Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Mine Teck Negotiations, Part 7

Previously, on MinerBumping... After several weeks of negotiations, Mine Teck started to lose hope of making peace with the New Order.

He was continually frustrated by the fact that a New Order shareholder vote had yet to be initiated.

Each time I logged into the game, a new Mine Teck convo on the subject was inevitable.

Although they hadn't worked in the past, Mine Teck stuck to his hardball tactics: Threats to join the resistance and a bunch of arbitrary--but specific--deadlines.

Things were getting serious. If a deal wasn't reached within 3/7ths of a half-fortnight, a devastating suicide attack would be launched against the New Order. Obviously I couldn't let that happen.

I went into full Jack Bauer mode, trying to learn everything I could about the impending attack.

Jack Bauer makes it look easier than it actually is. I had barely narrowed down the threat matrix when Mine Teck decided to end the convo instead of giving me actionable intelligence. Just like that, my only lead was in the wind.

Within the hour, I received an EVEmail from Mine Teck. I'm not sure whether he's saying I need to pay him two billion isk, or that the resistance offered him two billion to join them and I needed to beat their offer. To be safe, I didn't do anything.

Several minutes later, Mine Teck threatened to send an EVEmail to everyone in the New Order, complaining about the lack of a shareholder vote. He made good on his threat; Agents all across highsec reported receiving this exact EVEmail.

Mine Teck's deadline passed, but thankfully, no suicide attack occurred.

Mine Teck's patience was gone. He wanted to hear something, anything, about progress on the promised shareholder vote.

I lightened the mood a bit with a bit of traditional New Order humor. We always win, so there's never any bad news.

I unveiled some extraordinarily good news, informing Mine Teck of the New Order's continued existence and all that it entailed for highsec's future.

As ever, Mine Teck was a dark cloud looming over the party. He refused to share my optimism and announced himself for the resistance. Classic Mine Teck.

With that, Mine Teck ended the convo.

Later, Mine Teck checked out MinerBumping again and was disappointed to see no word of the shareholder vote. It was the last I heard from Mine Teck. But the Saviour of Highsec always keeps his promises. A shareholder vote is imminent!


  1. What ever happened to Moonsong Miner? :(

    1. Sadly Moonsong left highsec for lowsec to get away from the New Order, and she had some promise from what I gathered. There is a blog post about it,

      it's here

      and here

      ---Alistair Drake

      Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

    2. Sadly Moonsong is seldom online thse days.

      I think lot of us AFK ice miners will be following suite when Odyssey goes live and the option to gently while away the hours in relatively stress free way, mining, is removed.

      For those that do stay its going to be interesing to see how this change reverberates around the game. I personally doubt that it will kill the game but it could knock it back a fair few years.

      I've not made my mind up yet but anyway thanks for all the fish.

      - Inspektor Cluseau

    3. Audrik VillalonaMay 3, 2013 at 7:50 PM

      After you and your fellow AFK miners quit the game, I'm going to pretend that the npcs near stations, 'traders', 'chafferers', etc, are you guys, and that you've switched to afk distro missions instead of afk mining. It will be the best of both worlds: from the immediate vantage point of the real players, you'll still be there, happily contributing nothing to the game; but you won't be damaging the economy with your unfairly gained products.

    4. AFK miners are one of the few categories of players in EVE that could be completely removed with no negative effects. Ore prices would increase, so ISK loving players would start mining to have that ISK.

      The PVE scene would improve a lot, as legit players who like harvesting would not have to suffer the competition of people who leave their ship auto-mining 23/7 while not actually playing the game, leading in time to more good PVE players joining the game. In fact the effects of AFK miners removal would be entirely positive, as it would hit hard the botters as well.

      CCP got it finally! I hope you will find the right game for you, a game where you're not required to play. I recommend Farmville.

    5. lmao @ audrik
      he thinks he's playing the game by attacking people who, in his own words, are contributing nothing to the game. So in essence, audrik is attacking nothing, which clearly does nothing to the game either. What a twat you are audrik.

    6. The only thing being contributed by said people bafta is extremely cheap ores. Hell, in the times I would mine, I was rather annoyed at how much I actually had to endure that mind-numbing activity to make any sort of decent profit of 1 million isk or more. Of course I don't mine anymore right now, nullsec ratting and all that, but I'm glad Odyssey is shaking things up.

      ---Alistair Drake

      Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

    7. @bafta you have it wrong, AFK miners are more than useless, they're damaging for other miners. Audrik is contributing by making ore more valuable for good miners.

    8. Well, they do make for very easy targets, their choice, their consequences for that choice. The only other thing needed is someone else who is opportunistic to shoot them.


    9. Ice is like oil in the real economy it powers everything and so goes into everything. If the price of ice goes up the rest of the economy suffers.

      Audrik is just a permit paying snivelling rat. I guess he is just bitter that with no balls he felt he had to pay. His combat record is nil. That's how much he contributes.

    10. Nope, if ice goes up in price than more people will mine it. AFK miners think they're needed because they mistakenly think the economy is static, while it's dynamic. It's not like no one can mine anymore if AFK mining goes away.

      A good econonmy needs competition, and what competition can a miner have if he can mine 23/7 with no effort or risk involved? Destroying AFK miners is good for miners and for the econonmy, it's not trolling, believe me.

    11. ^ how the hell did i typo "economy" the same way twice btw :( ?

  2. I vote AYE ... to whatever resolution you propose ...


    (Jeremiah Jeremiah)

  3. Mine Teck, if you're reading this let me tell you a secret. You'll need to sit comfortably while you read this.

    Are you ready?

    Sitting down?

    Beer to hand?

    Strawberries nearby?



    Let's go then.

    The votes were cast weeks ago. And the majority shareholder opinion is.....

    Are you sure you're ready?

    Is your blood still boiling?

    Need to get onto comms to talk it over?



    You still owe us 90 000 000 ISK you strawberry-loving muppet.

    - Random New Order Knight

  4. "Within the hour, I received an EVEmail from Mine Teck. I'm not sure whether he's saying I need to pay him two billion isk, or that the resistance offered him two billion to join them and I needed to beat their offer. To be safe, I didn't do anything."


  5. The "good news" moment is priceless, great post as always!

  6. Good to see the conclusion to such an epic saga, though for me part 6 was the highlight.

  7. "To be safe, I didn't do anything."

    i blew snot out of my nose trying to hold back the laugh. epic comment.

  8. LOL I have to say, this site is amazing, and I'm a miner (for the most part) And I have so much fun reading this site.
    (i just hope never show up on the kills of the week though lol) -inb4 famous last words

    1. Just follow the code and get a permit, you will be a happy and safe miner! If you're a fan of the blog why don't you get a permit and join the order? :)

    2. ^^ Do it, and then roll an alt to annoy your competition with

  9. "Hello, old friend"

    This really had me laughing, imagining the 50,000th convo request and James thinking "how can I fuck with this guy today?". This entire Mine Teck series has been brilliantly and very funny-ily done.



    1. Sorry CAPs was on.

    2. Just put in your bio the standard "i support james 315 and the new order" message and you will be safe. And stay at the keyboard of course.

    3. Yes there is a list. Of course there is a list. How many legitimate, modern governments do you know that don't keep track of their subjects. How could we so effectively rule all of highsec without a deep understanding of proper administration and record-keeping. The more pressing question is why you are not on that list yet?


      Agent Winchester Steele.
      New Order Department of Permits and Beauracracy.


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