Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shareholders Vote to Condemn Mine Teck

Several days ago, I initiated the long-awaited shareholder vote on the fate of Mine Teck. The voting period has now closed. Drumroll, please...


Should Mine Teck be treated as a member of the New Order family in good standing?

No -- 18,556 votes (80.8%)
Strawberry -- 4,301 votes (18.7%)
Yes -- 100 votes (00.4%)
Abstain -- 169 votes

The shareholders have decided: Mine Teck is out of compliance with the Code and is designated as KOS/BOS. (That's "Kill on Sight" and "Bump on Sight", in case you were wondering.)

Right from the beginning, the vote was between "no" and "strawberry". The votes came in fairly quickly on the voting thread on EVE-O, and I also received some by EVEmail. One shareholder, Alana Charen-Teng, does not currently have an active EVE subscription but still managed to cast her votes. As the shareholder vote thread filled up with nary a "yes" in sight, things looked bleak for Mine Teck. Incredibly, Mine Teck did little or nothing to court the shareholders and get out the vote of his supporters. If this was due to overconfidence on his part, he badly miscalculated the prevailing mood; shareholders were bristling with skepticism toward his cause.

In total, 22,957 votes were cast. If abstentions are included, voter turnout reached 27.7%, which is more than double the EVE community's turnout for the CSM8 election. At first, "strawberry" remained competitive with "no". But "strawberry" wilted in the face of the Big D bloc vote, consisting of Daltzi (8,000 shares) and Daniel Plain (5,000 shares), both of whom voted "no". Some heavy-hitters voted for "strawberry", including Mallak Azaria (1,500 shares) and R0me0 Charl1e (990 shares), but it wasn't enough.

Many shareholders split their vote between the "no" and "strawberry" options. Mine Teck's only hope was to capitalize on the split and rally the "yes" votes. Several owners of large numbers of shares did not vote, including mynnna (4,444 shares) and Gevlon Goblin (2,000 shares). Presumably they would have been open to overtures from Mine Teck. A heavy price was paid for not taking advantage of such opportunities.

Of course, all eyes were on Erotica 1, holder of 12,000 shares. Erotica 1 reported that she struck up a private convo and attempted to broker a last-minute deal with Mine Teck: If Mine Teck agreed to donate 2 billion or so, maybe she could help him turn things around. But according to Erotica 1, Mine Teck "went into a fit of rage". As Erotica 1 told me when she purchased the shares, she decided to allow me to act as her proxy the event of a vote. However, since the shareholder votes are for the shareholders, I declined to cast any votes. Nevertheless, even if all 12,000 votes were cast for either "yes" or "strawberry", the "no"s still would have prevailed.

Small Beer offered to vote "yes" if Mine Teck self-destructed a Skiff within 21¼ hours, but his votes defaulted to "strawberry" when Mine Teck failed to do so. Similarly, Bruce Bayne had some "yes" votes to deliver, but Mine Teck didn't meet his terms. Because Bruce didn't specify what would happen in such a case, his votes were categorized as "abstain". These cases are just more examples of missed opportunities for Mine Teck, who really needed to scramble for every vote.

virm pasuul, the other abstention, abstained by default because his vote was ambiguous. Manny Moons was the only clear-cut "yes" vote. He explained, "...we owe [Mine Teck] a debt of gratitude for his innovative PR campaign."

So there it is. In a moment I will post these results in the voting thread on EVE-O. A few hours ago, Mine Teck told me he was eager to learn the shareholder vote results, so I assume he'll be interested in them. However, he has blocked me off-and-on in the past, so I am not sure I will be able to deliver the message. If someone would like to contact Mine Teck and direct him to this thread and/or the EVE-O post, or to break the news (gently), feel free to do so.


  1. I find it hard to believe that Mine Teck went into a fit of rage during his conversation with Erotica 1. This would imply that there are periods of time when Mine Teck is not in a fit of rage.

    1. It's true, although one can categorize his behavior more specifically than that, if one is interested:
      Level 1. Quiet seething rage.
      Level 2. Raging, disbelieving, confusion.
      Level 3. Fit of rage.
      Level 4. Strawberry!

      There is no level zero. Level 5 is rumored but not yet observed.

    2. Maybe we should refer Mine Teck to the Space Therapist?

  2. He can run where he is highest when he picks STRAWBERRY!

  3. I loved the "gently" in the end. The Saviour is as resolute as he is kind.

  4. A quote from Erotica 1 in the Eve O thread
    "I did get a puzzling evemail from him stating that if the shareholder vote results in demanding he join the New Order he would do it. I didn't see that as a choice."

    Is it too late for us to explore this option? If miner Teck was to become an New Order agent and actively enforce the code amongst non-compliant miners I would forgive him all past transgressions and wellcome him warmly to the side of enlightenment.

    1. One cannot be forced into becoming an Agent - one must do it of his/her own accord, and motivated by his/her own convictions of what is right! Mine Teck would only be a false agent.

  5. Once again I find myself oppressed by the tyranny of the majority.

    I'm used to it. It's happened to me in every U.S. presidential election since 1988.

    1. ... you voted for Dukakis?

    2. that was a pretty damn funny reply right there!


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