Friday, November 8, 2013

My Brother Did It, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Heavy Rayne nearly won big in Erotica 1's bonus room. Things started well, with Heavy transferring all of his assets to Erotica 1 and allowing himself to be podded in Jita 81 times without upgrading his clone. But then he admitted he was about to commit the EULA violation of account sharing by transferring isk from his brother's account. When the dead pods were discovered on the corp killboard by Heavy's CEO, Cryptic Powers, Heavy and his brother's character were expelled.

Jack Lennox supplies the meme. We rejoin the conversation between Erotica 1 and the ex-CEO, who was completely obsessed by the kill-to-death-ratio-busting bonus game.
Erotica 1 > brb
Erotica 1 > popcorn in microwave
Erotica 1 > ok
Erotica 1 > continue
Cryptic Powers > ok well I'll make it short then. Essentially I'm turning it into the GM's as a hijacked account enjoy your popcorn. you guys have no concept of what you did to the poor guy nor how you effected our corp
The CEO got everything turned around. He blamed Erotica 1 for the whole mess!
Erotica 1 > he did not report himself?
Cryptic Powers > nope
Erotica 1 > shameful
Cryptic Powers > Yes and you guys are going to get the blame
Erotica 1 > that's an interesting concept
Zenoidan > he can win it all back
Zenoidan > he just has to play the bonus room rofl
Cryptic was told about the account sharing issue, but he shrugged it off. He was furious at the ruined killboard, and was replaced by Stud Duficious, who stepped up as the new CEO.
kick from corp
From: Stud Duficious
Sent: 2013-10-27 12:38:00
To: Heavy Rayne

I'm the new ceo and i don't know who kicked you from corp. I was wanting to hear back from you and your brother befor we kicked you to give you a chance to expain what happend with that 50 pod kills in jita. If you make your case we can get you back in steel fleet if u want back in.

Though Heavy Rayne and his brother were now unemployed, the new CEO was interested in getting them to rejoin. They were too valuable for the corp to lose. Even though Heavy no longer had any assets to his name.
Heavy Rayne > o/
Erotica 1 > hey hows it going
Heavy Rayne > not good
Erotica 1 > brb
Heavy Rayne > do you realize i lost 17m sp
Bao Xi > Heavy Rayne Welcome back
Erotica 1 > sorry for delay heavy
Heavy Rayne > i want that 17b you promised me
Erotica 1 > I was busy with a client, I'm sure you understand
Heavy returned to Erotica 1's bonus room. Gone was the enthusiasm and faith that had marked his first visit. Now he only brought complaints and a grumpy attitude.
Erotica 1 > heavy we're in ts
Heavy Rayne > im fine here
Erotica 1 > hop in ts
Heavy Rayne > waste of time talking to scammers
Erotica 1 > if you dc'ed from ts try again
Heavy Rayne > no i didnt dc i left all youdo if record you guys greifing and proking anger out of people. its groups like you that cause situation like school shootings such as columbin
Suddenly, a Columbine reference out of nowhere!
Mya ElleTerego > thats not funny to joke about
Heavy Rayne > im not jokeing
Bao Xi > Heavy Rayne you need to please calm down okay sir
Heavy Rayne > o believe me i am calm
Bao Xi > You basically just threatened to shoot up a school
Bao Xi > pretty not calm
No one hates school shootings more than the New Order. We know that a free, democratic society like the one we're trying to build in highsec depends on an educated populace.
Heavy Rayne > i said it groups of individuals like your that cause them
Erotica 1 > thats not true
Heavy Rayne > sure is
Bao Xi > no groups like Marilyn Manson and KORN cause school shootings
Bao Xi > We are peaceful community minded philanthropists who have never stopped working for our fellow gamers
Everyone in the bonus room rallied together against Heavy Rayne's unfair charges. What would he try next?
Heavy Rayne > you are a group of greifers who thought up a way to scam people while looking legit
Psychotic Monk > Is some lucky customer doing a bonus round?
Bao Xi > He literally is trying to say we scammed him
Erotica 1 > Heavy Rayne lost bonus roun the other day
Bao Xi > He threatened to violate the EULA
Zenoidan > He tried to cheat.
Heavy Rayne > dude you flat out scamed me
Heavy tried to shift the blame to the New Order, accusing everyone of scamming him. But he was the one who threatened to violated the EULA by accessing his brother's account. He had no defense.
Zenoidan > We have to put it to a vote
Zenoidan > but his brother must be in TS...
Heavy Rayne > its not going to happen
Heavy Rayne > like i said
Bao Xi > Can you tell us why not?
Bao Xi > Because you suggested you had access. If you are saying you weren't going to steal the stuff, I am left to assume your brother would be 100% okay with participating
Heavy Rayne > as i explained hes married and when he home he devotes all his time to his wife
Heavy Rayne > when he can hes a truck driver liek me but sometime he goes 1-3 weeks with out playing
Heavy threw out some excuses about why his brother couldn't show up and defend him.
Bao Xi > I have this theory
Bao Xi > You don't have a brother
Bao Xi > It's like Fight Club but much less compelling
Heavy Rayne > why dont you convo my past ceo he can vouch that i have a brother
Bao Xi > One would think a brother could vouch for himself
Zenoidan > He kicked you...
Zenoidan > Why would he vouch for you.
Heavy Rayne > what ever
Heavy's brother was nowhere to be found. Heavy would sooner solicit a good reference from the CEO who just fired him, than from his own brother. This raised suspicions. But Heavy insisted he wasn't his brother's keeper.
From: Heavy Rayne
Sent: 2013-10-28 11:39:00
To: Stud Duficious

listen i have no clue what happend my brother used my acount for some scam i lost 20million skill points and over 10b in assets i dont even know if i wana play this fucking game anymore
Then Heavy Rayne sent an EVEmail to the new CEO of his former corp, claiming that his brother had used his account to play the bonus round. Now the situation became confused. Who was the real owner of the Heavy Rayne character, and was he the same person who was in control during the bonus round? If not, why did he say he was going to log into his brother's account--when the other account would have been his own?
Re: fucked
From: Stud Duficious
Sent: 2013-10-28 14:39:00
To: Heavy Rayne

i understand. i would be upset if my brother did that to me as well. I titally get it if you decide not to play the game anymore, because i would have similiar feelings. If you do decide that you want to continue playing and want back in the corp i'm sure we can get you guys back in the corp.

What your brother did, had a very negative effect on our corps kill board. If there is anything that we can do to help, let me know.

Heavy Rayne stuck to his story: He was the innocent brother, and the account-sharing brother was the one who got himself podded 81 times. Regardless of the story, neither brother was innocent, because they were sharing passwords either way.

Heavy Rayne petitioned CCP, claiming his brother had accessed his account and gotten himself podded. CCP didn't return the money/assets that had been transferred to Erotica 1, but despite it being against the rules to share accounts, CCP was surprisingly receptive to the "my brother did it" excuse. The Heavy Rayne API revealed that CCP restored all of the lost skillpoints to the Heavy Rayne character!

Could this be the beginning of a new, family-friendly policy? The next time your "brother" does something foolish with your EVE character, you might stand a chance at getting the mistake reversed.


  1. I feel ashamed for the "brothers", "their" corp, and CCP. The only one showing some honour and morality is, like always, Erotica 1.

  2. White Glaze (not ice, the other kind)November 8, 2013 at 9:22 PM

    CCP has outdone themselves this time. They've introduced the "two wrongs DOES make a right policy."

    Caught account-sharing? Just say "No, it's ok, I was only account sharing to facilitate my RMT operation that funds my illicit cocaine habit IRL". CCP's response: "Oh, ok, here's all your ISK back and some free cocaine too :)"

    Caught doing an illicit RMT operation to fund your cocaine habit? Just tell CCP: "No, I was account sharing with my drug dealer and he scammed me". CCP's reply: "Oh, ok, here's all your ISK back and some cocaine too!".

  3. Many of you likely have already seen this, but there is a thread up at the moment:

    It's worth lending your voice too and letting CCP know that things like this are antithetic to a player driven game such as EVE.

    1. Was reading the posts, and I had to lol at Anslo's ineffectual vitriol:

      "Anslo :
      Stop posting and biomass. This isn't a slap in the face to Eve at all. It's a nice troll of highsec gankbears.

      Cry more, nerds."

    2. "Anslo:

      I'll make it simple. It isn't an argument. It's me **** talking you and stating facts. Gankers won't come to low. Prove me wrong, come down, and shut me up. Otherwise, I win as far as I'm concerned :)


      Lot of self-hatred for nerds.

    3. I know right? He went pants on head retarded,
      We have another thread too:

      get it in ya!

    4. Darius went full retard. There is no denying that. His sperg is showing.

  4. You should petition it. If they restored his sp because of some 'brother' misdeed, then you are just as much a victim as he is.

  5. Bao Xi > no groups like Marilyn Manson and KORN cause school shootings


  6. I may as well petition any loss I incur and blame it on my fictitious brother.

  7. "What your brother did, had a very negative effect on our corps kill board"

    There are actually corps like this in EVE?

    1. No but theres only one Stud, he's your classic nice guy.

  8. shit, my brother is gonna lose a lot of ships

  9. Did his "brother" lose his account for violating the EULA and deliberately sabotaging his other "brother's" account. Surely that is worth a Permaban?

  10. Woooow think of all the times that FC 5 loss could have been reversed!!!

  11. I think this new scheme is brilliant and I've submitted a support ticket requesting my free skill points. If there are any pro-New Order GMs reading this I hope you'll give it special consideration in order to counter the clearly biased anti-Order GM who reimbursed this greedy git.

  12. @admiral root : you're wrong there, this isn't just about being pro or anti New Order, this is about applying different rules and double standards to each player. And that is scandalous.
    All players regardless of their bias must submit tickets to get their skill points.


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