Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kills of the Week

In the mood for some exotic carebear fare? You've come to the right post. The bot-aspirants of highsec served up some tasty killmails during the week of November 10th @ 00:00 EVEtime through November 16th @ 23:59 EVEtime. Bon app├ętit!

The oceans weighed a little less after this week's Orca slaughter. The finest fish belonged to 5chachtscheisser, who managed to lose a 974 million isk Orca. He had an afterburner fitted, but there's no running from the law. Agents Capt Starfox, Luck Of-The-Irish, Agent 057, Chocolate Digestive, loyalanon, Minsebstor, Sophia Soprano, and Konrad Gulheru saw to that. They also followed up by stomping his 2.3 billion isk pod. An expensive bit of illegal mining indeed!

xxWhiskyxx thought he was entitled to fly a blinged out Golem in highsec without my prior approval. He was wrong. The verdict was rendered by Agents Luck Of-The-Irish, Capt Starfox, D400, Agent 057, loyalanon (scouting), Chaos rises, Cholo Dejesus, Sophia Soprano, James Haythem and Tiberius Inkunen (scouting). New Order permits may not be as flashy as a faction shield mod, but they have the advantage of being legit.

When Grondsson's Tengu was reported sitting AFK at a stargate, the New Order went to high alert and rolled into action. Agents BlinkyThing, Konrad Gulheru, Agent 057, loyalanon, unknown boat, Iorin, Cholo Dejesus, and Victor Von Vyvorant reported to the scene of the crime and served up a heaping pile of justice.

In case you hadn't noticed, the theme of this week's Kills of the Week post is teamwork. The New Order just kept on finding bot-aspirants who needed a whole gang of Agents to take down. Anvil Forger was another such bot-aspirant. Anvil's 1.2 billion isk Vindicator called for a fleet of Knights to vindicate the Code. Agents captain sparro, Matsudaira Takuma, loyalanon, Hiroshi Yakasuki, merrizon, chenshar, Peckols, Sophia Soprano, Capt Starfox, Cadica Do'Urden, PanzarPanda, D400, and Victor Von Vyvorant brought the hammer down on Anvil Forger.

Evenglen wasn't very provident when she went AFK in her billion isk Providence. Most people would assume total safety if their freighter is empty. After all, no one can make a profit by looting it. But the New Order isn't motivated by isk greed. They do what's right, no matter the cost. The Agents who stepped up for this kill were Capt Starfox, captain sparro, xxBLACK SKULLxx 929, Cadica Do'Urden, Hiroshi Yakasuki, Eranicus II, D400, PanzarPanda, AdiDasler, loyalanon, chenshar, (*takes deep breath*) Victor Von Vyvorant, Bob StarSeeker, greg215, Matt18001, LoneWolf 1, merrizon, Sophia Soprano, Matsudaira Takuma, and Cholo Dejesus.

...Of course, if a bot-aspirant happens to be carrying a billion and a half isk worth of contraband, so much the better. You see that Procurer in Menthab Atreides' cargo? Pretty sure he didn't have a permit for it. It was a costly oversight. According to Agent loyalanon's report, Menthab was AFK until they started bumping him. He was told to spend 10 million isk on a permit, but he refused. Why would he want to spend 10 million isk to protect his 2.5 billion isk freighter, right? So our Knights had no choice but to kill him. Our heroes sent in three waves of suicide attacks until the Obelisk finally went kablooey. Honours go to Agents Agent 057, Capt Starfox, Matsudaira Takuma, Sophia Soprano, Edier Abre-Kai, merrizon, Cadica Do'Urden, captain sparro, loyalanon, and chenshar. Rebel Slania Auduin accidentally got on the killmail when she used an ECM burst in a failed effort to stop the gank. Next time bring a Catalyst and get on the killmail properly!

These two weren't the only notable freighter kills that happened this week. But that's a story for another day. Stay tuned!

The denialists of New Eden think that Agent D400 sets up all of those billions of isk worth of kills he gets each week. Not so. The carebears set 'em up, and D400 knocks 'em down. Case in point, Striker 503's more than 3 billion isk pod. It was filled with Slave implants. Striker 503 is a slave to isk greed. D400 is a slave of duty. Pop pop!


  1. I wonder that only 2 ships had something to do with mining (Orca was obvious and Obelisk transported unlicenced mining ship). Rest of those kills looks like missioners or pilots who were simply afk and valuable gank targets. Since when piloting a mara in hisec requires approval, or going afk in non-mining ship is bot-aspirant behavior? There is no mention of missioners in the code and only afk mining is prohibited. In fact, third paragraph states that the code applies only to miners. I think it might be better to say that those pilots were guilty of piloting overpriced, insufficiently tanked ships, and not justify those kills with "supposed bot-aspirant behavior" without appropriately updating this definition in the code. Not that they did not deserve ganking - they did, especially that fail-fit Vindicator.

    1. you actually answered your own question.
      the code is a guideline. just as the law it is interpretable (thats why that nasty lawyers exist :P )
      it always comes down to the enforcment of the code.
      and that plots are the knights and agents of the new order.
      and so far they have never failed to enforce the code.

      also reminding players that they are not playing the regular "gm please hold my hand mmorpg" is always the right thing to do.

    2. thank you for the kind words anonymous. i am curious in which third paragraph you find that the Code applies ONLY to miners.
      i see in the 3rd paragraph that the Code applies TO ALL miners, but i cannot find an instance where it applies to miners ONLY.
      afking/autopiloting in a in a 2B+ ship falls well within "bot aspirant"
      and he can chalk up a total loss of 2.3B for not being around to warp his pod off.

    3. 4.3* omg /me goes to bed.


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