Monday, November 25, 2013

Hashtag MinerBumping

Highsec is continually gifted the benefits of a creative, inventive New Order. As soon as I heard Agent Kalorned was running a "police blotter" for the Gamis area on Twitter, I knew it would be a treat. You can follow it yourself at @NewOrderGamis. Let's have a look!

Modern technology is an amazing thing. Through the power of Twitter, we can watch highsec miners become more educated about EVE in real-time.

I should be banned from EVE because I care about highsec? Carebear logic.

Kalorned also uses his feed to link chatlogs and YouTube videos. You can view his two recent gank videos, The Code Is Forever and its aptly-named sequel, The Code Is Forever #2.

Miner Jacob Carter Torchwood has a warning for all New Order Agents. Actually, most of the time, we don't realize there's a rebel organization against us.

...Isn't "Anti-Code Intel" an oxymoron? All of the intelligent people in highsec follow the Code.

Some carebears are special. They prompt multiple tweets.

Just the other day I was complimenting a miner for his creative excuse for mining without a permit, but Grummangy Otomeya takes the cake. "I wasn't AFK, I was just... fixing someone's plumbing." What's next, miners going AFK to save orphans from a burning building? Seriously though, if you do have a life-and-death emergency and don't have time to dock up, you can always quickly hit Ctrl+Q to leave EVE, rather than going AFK in one of my asteroid belts.

Ever since Mine Teck uttered his bone-chilling threat of "I have kill rights, and I will use them," miners have gotten very excited about earning kill rights on those with -10 security status.

Kalorned typically doesn't tweet his own responses to the miners, but you can infer them from the miners' responses to his responses.

Incredible! You can actually play Miner Bingo through Twitter now!

To be fair, sometimes the rebel miners produce content as well. Take Nofearion, the subject of the last tweet, for example. He's a rebel miner who lives in highsec despite being a member of Pandemic Legion's renter alliance, the Brothers of Tanagra (ticker: B0T). Nofearion linked an EVE blog in his profile. It only has four entries (the most recent of which being a year and a half ago), but it's a work in progress. In the interest of balance, perhaps we ought to give equal time to rebel blogs, not just Agent Twitter feeds...

On the other hand, maybe we'll put less focus on the rebel blogs.

Kalorned concludes his EVEmail with a suggestion. Should we use a New Order hashtag? EVE-related tweeters typically use #tweetfleet, and maybe the New Order ought to have its own, too. #minerbumping seems a logical choice. While you're at it, tweeters, give ol' @NewOrderGamis a tweet if you appreciate his fine work.


  1. Amarr pr0ns best pr0ns..:)

    -----Mike Adoulin

  2. It is amazing how I go AFK in the highsec belts when ever I want and I am never in one of your belts...

    1. So what system? Oh, wait, that's post anonymously for a reason.....

      Don't worry, one day you'll come back and find yourself in station looking at your new pod, and a termination notice in your mailbox.

    2. The anon poster above is a dumb assNovember 26, 2013 at 11:18 AM

      So what system do you live in? Oh, wait, that's post anonymously for a reason.....

    3. you need some lotion for your butthurt?


    4. Dear Anon @ 10.35.

      I bet the non compliant miners with whom I've had to enforce the Code the past few days wish they had been in the same belt as you my friend.

      Enjoy your perceived sense of security while it lasts. Or buy a permit and make it certain. Remember, a compliant miner is a happy miner.

      - Guybertini

    5. No, a compliant miner is an individual that has given up their freedom unwisely!

    6. When you clowns "control" more than a pimple on the ass that is highsec, feel free to brag about compliant miners. Until that time you are nothing more than insects and James is just your queen bee.

    7. How apt; the members of Goonswarm style themselves as honeybees, too. What insignificant insects they are!

    8. Without honeybees, it's likely that much of the human population of Earth would die within months. Perhaps this oversight on your part is a better analogy than anyone suspected.

  3. New Order innovation: #minerbumping twitter feed... genius!

  4. Twitter, finally made useful!

    #minerbumping just makes perfect sense.

  5. Holy shit I might actually use twitter now.
    Awesome Idea, Kalorned.

    - Sammy

  6. Twitter is ideal. 140 characters is about all you tards can manage. Well, James is a bit more long winded but he says the same thing every day so he might as well learn to scale down his boring rhetoric as well.

    1. I.e., you're mad that you can't get your redundantly worded insults down to 140 characters, as in your post above of 211 chars. Got it.

    2. +1 Twitterhead

    3. I don't need a permit in Ammatar space under Ammatar jurisdiction

  7. Interesting how you assume everyone is a carebear who lives in High Sec, because I'm pretty sure Hastatus Shmoof Marii is the business alt of a Null Sec group out in Curse. I've seen him go in and out of Curse. Of course, what do you now about alts, you never leave high sec, you wouldn't know anything about anyone!


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