Monday, November 4, 2013

Beware the Industrial Alt

Agent xxBLACK SKULLxx 929, CEO of the NEW ORDER DEATH DEALERS corp, is one of the reasons the New Order enjoys the reputation it has today.
Gorechild Lucifer > wheres fuck CODE now
Gorechild Lucifer > fucking gankers
Gorechild Lucifer > more like pussies
Gorechild Lucifer > ooh look xxBLACK SKULLxx 929, the CEO is here...
Agents of the New Order are celebrities in highsec. Depending on whether or not a miner has accepted the Code yet, an Agent is immediately the most loved and respected--or feared--individual in local.
Gorechild Lucifer > you cunts need to gtfo
xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 > lol we live here brah
Gorechild Lucifer > you can still fuck of
xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 > you mean fuck off?
Gorechild Lucifer > go take your ganking shit else where
Gorechild Lucifer > suck ma balls fagot
BLACK SKULL decided to engage Gorechild in a private convo to see what was the matter. From his dialect, he could tell that Gorechild was a rebel miner.
xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 > yea were here to stay and have been most of this year so get over it
Gorechild Lucifer > you need to leave fucking miners alone dude
Gorechild Lucifer > you need to calm your shit
xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 > stop us.....
Gorechild Lucifer > and put it some where else
xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 > how about you man up and play EVE and not be a little kid and stop us
Gorechild Lucifer > i got contacts man, they will fuck you up
Gorechild issued a dire warning: He had powerful friends in nullsec. Naturally. All powerful nullsec players have friends mining in highsec. It was only a matter of time before Gorechild's friends were redeployed to put a stop to this "New Order" business.
xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 > i get paid to enforce the CODE
Gorechild Lucifer > you and your crew are some fucked up shit
Gorechild Lucifer > your CODE is bullshit too
xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 > D400 this guy is MAD
Gorechild Lucifer > oh ho look
Gorechild Lucifer > another fagot
Agent D400 was invited to join the convo as a witness to Gorechild's depravity. The miner had gone rock-mad, a symptom of spending too many hours in the asteroid belts. As is his custom, D400 watched silently. He usually doesn't talk to people until after he's killed them.
Gorechild Lucifer > man this is an alt dude
Gorechild Lucifer > industy
Gorechild Lucifer > ma main will fuck you up
Gorechild Lucifer > but even this acc will fuck you up
Gorechild Lucifer > dont need no PVP skills
...The other shoe dropped. Gorechild Lucifer was just a peaceful industrial alt, as you'd expect from his name. But Gorechild's main was a mortal threat. Gorechild was his own powerful nullsec friend!
Gorechild Lucifer > you guys counldnt gank a velator
Gorechild Lucifer > your a waste of fucking shit man
xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 > really i guess you haven't seen our KB
xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 > Kill: o'mygod (Capsule) i guess this isn't PVP ??
When Gorechild questioned the elite PvP credentials of our heroes, the argument was over. No one does more elite PvP than a Code-inspired ganker.

The kill linked by BLACK SKULL (as featured in a Kills of the Week post!) was proof enough: An extraordinary 2.5 billion isk solo kill! The average nullsec fleet battle, divided by the number of its participants, results in perhaps 100 million isk of damage inflicted. In a single deadly salvo, D400 had won the equivalent of 25 battles! And he only lost a meta-fit Thrasher in the process. Even an almighty industrial alt like Gorechild Lucifer couldn't scoff at that.
Gorechild Lucifer > no, lucky gank
xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 > i see
Gorechild Lucifer > well you guys are full of bullshit so good fucking day
Having reviewed the contents of the killmail, Gorechild got spooked and abruptly ended the convo. Local went silent. But not the kind of empty, bot-aspirant silence you'd find in highsec before the advent of the New Order. It was a respectful, solemn silence, the kind you hear when someone stops talking to give you a tip of the hat. Game, set, match.


  1. Elite PvP is a myth. There are some you respect for their combat ability and some you don't. Highsec gankers are decent at what they do but I wouldn't choose to have a ganker by side in any fleet or small gang engagement, nor would I raise an eyebrow at the sight of them on grid in highsec, lowsec, null, or wormhole space.

    1. So any pilot you respect, after they did one gank in highsec, you would no longer respect? I used to respect you, until you posted Anonymously here.

  2. Getting short of material?

    1. Well, he can't very well write about BILL, the doubtful commenter.

  3. I just want to go on the record here and say that certain hisec miners do indeed have powerful friends in nullsec. I like to think of myself as powerful, and I certainly consider all miners that I sell permits to my close, personal friends.

  4. Rock-madness. Huh, has a nice ring to it.

    It's disappointing how immature miners tend to be, though. Even if you convince them to buy a license, are they really reforming? No, all they're doing is bribing the New Order to let them continue mining the same as ever; you're not removing the cancer, you're just encouraging it.

    Instead of having carebears pay for permits, they should be required to go out and gank another miner to earn their rights. That's the only way to ensure that the New Order isn't populated by these dirty funds from rock-grinding.

    1. yes it IS disappointing.
      but no, purchase of a mining permit is NOT carte blanc to continue to be noncompliant. many former and current permit holders will attest to the fact that they did relapse, and were swiftly and completely reprimanded. we NEVER give up on our miners, we WANT to see them succeed, become profitable, and show that compliance will always be the best course.
      and just in case you somehow still havent come across the numerous stories of miners who have become Agents and Knights, our success is based on doing whatever is required in all situations

    2. Avris T there's many miners that will not gank, I am one of those miner that will not gank. But don't for 1 minute think that I would put up with bots mining. If I know someone's mining with bots, I'll inform the new order. In return for the service they give REAL LIFE players, I am happy with my toons to donate, ships, isks etc.

    3. So, Doubting, you think that wanting more of highsec to take part in the correction of the non-compliant is shooting shit? I get the feeling that you're a miner, because your grasp of the "basic facts" that you reference is delusional at best.

    4. "So, Doubting, you think that wanting more of highsec to take part in the correction of the non-compliant is shooting shit?"

      No, I'm not talking about your 'wants', I'm talking about your posts. You can tell because I used the word "posted", not "wanted".

      "I get the feeling that you're a miner, because your grasp of the "basic facts" that you reference is delusional at best."

      I'm a miner IRL, I own 4 diamond mines and 3 Oil Derricks. What of it?

  5. I appreciate the article, but tbh, xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 sounds kind of immature. Taunting miners over killboard stats is just.....stupid. It's far more satisfying to see an agent keep their cool than see one lord it over local.

    This kind of arrogance is exactly the kind of disrespectful attitude people think the new order has.

    1. Did you even read the article? None of that happened. Lay off the crack, homie.

    2. It's funny because the "I'm so perfect I'm so good at EVE you're trash because you aren't new order I own high sec so you are beneath me" bullshit is quite disrespectful coming from bottom of the barrel players like the Code

  6. Coming for you, blackskull. Blue, the traitor.

  7. Wow, you killed a capsule? Something that can't shoot back, has no shields or armor, and only advantage is aligning quick? That's what you helots call "Elite PVP"? That's not even PVP that's just killing a freaking pod. You guys really suck at EVE don't you?

  8. But Gorechild's main was a mortal threat. Gorechild was his own powerful nullsec friend!industrial polished concrete


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