Wednesday, November 6, 2013

James 315 Sends His Regards, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Rebel miner Menja Long and her alt, Kasmire Long, became increasingly angry with Agent Zazz Razzamatazz, who only wanted them to follow the Code.

A slip by Menja led Zazz to discover the existence of a POS owned by Menja's corp, The Shadow Continuum.
Gernot Antollare > Kasmire Long o/
Kasmire Long > you are in a war?
Trank Arnolles > just got decced today
Gernot Antollare > we'll be tomorrow unfortunately
Kasmire Long > oh hell I am in 6 wars now and they keep running away and hinding
Meanwhile, Menja had the audacity to declare war against Zazz's one-man corporation. Other Agents of the New Order were intrigued, and offered to hop into the wardec as allies. As Kasmire Long bemoaned her lack of enemies, the Order was planning to strike.

BLAP! Zazz Razzamatazz joined a fleet with fellow Agents Malcolm Shinhwa, Odin Koraka, and Liam Inkuras and destroyed Kasmire's Augoror.

DOUBLE BLAP! With the Augoror out of the way, Menja's Apocalypse was doomed, as well. The loss of these vessels sent a shudder down the spine of Menja's corporation, including corp member SPENSER JENSPEN, who began to fear for his own safety.
SPENSER JENSPEN > hes very new
SPENSER JENSPEN > and he freaked
Odin Koraka > your CEO?
Ozzymandias Duskwalker > Kill: Kasmire Long (Augoror) hey man this fit is bad no offense
Ozzymandias Duskwalker > Kill: Menja Long (Apocalypse) this too
Ozzymandias Duskwalker > are you guys miners?
Odin Koraka > they are
Odin Koraka > they also started the war..
SPENSER JENSPEN > he made the wrong decision without me
SPENSER JENSPEN > thats on us
Ozzymandias Duskwalker > Odin Koraka, new order called you guys in?
Odin Koraka > we are New Order bro
Agents of the New Order engaged SPENSER in conversation. He freely aired his regrets in front of the locals.
Zazz Razzamatazz > We are the New Order of Highsec
Odin Koraka > we prevent illegal mining operations happening in our space
Odin Koraka > through the enforcement of the Code
Ozzymandias Duskwalker > they are retards ganking miners in high sec, following this eve personality like a bunch of zealots
Khoda Khan > Kasmire Long, Zazz Razzamatazz is authorized to negotiate your surrender on behalf the New Order. I'll stop back in in a bit to see how the negotiations for your surrender are faring.
Kasmire Long > screew you asshole
Still stung by the loss of her ships and the arrival of unexpected Agents, Kasmire was defiant. Well, maybe not "defiant" so much as "defeatist". Her head swam with conspiracy theories...
Kasmire Long > your so called "Code" (mr dev) is going to ruin this game
Zazz Razzamatazz > Kasmire Long is mad because he thought what we were doing was against the rules, and tried to have me banned!
Kasmire Long > and yes I found out that thewse are Dev's so there is no way to fight this war
Odin Koraka > wait, what?
Odin Koraka > we are devs?
Zazz Razzamatazz > I have been playing for less than 6 months
Odin Koraka > pmsl
Kasmire Long > grow up
Because the GMs refused to grant Kasmire's request to ban the New Order for bumping, Kasmire began to suspect the New Order is, in fact, a bunch of devs.
Dalleraina > but your extorting people which makes you a crimional just like the afk bot miner
Zazz Razzamatazz > The New Order owns this space
Zazz Razzamatazz > Ever since James 315 was elected
Kasmire Long > guys, you all realize yopu are talking to a 10 year old (Zazz)
Zazz Razzamatazz > Read the chat logs and decide who's been acting like a child
Kasmire Long > now that is another thing Mr Dev, why is it that like magic your text just dissapeers?
Zazz Razzamatazz > Kasmire Long you think I'm a 10 year old dev??
Kasmire Long > go screew yourself, no one is talking to you
On the other hand, Kasmire also believed Zazz was a 10 year-old. Like I said, she was confused.
Zazz Razzamatazz > We are supportive of miners, as long as they follow the Code
Malcolm Shinhwa > the Code!
SPENSER JENSPEN > what is that
Zazz Razzamatazz > The New Halaima Code of Conduct
SPENSER JENSPEN > com on !!!!!!!
Zazz Razzamatazz > The Code saved me, it can save you too!
Godin Thekiller > wtf are you guys talking about?
Dagger-Two > THE CODE IS A LIE
Kasmire wouldn't be joining the Order any time soon, but our heroes hoped that SPENSER could be reasoned with.
Odin Koraka > Justice Van the Code is open to all
Zazz Razzamatazz > We trancend faction, corp, or allance
Odin Koraka > there are no skil requirements, race requirements or corp requirements. Young, old, rich & poor, all are welcome into our fold!
Kasmire Long > well you guys have your fun as I will not do this
Despite an open invitation to change her ways, Kasmire refused. She also announced her intention not to participate in her own wardec anymore.

New Order forces gathered together in neighboring systems. They prepared for an assault against the POS that Zazz had discovered before The Shadow Continuum originally declared war. By chance, they caught SPENSER trying to escape in his Drake. His decision not to defect was a costly one. With the Drake dead and Menja refusing to participate, there were no defense forces left between the New Order and the POS.
Khoda Khan > Griggs Vinheim you WILL be ganked if you appear at this tower. You WILL lose your ship, the tower and your pod if you attempt to use your out of corp status to evade risk of destruction.
Menja Long > the tower is yours
Menja Long > I am giving it to you
Malcolm Shinhwa > Giving?
Khoda Khan > Menja, is this a surrender offer?
Akron Badasaz > Menja Long what? No valiant last stand?
Menja Long > only the tower, nothing else
Menja unanchored the POS. It couldn't be defended. Not against a group of heroes animated by the Code. Even Menja realized this.
Menja Long > you win this round, enjoy it
Akron Badasaz > yuo took down your pos with active WT's online, need i say more?
Malcolm Shinhwa > op success
Malcolm Shinhwa > thanks for the tower
Zazz Razzamatazz > Another victory for the New Order
Akron Badasaz > \o/
The New Order celebrated another victory in an unbroken, nearly-infinite series of victories.

Menja/Kasmire Long's dreams of a highsec mining empire were dashed. They had been built on a foundation of bot-aspirancy, rather than the reliable bricks and mortar of the Code. She had no choice but to end the war, fold her corp, and spend the rest of her days in an NPC corp.

Zazz counted the cost of the war. Wars are always bloody, unpleasant, and destructive. There are no winners. Other than the New Order, that is. They're never bloody, unpleasant, or destructive for us, because we fight for what is right. That means our wars are always glorious--the stuff of legend.

...Until one day, when every tower in highsec stands for the Code.


  1. Hail The CODE!!!

    I have been checking 2-3 times a day for a week to find out what happened to this POS! Now we know, and the glory of The CODE shines brighter than ever. Good work to the brave agents!

    -Mila McShanks

  2. Just like to clarify that Liam Inkuras isn't an agent of the New Order. He was in a suspect ship in the belt during the apoc fight. Long went nuts at 1/4 structure and targeted and shot him for some reason. Otherwise, the apoc and logi would have fallen to 3 guys in frigates. It was a great fight.

    1. "Long went nuts at 1/4 structure and targeted and shot him for some reason. " Wow, just wow, clearly never be in a PVP situation before. Shame he did that, would of been even more epic see it lost to 3 frigates.

  3. I don't necessarily agree with the ... religious fervor... with which you guys talk about the new order (and the code and whatever else) -- but it is kind of a breath of fresh air into the hisec landscape.

  4. I never undock without 3 different types of tank on my ships either...
    Seriously there's loads of places newbros can learn about fitting their ships properly, the description and bonus's on the Augoror even tells you its an armour logistics ship why the hell has he put a shield rep on there. People getting it this badly wrong should seriously consider Hello Kitty Online instead.

    1. If he was PvEing I could see one shield repper to help cut downtime between "rooms", but yeah on an Augoror for PvP this is terribad fitting.

      The Apoc fitting is even worse.

    2. Hull, armour and shield?


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