Sunday, November 24, 2013

Shareholders Choose the CODEdot Alliance Logo

Several days ago, New Order shareholders went to the polls to vote on the CODEdot alliance logo. They were given two exciting options, both of which are my face. There was Rixx Javix's stunning stylized version, and Ophidia Black's smooth, refreshing black-and-white version. Once again the New Order was graced with an embarrassment of riches; both options were beautiful, so we couldn't lose.

Shareholders were told to vote, and vote they did! 51,399 out of 159,194 shares voted. Without further ado, the results...


Which style do you prefer for the CODEdot alliance logo?

Ophidia Black's BLACK-AND-WHITE style -- 44,146 votes (85.8%)
Rixx Javix's TECHNICOLOR style -- 7,253 votes (14.1%)
Abstain -- 0 votes

In the end, Ophidia's version won the day. The vote was more competitive than the total suggests. Early on, there was a torrent of votes for Ophidia's black-and-white version. Then the tide seemed to shift, and a lot of votes for Rixx Javix's version starting pouring in. Including the three shareholders who voted by EVEmail, the totals were 17 shareholders voting for Ophidia's and 20 voting for Rixx's. But the billionaire's club was on the side of Ophidia's, with 7 shareholders owning 1,000+ shares voting for her option, versus 2 for Rixx's.

Two more billionaires, oOReikaOo Michiko (1,000 shares) and Daltzi (13,000 shares), appear to have attempted to cast their votes for Ophidia's black-and-white version in the comments section of the MinerBumping post, but these votes could not be counted. The use of EVE-O or EVEmail is needed to confirm the identity of the voter. If those votes were genuine, then the share count was more lopsided in favor of the winner, but the shareholder count would come in at 19-20--almost an even split, by that measure.

Now, as we know, the great thing about our system is that even after a spirited campaign we all rally together and unite as one community. Let us look upon the winner of the vote, and imagine the miners of highsec seeing this image whenever they look at the banner of the CODEdot alliance:

Inspiring, no? I haven't been this inspired since I last looked at myself in the mirror.

A big thanks to all those who voted, and of course to all those who submitted artwork and ideas for the logo. I will shortly arrange to have a formatted copy of the image sent to the alliance executor, who will forward it to CCP for their review.

Once again, congratulations to everyone in the New Order for being such good, decent people.


  1. Hooray!

    I can't recall such an exciting vote since Strawberry.

    We should celebrate by tasking reformed miners to manually create an image of the new logo with cans in space and light off some fireworks!

  2. I'm so happy to see that despite in real life, where votes typically come down to the better of two evils, The New Order conducts votes with options that people actually care very much about! Congratulations on a wonderful campaign to Ophidia and Rixx

  3. Thank you for giving us transparency into the shareholder's vote. A thrilling counterexample for the naysayers who claim you are not worthy!

  4. I really liked them both. Glad my corpmate Ms. Black won though. Now to see if CCP accepts it and to hear the lamentations of the carebears.


  6. Congrats to Ophidia!

    This image of the calm, yet stern and determined face of the Saviour of Hisec will no doubt strike awe and gratitude in the hearts of the supporters of the New Order, and fear and loathing in the evil hearts of lawless rebels. May the CODE prevail!

    Thank you, James 315 and New Order for making Eve a better place!

  7. Awwww im sad to see my vote wasn't counted ... ill remember to use Eve mail next time :(

    1. Reading the article you replied to with your vote is the first step. The second step is to buy more shares so that your vote counts even more!


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