright, James 315 has a gank alt; which he actively ganks with.. this isn't a seekret and people should know this by now. Following your logic about a web site that has blogs about what someone has done/achieved regardless of what it is (video games, irl stuff), then that would also mean that pretty much everyone has a big ego.

      It may look like James doesn't do much simply because his main character isn't tagged on the KM's, however, I assure you he is; whether with his gank alt, or more importantly(imo) doing ship replacement and helping out with logistics.

    6. Capt Starfox:

      What is his gank alt? Obviously if the OP doesn't know, and I and others that follow this site do not know, it is not know - what what is it?

      It seems that the reason he does not want James to be on any killmails is because he is afraid of any kill rights being active on him.
      At least most of you Agents have the balls to post and kill with the same characters and not hide behind alts.

      While I do not agree with the OP s/he does have a point. Isn't it always the case in the interwebs - proof or it didn't happen? No kill mails means ... he is doing nothing ... (<-- for other poster)

    7. @ Anon:

      No worries man and you're right some people don't know, his gank alt is Currin Trading


    8. James never hid his ganking alt, there are a lot of miner bumping posts where he explicitly says that Currin Trading is his ganking alt.

    9. > As an outsider, I love the idea that James had.

      What idea is that then? I hope you're not talking about miner bumping / ganking / miner permits as that was all done wayyyyy before James stole those ideas.

    10. @Capt Starfox
      Isn't Currin Trading the guy who stole all that isk from widows and orphans using a ponzi scheme. He doesn't seem too nice being a scammer and all that.

    11. What idea is that then?

      The idea is the Code; more generally, to assert sovereignty over highsec miners. It's the difference between being the tax man, and "just some bandits who occasionally rob people".

      I'd love to hear about previous attempts to do miner permits. Did these people tax New Order style, or just extort?

    12. "He doesn't seem too nice being a scammer and all that."

      If one is TOO nice, then one becomes a carebear. It's much better to be a little nice, and much more of other things. Basically you're just complimenting James in these comments, while attempting to do the opposite. I guess you're TOO nice.

    13. @Bobbins
      Can you create a widow or orphan character in EVE? Didn't know. By the way, EVE is very different from real life. The good players in EVE are the ones who create content by playing the game in original ways. In EVE scammers are a lot nicer and overall better than, for example, AFK miners or mission runners.

    14. 'Can you create a widow or orphan character in EVE?'
      Well there was this kid who didn't have any parents who spent her last few cents to play a game called Eve. Being poor and all that she wasn't too financially skilled and invested all her ingame currency in a scheme run by Currin Trading. The day after her husband died she discovered the scheme was a scam.
      There are you happy now!

    15. "Well there was this kid who didn't have any parents who spent her last few cents to play a game called Eve."

      Well, there's a major mistake right there. Kid needs financial management classes, not EVE.

    16. @Heywood Djiblomi
      If only his investors had played Eve :-

  3. Anyone who bitches about being ganked in high sec needs to harden the fuck up or play a different game. You wanna mine? Get involved with an industrial corp of a low or null sec alliance. Not fucking hard. You could mine in your corps HQ system in a lot more safety then high sec due to alliances' Intel channels. You wanna play solo? That's fine... but its an MMO and in this game people will shit in your cheerios for fun. (And the more ppl bitch, the more fun it is!)

  4. The fame of the New Order is spreading. I thought the poster who said this was close to the mark:

    "Their whole stated reason to exist is to try and force miners to do something other than hit F1 and go make a sandwich"

    I might use this in my post gank emails to non compliant miners.

    - Guybertini

  5. Ah /vg/. The carebear to the /v/'s null. Rest assured if this had of happened on /v/ it would of gotten image bombed out for being about a boring spreadsheet game with sprinklings of praise to James315 for being a giant dick.

  6. So many people get so butt hurt about nothing.. it's a video game first and foremost. Secondly, if you get bumped... you really should be ecstatic that you didn't get ganked. If you legitimately get angry over being bumped, seriously this game is not for you and you should strongly consider another video game. And in no way am I trying to be unsympathetic or sarcastic. If something so small, so minute raises your blood pressure enough that you splurge rage on forums, then you should not be playing, because wtf are you going to do when something bad actually happens? Hurt yourself/have an acute myocardial infarction (for all you pre-med kids out there, respect)?

    1. I agree, it is a game. I would love to see some of these people after losing a piece in chess!

      I am a miner and mine both ice and roids.
      I keep an eye on local all the time and always look out for NO Agents.

      But if I get caught or bumped, it will be part of the game -- I accept everything and anything up to podding every time I leave a station.

      It is just a game.


    2. Given the James fanboi rage that sometimes occurs in these comments when someone dares to disagree with "the savior", I have to agree with Starfox. It's a game, chill out people! James 315 is a role playing manifestation of some poor sap who wants to feel important. This happens all the time so just calm down my dears, mmmkay!

    3. If a New Order agent wants to waste peoples time bumping then let him. Bumping an afk doesn't seem very interactive to me but who cares I'm not there :)
      As for being ganker I'm soo scared. Please don't gank me brave New Order person.... Just kidding gank away the New Order is quite useless at it anyway.

    4. @Bobbins,
      high sec mining has never been so interactive, and you should thank the New Order for it. Did you write in blogs about high sec mining before the New Order? I bet you didn't.

      The greatest success of the NO is that it forces players to interact, including haters like you, and you can't do nothing about it. You keep reading, you keep commenting. It's the same principle of EVE itself: you can't avoid interaction.

      But you will not say thanks, because you don't wanto to see the bigger picture. However the NO is so good that it will keep creating content for you even if you keep being ungrateful.

    5. What is your view of TEST? Do you like them? Would your alliance build capitals for them?

    6. 'including haters like you'
      Do not confuse sympathy for hatred.

      'because you don't wanto to see the bigger picture.'
      Just remind me what exactly that is please?

      Anyway thanks for not disagreeing that bumping is a waste of time and that the New Order is bad at ganking.

    7. Bobbins, are you a wall? You quoted my post but your statements have nothing to do with what I wrote, and your question is answered in the post you quoted. I feel violated by your lack of logic/trolling.

    8. I no longer feel any sympathy towards you as I now hate you as you correctly stated.

      So there is no big picture then? You could just have said that.

      PS. Just kidding with the hate thing I just didn't want to disagree again.

  7. Did you consider the fact that in this post you are the OP?

  8. Haha yes! A lovecraftian post if ever there was one. I'm totally sensing the cosmic terror.


  9. "When you start lumping people together and classifying them as a group rather than an individual are you really any better then that individual who screams about 'Jews' and 'Fags'."


    "You are a truly bad human being."

    You are a truly bad writer.

  10. Yes it's very different: one classifies players in a computer game, the other one insults a person offending real people.

    To clarify:

    "gankers are better than afk miners" equals "Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu are better than random online poker lurkers".

    "you're a jew and a faggot" equals "I'm not only insulting human beings and not players, I consider an ethnicity insulting and I'm also homophobic"

  11. "Bluntly, if you're silly enough to think that "hiring kamikazes" is a realistic threat, you're just going to end up on his blog."

    This guy's power of prognostication is extraordinary!

  12. what
    who cares about fucking highsec miners, why don't you people go do something that's actually challenging, whenever I hear stories about you babbies fighting it over a fucking asteroid belt I cringe due to how ridiculously meaningless and pointless "fights" like that are
    come visit our wormhole and we can have some fun

    1. problem with the wormhole is that it's abandoned and so you have to ask people to come there. in hisec, there are people already there all the time. now when it comes to meaninglessness...this is a game, it's all meaningless bro. it can be a better game or a worse game, but it can't fix your life.

    2. @OP:

      As you outline, no one cares (or cared) about high sec miners. That situation had to end, for the good of EVE as a whole. We now have the New Order, people who truly care about high sec miners and commmit to save them.

    3. What is a "babbie"?

    4. "@OP:

      As you outline, no one cares (or cared) about high sec miners. That situation had to end, for the good of EVE as a whole. We now have the New Order, people who truly care about high sec miners and commmit to save them."

      LOL! What a load of bull. You take this game waaay to seriously.

    5. Anon above me takes everything he reads way too seriously.

  13. 'one classifies players in a computer game, the other one insults a person offending real people.'

    I suppose the thugs have to start somewhere after all the national socialism party start small too didn't they.

  14. I'm here to apologize on behalf of /eog/, it seems that the miners we sadly attracted have permanently integrated themselves into our general, please note that they're not our mates and are truly disgusting human beings, probably sociopaths too. I support James315 the saviour of hi-sec and his brave soldiers on their never ending fight against the pubbies.


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