Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shareholder Vote on the CODEdot Logo

It's time, ladies and gentlemen. Time to make your voices heard. If you're a New Order shareholder, that is. Several days ago, I opened the floor for submissions for the CODE. (CODEdot) alliance logo.

By consensus of the highsec community (as articulated by me, since I have my finger on its pulse), the CODEdot logo will be some version of my in-game portrait. In other words, the alliance logo will be my face. As is appropriate.

An important question remained: In what manner should my face be presented? We received several samples. Now the style has been narrowed down, and it's time for the shareholders of the New Order to vote on it. We have two different styles for you to choose between. The order of the options was selected by coin toss.

First, we have Ophidia Black's black-and-white style:

(Originally, Ophidia had some text over the image, but I agreed with a suggestion in the comments that that image looked better without the text. when someone sees my face, they pretty much know what's up without having to be told, anyway.)

Next, we have Rixx Javix's style, which he explained as follows:
"Well I couldn't resist, so what I did was create an Icon of your face in a very recognizable and yet graphic propaganda 'Obey Giant' style. I've linked a bunch of color combinations in that style, but the color is really up to you and I can make it whatever you'd like."
A collection of potential colors for the design may be viewed here. This is one of them:

Note that for this one, since there are a lot of different possibilities for color schemes, you're voting for the style, as opposed to this particular color scheme. You get the idea.

So let's get to it. Shareholders have one vote for each share that they own. The number of shares is not locked during the voting period, since there are so many shares that no one person is likely to inflate their holdings too much during the voting period. There are over 155,000 shares, owned by more than 600 shareholders! Votes will be based on shareholder ownership at the end of the voting period.

The Vote

Which style do you prefer for the CODEdot alliance logo?

[ ] I prefer Ophidia Black's BLACK-AND-WHITE style. As seen in the Code, everything is either right or wrong, Goofus or Gallant, black or white.

[ ] I prefer Rixx Javix's TECHNICOLOR style. The New Order is the future, and the Saviour paints highsec in many vivid shades.


Shareholders may vote either BLACK-AND-WHITE, TECHNICOLOR, or ABSTAIN by replying in the vote thread on EVE-O, or by sending me an EVEmail (for those of you who are banned from EVE-O). For my convenience--but not as an opportunity for voter fraud on your part--please include the total number of the shares you own when you cast your vote(s).

The voting period will last from now until Sunday, November 24th at 01:00 EVEtime.

Good luck everyone.


  1. I am buying extra buckets for the rebel tears once they see CODE's logo.

  2. [X] I prefer Ophidia Black's BLACK-AND-WHITE style. As seen in the Code, everything is either right or wrong, Goofus or Gallant, black or white. 1000 Votes.

  3. LJ (aka manic miners)November 20, 2013 at 11:07 PM

    Either design is worthy to be used. But on a personal level I hope my friend ophidia gets the win.

  4. I really dig that technicolor style. The black and white makes me think of something old, from the past, while the New Order and James 315 are a very important part of the present and future of highsec.

  5. Well actually, Ophida Black's style is greyscale not pure black and white. This highlights the multiple shades of grey within the code and the infinite room for its interpretation.

    And yes I did 'well actually' you all.

  6. Rixx's image in greyscale or black and white?
    I prefer the real james but unsure if he is recognizable enough as a small size logo.

  7. Just for comparisons sake:

    A black and white version of the logo.

    1. meh. liked the colourfull more tbh.

    2. Personally, I really want your vectorized logo over the other one which is simply the ingame portrait greyscaled and resized.

      Whether it is colorized or not is not as important as the vector art.. personally I am partial to making it like the Obama 'HOPE' poster, but with 'CODE.' in place of hope.

      Of course, with literally no photoshop skills I can't do that, so there's that.

  8. Would'nt it be better get use a fresh face rather than some old random has been?

    1. Ya, you're right. That's why we are using James' face instead of the face of a complete nobody like yourself. James is the freshest face hi-sec has seen in years!

    2. Thx but sadly I must turn down your kind offer as I wouldn't want to be associated with an organisation such as the New Order.

      Fresh as in repeating the same old tripe year on year? Although it is nice to see that the New Order chumps are as deluded as ever.

  9. I love the TECHNICOLOR style in the sand and dark red version (second from top left)!


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