Thursday, May 9, 2013

Questions Three for Mining Free

In the days before the New Order, most miners had no idea that they could be bumped out of mining range. These days, we're dealing with a much more educated public.

After removing Stephen Leibniz from an ice field in Osmon, he cited an obscure provision in the Code. I was impressed, because the provision in question is virtually never used.

Several people have invoked the Test of Wisdom to earn the right to a duel, but few know that it can also be used to earn a 24-hour mining pass.

Osmon local was transfixed by the upcoming contest, but some found it frustrating, because it meant miners were buying into "the system".

After successfully answering the first question, Stephen was feeling pretty good.

As usual, the second question was more challenging. Stephen took a stab at it. But had his luck run out?

Sadly, Stephen was off by a few. To this day, no one has succeeded in correctly answering the Questions Three.

Some miners have honour, even if they have not yet embraced the Code. Stephen conceded defeat and gracefully took his leave. A class act.

...And then there are the miners who lack honour. Markus Navarro, trembling, could barely spit out what he was trying to say.

The local rebels became divided. Some supported Markus' claim that 42 men have served as U.S. President; others encouraged their fellow miners not to buy into the Questions Three apparatus at all.

Markus and Dodger Leigh were totally confident. Space lawyer confident, even.

At last, the rebels had proof that the Saviour of Highsec can be wrong. And if the Saviour can be wrong, then perhaps his Invincible Stabber can be defeated?

Slowly, doubt began to creep in.

In the end, the rebels had to admit that they were wrong and I was right. The integrity of the Questions Three was upheld. Galdrak promoted the idea of blocking me, even though clearly he had not blocked me himself. This happens more often than you might think.

Now more than ever, a good education is important. Specifically, it's helpful for a miner to be able to answer random trivia questions I ask.

Here's to a happier, healthier, more enlightened highsec!


  1. How is the answer not 44?

    1. Grover Cleveland served as POTUS twice, but not in consecutive terms, so he is officially counted as 2 POTUSs. Mr Obama is POTUS #44, but only the 43rd person to have served.

    2. yep 22nd & 24th, true enough

  2. How is someone uneducated in geometry supposed to know the answer to the first question?

  3. It's not as much the answer, as it is the journey!

  4. "I will not mine out of respect, for the rest of the day"
    Those are some of the most profound words to come out of someone that ISNT James.
    If anyone else would be willing to throw in 1 mill, i would like to sponsor Stephen Leibniz's permit for a year when we have 10. provided he updates his profile accordingly, of course.
    respect is not given, it must be earned, and i got mucho respect for Stephen today.

  5. I paid for Stephen, confirmed by Bing Bangboom.

  6. Stephen Leibniz is a beacon of hope for highsec miners. Calm, educated, fun and classy. He won my heart.

  7. If James 315 conducted a census of his members by nation, and compared that aganst CCP subscriber stats, then we would an indicator as to whether America's proportion of assholes was different from the average.

  8. Maybe James 315 should modify the challenge and make it a bonus available question, if 3 questions are answered correctly by the miner (miners already got a free day mining period). Challenge the miner to answer the bonus question, to then win a mining permit for 1 year. But if the miner takes the challenge up and can't answer the bonus question then they buy a mining permit.

  9. Obviously you haven't interacted much with Russians on this game...

    1. What's your ingame name, if your Russian. Would be happy to interact. It's what eves about.

  10. I guess non-Americans will just have to do the right thing and buy a permit.

    This is an advantage for non-Americans.

    James315 is not doing Americans a favor by allowing them to mine even a day without a permit. He should ask American miners how much change they get when they use a crown to pay for a sixpence item.


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