Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Double Life, Part 1

Erotica 1 has made quite a name for herself. Over the last year, she became Jita's most celebrated isk-doubler and the New Order's biggest shareholder. Then she went into retirement.

...and then she came back from retirement. It's only fitting that a doubler would come back for a second time. And yet, in the seedy world of Jita, controversy and rumors flow as easily as the isk. Some have questioned Erotica 1's integrity and decorum. Since she is the CEO of a CODEdot corporation, an investigation was in order.

Highsec miner yoda knows had an alt ganked by an Agent of the New Order. As recounted in a previous MinerBumping post, yoda was invited to Erotica 1's bonus room and won big. But what really went on in the smoke-filled bonus room? How are highsec residents convinced to hand over all of their EVE possessions to Erotica 1? And what happened to yoda afterward?

In the interest of transparency, and to ensure that nothing untoward was going on in the bonus room (known as the "Glory Hole"), I delved into records that had been made about the yoda incident and sent to me by an observer of the bonus room. For the first time (well, not the first time, but roll with me on this), MinerBumping will take you behind the scenes to discover the secrets of Erotica 1's notorious bonus room.

It began at approximately 01:50 EVEtime. Thanks to the time-stamping of the screencapper's chat, we can track the progress of this bonus room event.

Roughly half an hour into the event, yoda knows had given away full API access to her account. But she resisted Erotica 1's appeal to transfer all of her assets, as is required in any isk-doubling bonus round.

yoda did not yet have faith in Erotica 1. She was having second thoughts about the whole thing. How could Erotica 1 persuade her to give away her stuff? Rebels and skeptics would say that the bonus round participants are "bullied". We shall see.

The source of yoda's reluctance was pinpointed. She was still suffering from shock after an Agent--apparently Bing Bangboom--destroyed her mining vessel.

Erotica 1's decision months ago to purchase 24 billion isk worth of shares of New Order stock was a generous one. It also benefited her, because it gave her immense credibility in the highsec community.

yoda was impressed by Erotica 1's shareholder status, but was still unconvinced. Pharoma jumped into the conversation with a different tactic. As someone who had lost a mining ship of her own, she could establish a rapport with yoda.

Along those lines, George H Wilson came up with an analogy that just couldn't be denied.

yoda was beginning to be won over by the logic. Maybe it did make sense to give the doubler her due.

Forty minutes later, yoda had gone through and contracted all of her assets (including the mining ship) to the polite escrow agents who volunteered to facilitate the bonus round.

Giving up her assets was only the beginning. Erotica 1 and the rest of the bonus room staff were eager to help yoda fully understand and embrace the Code. What methods would they use? And would they succceed?

To be continued...


  1. BeBopAReBop RhubarbPieNovember 26, 2013 at 10:07 PM

    This should be good, I've been wanting more transparency in the bonus room process for awhile.

  2. James / Ero should sell tickets to watch the bonus room as a live event - for the good of all hi-sec and to fund the enforcement of the code.

  3. I'm excited to see this post. As a escrow agent I love the truth of the bonus room to come to light here. Erotic 1 is the most honest ISK doubler ever to play EVE. To say other wise should be against the CODE.


  4. As Goonswarm themselves have shown (and recent attempt at forum revenge demonstrate) the Erotica1 alt in particular stepped way across the line of what most people consider acceptable behaviour in a game.

    The bonus room does little more than take advantage of vulnerable personalities and mocks them in real life for the express fun of those involved in running the bonus room.

    Goonswarm were right to run Erotica's main out of the Alliance and for that to happen in Goonswarm shows how far across the line Erotica stepped.

    Miner bumping is fun and plays on what happens in game only. James should just retire the Erotica1 alt all together and not use it a anymore.

    Posting IRL pictures of the victims of the bonus room scam on the internet without due consideration of the potential IRL consequences for these people is way beyond what should be done in a game.

    Not seeing that as unacceptable behaviour and continuing to associate with such behaviour raises some significant questions about the judgment of the player Behind Ero and James.

    While Ero continues to be used and promoted on this site, the whole CODE. community will be associated with that poor judgment and is not worth following or supporting.

    Unfortunately, while I previously supported the in game actions and play in the name of the new order, I hope it all just dies and quick death so that further irresponsible acts with potential IRL consequences cannot occur.

    1. News is broken, breaking news:November 27, 2013 at 12:23 AM

      Breaking news: Peter Stacey is also James's alt.

    2. Agreed. In game consequences are one thing and "just a game." Messing with people's real lives, even gullible and stupid people, crosses the line.

    3. Peter: Erotica 1 isn't my alt, so any advice about her retirement plans would need to be directed to her "main in Goonswarm", which you referenced in your comment.

    4. I check the evemail more on my main, which is Erotica 1. While I always find it funny, James 315 is not my main. He's a much better writer.

    5. are we talking about the pictures that Goons thought were so terrible that they took it upon themselves to mail them to all of us on the forums that had replied in those threads? If Erotica is banned for sharing pics some girl vollunteered without prompting, then all of the goons involved should be banned as well.

    6. Where can I view this notorious photo album of gullible internet spaceship pilots?

    7. View, peruse, examine, inspect, evaluate, lay eyes upon, have a gander at, catch a glimpse of

    8. Isn't blackmailing someone's IRL details out of them an EULA breach?

    9. Some people just throw words around. Might as well call the New Order a ponzi or pyramid scheme- words that are meant to be accusatory but used in the wrong context. However if you really believe what you are saying, you'd probably flip positions in a heartbeat if you knew more.

  5. Once again you seem tobe of the Darious Johnson type Peter Stacey both you make me sick. I know alot of scams that went down that belittled and insulted players in RL. That members of GSF we're apart of and we're those people called out NO they we're not and have not. Your witch hunt of Ero 1 just shows how much of a two faced scum bag you are. The pics we're made of they're own free will and had there faces blocked so no one could identify them. Out of almost ten years in this game i've never ever got mad at people in this game in RL. But Mr exCCP "I think I am important in EVE" you need check yourself. It's a internet GAME. Not your own moral sounding board. Have I said it's just a game.

    1. Goons recently called the wis on the telephone to tell him his sister was dying in the hospital so they could gank him while livestreaming. I guess that's different and aok...

    2. There is no need for anyone to carry things from game into RL, no matter who they are.

      It's easy to be an anonymous poster and criticise, but how about you post with you IRL name and stick up for that sort of behaviour.

      Whether it goons, Ero, or anyone else, IRL consequences of a game are ridiculous.

      What happens is game - anything goes. It's a good escape and opportunity to do things few of us would ever think of doing IRL. However they are just internet pixels with no consequences other than some silly miner needs to burn some more rocks to be able to afford to replace the ship that was just blown up and they should expect their next one to be blown up as well.

      But posting IRL pictures of players, having them smear themselves with mayonaise, making an alt to scam Christmas; these are beyond what many people feel are appropriate behaviour on the internet (actually the christmas gift scam is only in game, so no problem really).

      I'm not suggesting that any of the current victims of the bonus rooms have had RL consequences. However, when this type of thing starts it continues to build and eventually there could be RL consequences for someone. The lack of moral judgment on crossover from game to RL is the disturbing thing - no matter who it is.

      So you can be sick of me all you like. At least have the guts to post your real name so we can all know who it is.

      I'm not a member of the goons, nor party to their scams. This post on minerbumping isn't about a goon scam, it's about a bonus room run by Eoritca1. That's all and that's the focus of my comment. Ero's main (or alt, whichever) that was a member of the goons (or an associated Corp) was kicked out by them because of this. That's the only reason they were mentioned in my original comment.

      @James: Good to know. Everyone is constantly accused of being your alt and Ero has been associated with you a number of times in game. I enjoy your writing style and what you have been doing, but this association with the bonus room devalues your activities.

    3. Peter Stacey, very well-written and thoughtful post.

    4. I'm not impressed by your long-winded prose.

    5. @Not Anonymous

      That's ok. I wasn't trying to impress you.

    6. In my professional judgement as a Space Psychologist, I deem that Peter Stacey's goal here is, indeed, to impress you.

    7. Peter Stacey: "But posting IRL pictures of players, having them smear themselves with mayonaise,"

      You're saying that Ero1 broke into someone's house IRL, and forced them (under threat of harm?) to smear themselves with condiments? That's a hell of an accusation...

      -Zazz (Real Online Name)

    8. Interesting that you should say that Peter. Considering Goons made it very public the witch hunt they intended for Erotica, including cyber attacking him "IRL," which you seem to be soooooooooooo hung up on.

      To my knowledge of the Bonus Room, there has never been any coercion of any kind, and those involved with said activity are always very polite and courteous to any client who wins. Of course, my information is second-hand, but I believe it to be true.

      I think the real problem is that Goons are just generally becoming irrelevant. Becoming exactly what they sought to destroy when coming into the game has made them complacent and not give a fuck. To the point where they sit smugly atop their tower of hubris, and think that a community KNOWN for it's general asshattery (Something Awful), can simply cast judgement, when I am almost positive half of them have done far worse.

      So I guess people like James and Erotica can either sit and wait until "Burn Jita 3: Grossly Irrelevant," or they can create content within a game where the weak-willed and ignorant are MEANT to be preyed upon.

      I vote the latter.

    9. @Anonymous 5:12PM
      "or they can create content within a game..." I have no problem with. The gameplay that minerbumping has created in game I have enjoyed for as long as I have known about the Code and particularly this site, as the writing is very entertaining.

      It's the flow from game to RL that crosses a boundary where it shouldn't because there are people who are very gullible, naive, trusting, vulnerable, young, etc. that aren't always in a position to make the best decision for themselves, especially where the full content of the bonus round is not known up front.

      That doesn't absolve them of responsibility for the decisions they make, but where there is a potential for crossover from a game to RL (including for future vitctims of the bonus room), then the adults that run the bonus round should realise the potential RL harm that can occur and should chose not to create the situation in the first place.

      Someone who is a victim of the bonus round is responsible for what they do, but so are the people who scam them into it. Where everything stays in game that is no problem. It's just internet pixels.

      But where it results in photographs posted to a forum, that are then stupidly sent around EVE-O, that should never occur (including from the Goons). If the goons never had access to those photographs in the first place, they could never have been distributed more widely. That's my point. Where RL effects could occur at some point in the future, adults need to make better decisions to begin with, especially the ones in control of the bonus room.

      If you read any of that in my posts, please quote me because I can't seem to find it.

      If what you are saying is the victims of the bonus room made the decision themselves to do it, then I absolutely agree. They did and are responsible for that decision.

      However if at some point in the future, a bonus room victim suffers a RL consequence of it, that may be something they never originally considered. Those that run the bonus room also have a responsibility for the"faith" put in them by the victim.

      Where it all stays in game, no problem. Singing on TS, etc. no problem. It's the other stuff that is a problem and there is no need for it. It's not part of the game and has been made up out of game by the player behind Erotica 1. It all seems like harmless fun, until it isn't and someone is affected by it. Then it's too late.

    10. Mr. Stacey,

      I did quote you, 5th paragraph of your 3:22 comment (right before you complained that E1 "had made an alt to scam Christmas"- not sure how one scams a holiday but that is neither here nor there).

      A hypothetical for you- what if an unbalanced person decides to hurt themselves because they lost a war, or lost a ship, or another "in game" event? If someone decides to cause themselves harm because of something that happens in a :video game:, is that truly the fault of the other players?

      If someone EVER feels like hurting themselves because of what happens in a game, they should stop playing and biomass the character. No, I'm not being factious. No game is worth your life or mental well being. And honestly, if a person's mental state is that fragile, why would they even join a game who's ad campaign was "be the villain". A game where scamming and piracy and generally evil behavior is accepted as part of the game.

      I've never been in the bonus room, but from everything I've seen, the players in there are treated with respect and are not threatened or coerced.

      To blame E1 or anyone else for another player's actions is ignoring the fact that the player put themselves in that position. They decided to contract their possessions away, they decided to get on TS or take photos of themselves or undock and get podded over and over.

      I shall end this with one more of your quotes "If what you are saying is the victims of the bonus room made the decision themselves to do it, then I absolutely agree. They did and are responsible for that decision."

      Again- "they are responsible for that decision." I couldn't agree more.


  6. Make sure to post Anonymously don't want anybody to get banned or burned at the stake.

  7. SPOILER, don't read below this line if you like the suspense!


    He loses all of his stuff.

    1. SPOLIER SPOILER - Another anonymous person makes a post, but they dont have any idea what theyre actually talking about.


    3. Spoiler: The ship hits an iceberg and sinks. Leo DiCaprio dies, it's very sad.

  8. I can't wait to see this story unfold. What happens to Yoda next? I have to know!


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