Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rage of the Russian Renegade, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... I encountered a Code violator named Mirion Renegade in an asteroid belt, so I bumped him away. Feeling entitled to the ore despite lacking a mining permit, he flew into a rage. I was determined to bring him back to reality, kicking and screaming if necessary.

Just when I thought we were making progress, Renegade crept back into the asteroid belt and began mining again. No problem: Bumpers have infinite ammo.

Renegade struggled to communicate how he felt about the second round of bumping. I agree that I am like a torch in many ways--a shining light in the darkness. Though I'm not sure if we were on the same page with that comparison.

No organization in EVE has half the transparency of the New Order. One of the benefits of doing what we do out in the open: Our actions teach a lesson to the miners that we directly interact with, and provide demonstrations to local bystanders.

Just like that, another victory for the New Order. Multitasking.

Renegade called for a halt to the bumping as he presented me with some evidence.

According to the screenshot, Renegade only had 3.6 million isk in his wallet. However, I could see with my own eyes the Retriever he was flying. If he sold it, he would have 10 million isk for a mining permit, plus some money left over to buy shares in the New Order.

Renegade wouldn't listen. Trying to reign him in was like getting an unruly dog into a bath.

Renegade relapsed into his native tongue. Google Translate says: "tells me to sell retriever - and I have no more money bitch ninachto - he was paid and dick Susie - yes I'll break him fuck up bitch"

His cry for help attracted the attention of another Russian in local.
Eisen Thellere > and a dick you have to pay him? so otebal?
Mirion Renegade > yes it fucking obebos
Eisen Thellere > can simply wait at the station until the horseradish roll away?

As Renegade conspired with his fellow countryman, I found allies of my own.

So far, a stalemate. Renegade wasn't getting any of his Code-violating mining done, but he wasn't willing to serve the Code, either. The war of words was taking its toll on both sides. And I had a feeling our journey had only just begun.

To be continued...


  1. Hmm... one of my closest friends is Russian. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to get an authentic Russian translation of the Code!

    1. The journey of a million minersbegins with a single bump
      - Sun Tzu


  2. "Trying to reign him in was like getting an unruly dog into a bath."

    This was perfect, now I will imagine every raging miner that way.
    By the way, did Miron Renegade consider hat he couldd know, change system or region? He's like a robot that keeps bumping into a door without realizing he could use the knob...

  3. Do you really have to copy and paste this useless sentence in every post? Don't you have anything more important to do? Be thankful that James let you guys post on his blog.

  4. So uncouth !!

    - Guybertini

  5. i'm thankful for the laughs provided

  6. We're all thankful for those, but to be fair part of the merit goes to the raging miners

  7. I am so very entertained by this website. While many may not exactly agree with what you're doing, I certainly respect your right to do it. Should you or your agents manage to "catch" me mining in Hi-sec without the Permit as outlined in the Code, (which you will not, as I more enjoy the risks and rewards of low-sec mining.) I will congratulate any attempts made against my ship, successful or not. Should you, or one of your agents be friendly, polite, and persuasive, I may pay the permit fee, and with it I may ask if you have room for one more Agent. I have, on occasion showed up at your reported Headquarters of Kamio in my trusty SFI and bumped the obviously afk or botting miners away from their targets, however I have never been able to make contact with any of the New Order Agents. I have debated on whether or not to send you a message, however, as you tend to spend a lot of time on alts, and more than likely get an overwhelming amount of evemail, I fear my message may go unnoticed.

    1. The code states that becoming an agent is as simple as taking it upon yourself to enforce the code, so in bumping afk miners you have already taken your first steps.

    2. I encourage you to look on the New Order Logistics killboards, to find which characters are most active as gankers at the moment. You may try contacting them. I would also recommend Bing Bangboom or the Supreme Protector. I unfortunately cannot help you directly as I am unsubbed.

      Based on your attitude (accepting risk as an integral and fun part of this game), I believe you would make an exemplary Agent!

    3. Congratulations on your decision to become an Agent!

      I suggest using the the first 10m ISK fee you collect to pay James315 directly for your miner alt's own permit.

      Double win \o/

  8. I just wonder why single miners are always code-enforced. I have seen James 315 in Osmon VII Ice Field 1 several times over the past week and each time there have been single ice miners while there has been an obvious bot - an Orca and Obelisk stationary while 18+ Mackinaws circle them for hours at a time.

    Why are these never contacted in chat channels?
    Why are these never bumped?

    Is it that the NO Bumpers do not actually enforce the code when it might be too difficult? Or is it that the NO ignores these because they are actually bots run by the NO?

    1. Why don't you do it?

    2. It sounds like you should become an agent, and start bumping them.

      As an agent, you get to keep bumping fees collected to cover your own expenses.

      If bumping does not get the message through to them, you can request help from Knights in the minerbumping in game chat channel.

    3. Genuine botters don't give "tears" or rage in local and so don't give good content for the weblog.

    4. PSST is nothing to do with combating bots.

    5. is all about enforcing the Code of the New Order.

      Bots are not code compliant. Defiant miners are not code compliant. Miners that are alt-tabbed out and watching youtube are not compliant.

      Miners that are at the keyboard, respectful in local, have their 10m ISK paid, and the note of support in their bio are compliant.

      Anything else can and will be bumps or ganked. I hope this clears things up for the miner that posted at May 2 / 6:01PM.

    6. Agent Trask,

      Thanks for the responses. I have been thinking about becoming an agent, however I still have concerns. The website is filled with suicide ganking, code-enforcement, conversations, messages, etc... but these are all with "actual" players.

      The situation I pointed out is clearly a bot. That bot is clearly there every day. And Agents / James are in the system daily but nothing is done.

      If large bot groups like this are being ignored for easier targets, is that really code-enforcement? Shouldn't the code apply to every bot - not just selective players with bot-aspirant behaviors?

      It seems like players with the best interaction is who is enforced trying to get the 10 million fee, while 20 Bot ships are ignored.

      I am sure the N.O. taking out 18 Macs / Obelisk / Orca that are all bot would be better press than ganking a severely weaker opponent.

      (BTW: I made the original post here at May 2, 2013 at 1:24 PM)

    7. That's because... is nothing to do with combating bots.

    8. Audrik VillalonaMay 5, 2013 at 9:13 PM

      zero proof or evidence presented, thread does not deliver.

    9. Evidence is this website. How many threads are about miner tears? How many threads are about bots being reported to CCP (the only true way to have them removed from our game)?

      The only failure here is your cognitive ability Audrik. Your bias has blinded you to such an extent you can't see past your nose.

    10. Audrik VillalonaMay 6, 2013 at 6:31 AM

      1. Threads about reporting bots are much more boring than threads about miner tears. Only the funniest 1% of content makes it to the blog...reporting bots is never in that 1%. Deriving anything more from it than that is the only cognitive failure here.

      2. This blog gets most of its content from showing funny screenshots and then commenting on them amusingly. Showing screenshots of petitions would violate the EULA, would it not? How about you write that blog, and we'll see if you get banned? As a blind person, it would be difficult for me to write it, so it falls to you.

      3. Mocking my handicap of blindness is despicable, and you should be ashamed. You're one of those guys who steals blind people's wallets, takes the cash, and replaces them with pornography and joke cards that read "I'm not really blind, got you!",aren't you?

    11. 1. Hence is not about bots. It's not hard to understand. You even said it in your reply. It's about being "funny" about miners. Therefore (how many times do I have to say this...) is nothing to do with combating bots.

      2. Who said anything about showing screenshots of petitions? Oh you did. Yes what a retarded idea that would be. One wonders why anyone would ever think of such a retarded thing to do, yet you appear to have managed it. Should I congratulate you on your achievement? (seriously, I'm not sure if you are proud of your idiotic idea)

      3. Your blindness is down to your own stupidity and you deserve all that you get for being so idiotic. I don't feel sorry for people who purposefully maim themselves. Only an idiot would do that and there isn't much I can do to stop you doing it to yourself. Maybe your carers can do something?

    12. Audrik VillalonaMay 6, 2013 at 9:04 PM

      1. Incorrect. Things are not always, or not even usually, only about what they directly mention. It is quite common for the most important thing or point to be only mentioned indirectly. Either you don't know this, and this website, and EVE itself, is way over your head; or you do know this and you're trolling. Based on your next two replies, I'll go with trolling.

      2/10, would not read again, but not a complete failure.

    13. Audrik, you already know this website has practically nothing to do with bots. You've written to this effect above but you still deny it. You are the perfect definition of an idiot.

      Perhaps Audrik Villalona should be placed under dictionary entries for the word "idiot".

      0/10, dumb people will always remain dumb. Audrik Villalona is evidence of this.

  9. Well there's your problem, you're wearing your tinfoil shiney-side in, it's supposed to be shiney side out silly.


  10. I like the bit about horseradish. EvE doesn't have enough horseradish in my opinion. Or beetroot for that matter.

  11. War proceeds, bastards, and that that you do - deception of everyone, everyone who writes thanks for nothing!

  12. Which bastard miner do you mean? Be specific.


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