Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kills of the Week

It's that time of the week again. Here's a look at some of the noteworthy suicide ganks conducted by Agents of the New Order during the week of April 28th @ 00:00 EVEtime through May 4th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

I really don't know what the deal is with Civilian Shield Boosters. Every carebear and his alt needs to have at least one of them fitted as a "tank". Wightpants IV decided it was a great idea to have a four of them. Agents Capt Starfox, Ziaeon, and Dante Lobos disagreed, and I think they won the argument.

Is structure tanking becoming a thing now? blerpsy went all-in on his structure tank strategy for his Retriever. Agents Galaxy Pig and Galaxy Chicken were unimpressed. Remember, folks, the only structure a highsec miner needs is the structure provided by the Code.

This week's juicy pod belongs to Lady Mordsith, though I suppose it would be more accurate to say it used to belong to her. Now it belongs to the vacuum of space. Fawn Tailor destroyed her billion isk pod after dispatching her Hulk, which came equipped with a tech II warp core stabilizer. A warp core stab does little good when you're AFK.

I had kind of a flashback when I reviewed those killmails. Lady Mordsith belonged to The Sword of Truth corporation. Where did I hear that from...?

Oh yes, the "New Order is plagiarism" guy. That takes me back!

Heru Samtron lost a very special pod. Apparently the Hardwiring - Poetque Pharmaceuticals 'Consul' PPA-O implant cannot be purchased anywhere. It's a collector's item that was removed from the market by CCP, because the implant is broken or something. Agent Selina Dyle isn't a CCP employee, but she did her part by removing the implant from the game, the fun way. Selina Dyle and Favea Kan stripped away Heru's Hulk first to make the magic happen.


  1. "Remember, folks, the only structure a highsec miner needs is the structure provided by the Code."

    I'm using this in the field.

    -Galaxy Pig

  2. Were the Ore Strip Miners mentioned before? If not, they need special attention :P

    - Robert Leheirault

  3. The Retriever with 2 RBIIs is kinda interesting. According to the item description, 25% bonus with no stacking penalty...if my math is correct at Mechanic V that would be an extra 1250 structure (1000 extra even at Mechanic 0), and with DCII's 60% hull resists, that's a fair amount of EHP. Of course, this assumes any of his defense modules were actually running lol. All in all, one of the better tanks I've seen in your killmails. That Mack with 4 civ shield boosters...seriously WTF?!?

  4. I'm a miner and support your cause. I believe in the code as a measure of combatting the evil of botters, afkers and other miscreant scum who dare make a mockery of EVE. EVE is meant to be played in an active way and not passively while you sit and masturbate to some video on PornHub.
    This is how I mine:

    Orca + miners - all miners manually run halfcycles to cope with stone-popping. Included in this workflow is the constant hauling by one character in an industrial and/or all miners warping back and forth between station and belt/bookmarks. Never a dull moment and never AFK. The prupose is to bring ore/minerals or manufactured goods to market in order to feed the machines of war and as a consequence to feed my alt which is a PVP account (and excellent at dying many times over).

    Anywho: sorry about the tl;dr.

    //A Miner

    1. Oh look. Anonymous is pretending to be a miner. How quaint!

      I'm a ganker and I fully support the right of people to press some buttons and go afk. Just like, say, station traders or those who love a bit of Planetary Interaction. I must also include SOME miners in this group, otherwise that would make me a hypocrite. Go forth people and play the game however you wish for I will not dictate to you how you must play the game, for that would make me a complete c*nt!

      //A Ganker

    2. Oh look. Anonymous is pretending to be a ganker!!

      Why don't we just assume that persons honestly write what they believe in like you just did? Please.

      BTW, traders are another question. We're talking about being AFK when in a ship in space, that's the difference. You can stay AFK how much you want when you're docked.

      Also, I think you have the right to stay AFK in space. But then you have to accept that you can't have safety: other players can and will gank you. The problem is that AFK miners think it's wrong to gank them, even if they're not there to defend themselves. They want the game to give them undeserved perfect safety. That's what the New Order is fighting. It's simple.

    3. "Why don't we just assume that persons honestly write what they believe in like you just did? Please."

      One simply doesn't wander into and believe what people say. Witness those who say they are not miners. HAHA! Of course they are! That's the standard reply here anyway. Anyone who doesn't swallow every word that James says must be a miner apparently. Yeah I know, sad isn't it, that people have to take such a narrow view of things. But i get the feeling the average IQ here is just a touch below the norm.

      "The problem is that AFK miners think it's wrong to gank them"

      No. I'm an afk miner and it's fine if you gank me when I'm afk. I live in Olbra I Pator station for the gobby gankers who were going to reply asking where I am because they think they're big and tough by asking that (and there are many!).

      "They want the game to give them undeserved perfect safety."

      Are you God? CCP ultimately decides who "deserves" "perfect" safety. I personally don't think anyone should be perfectly safe. Including those who never leave station.

      Gankers all tend to generalize what afk miners think and want. Which would be fine if they were adult enough to have the same thrown back at them. But the ganker tears flow when someone does this back to them. Such hypocrites.

    4. You're not God either but you agree with me that perfect safety is not right, we're entitled to have opinions even without being in CCP.

      I'm not talking of EVERY miner, many miners buy permits and are happy with the New Order. Many others don't scream and understand that the sandbox is what it is also because the New Order can do what it does.

      But AFK miners who hate the New Order say they don't have the right to play the way they do. They argue that High Sec should be safe by design and that ganking there is griefing. They say New Order players are sociopaths and storm CCP with petitions. Why do you think they do it? Are you denying those miners exist? they're the most vocal and they influence CCP so we talk about them.

  5. Hello Again.

    "A Miner" here. I was actually being honest about how I play the game (when mining), sure some people do go AFK. Their choice. Not mine. Having played this game on and off for the past 10 years there is only one truth regardless of profession - there is no such thing as safe space. To claim or for that matter expect something like 100% safe space is both naive and utterly stupid. The game is player-determined since every action has a reaction (not always being opposite or equal to say the least but those are the breaks).
    In all fairness I hope that New Order Knights and Acolytes alike take care to observe their prey in question before hap-hazardly ganking a non-botter/non-afker. If they can't illicit an appropriate response from said individual then by all means gank-away. The fewer of these a-holes the merrier. I know you so desperately want the tears of aforementioned individuals but take care to choose your targets wisely.


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