Monday, November 18, 2013

The Fraud Squad

The Agents of the New Order are dedicated to seeking out and destroying all bot-aspirancy in highsec. It's a big job; carebears and carebearism have taken root and flourished over the years. Luckily, the New Order is up to the task. Even the most devious carebears cannot long live in our great new highsec.

Consider the typical loyalty pledge, found in thousands of miners' bios across empire space. Ever since miner Airon Taiyou invented them over a year ago, they've been a huge hit. It's no surprise: My name carries a lot of weight in highsec these days. Just about everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of citizenship in the Order.

Redbad Sukarala and his alts are just one example of pledge-carriers. But do the miners who pledge loyalty to me actually possess permits, and do they follow the Code? For the most part, yes. Typically, a rebel miner is more willing to give up 10 million isk than space in his bio. But on rare occasions, permit fraud does occur. And it never ends well for the carebear.

I was recently made aware of a massive case of permit fraud. As I often say, I have eyes and ears everywhere. Xuixien followed the slogan of "If you see something, say something." Or, as Agents of the New Order might put it, "If you see something, do something."

Redbad and his alts are members of Attitude Adjustment Incorporated. It seems to be your typical highsec corporation. They do mining and mission-running. They offer Orca boosts. And they require a full API from prospective applicants, to make sure no awoxers infiltrate the corp. Flying EHP-heavy Skiffs, sporting fake permits, and hiding in a respectable corporation, Redbad and his alts felt completely safe disregarding the Code.

Oh, there's one thing I neglected to mention, though...

...Xuixien is the CEO of that corporation.

You see, Xuixien and his friends in Attitude Adjustment Incorporated are members of the Belligerent Undesirables community, just like our good friend Psychotic Monk. The corp doesn't recruit awoxers, because it's filled with reverse-awoxers. They don't like bot-aspirants, by the way.

Our heroes enticed Redbad and his alts into the corporation, at which point they nuked his fleet.

All of those tanked-up, supposedly invincible Skiffs, and all of those fake mining permits--they could offer him no safety.

Yes, that was a Charon among the kills. Redbad's 1.2 billion isk freighter went pop during the attack, courtesy of Horratio Antillies, Xuixien, Azami Zateki, Avatar Ong, The Connoisseur, Christopher Heyerdahl, Quixotic Savant, and Bigg McLarge Huge.

Redbad was so shocked by this turn of events that he didn't drop corp for another few days. There was no reason for him to be shocked, though. If you put your faith in Skiffs and insincere bios, you're bound to get nuked. That's what happens to Goofuses. In time, the light of justice will always find the criminals who lurk in the shadows. It's better to put one's faith in the Code. I look forward to the day that Redbad pledges loyalty to me and means it.


  1. Oh.... That's the evilest thing I can imagine!!!


    How dare they think that they can use James315's name in vain?!

  2. congratulations to the fearless reverse- awoxers!
    a lot of planing and organization goes into this, so i tip my hat :)

  3. Sincerely doubt that he will be pledging loyalty anytime soon. I assume these were the same kills that were on monk's stream. I sounded like he wasn't going to be coming back to eve. You forgot to mention his 1.5 bill donation to the BU community. I'm sure it will be put to good use.

    1. Can confirm, guy said he was quitting EVE. Of course, he's obviously not above lying, so...

    2. They always they're gonna quit, but they rarely mean it. They just want to play the poor victim to make the evil gankers feel bad, and/or fuel the wrong assumption that ganking is bad for EVE's subscriptions.

  4. Weird how I'm sitting in the "minerbumping" room of Psychotic Monk's jabber server. We're all friends here mate. That's why we have so much fun and cause such mayhem. We have friends and actually like to play the game -- together.

  5. could you elaborate on that?

  6. man this guy seems upset. wanna talk about it bro?

  7. A great victory for all of High-Sec!

  8. I am not understanding the double standard here... vov

    It's ok for one group to have fun, be social, and gank people, but not another? Seriously, this is not a religion, it's a friggin game, and James315 is very good at it. out of the thousands and thousands that play eve, only a handful are so successful that they have hundreds (thousands?) of followers, and over a million views on their site. I have never spoken to James315, but I respect what he is trying to do to preserve the game he loves. James315 can be likened more to a conservative activist political and military leader in eve than a religious messiah, though I can see some correlation there as well. But, the bottom line is: lighten up and have some dang fun!

  9. I see the problem now. You believe that Psychotic Monk is really an "evil fuck" and that James is really a religious demagog. Instead of the truth which is both are role players in a competitive video game. Both also seem to be winning at that too. I highly doubt that Monk hires employees at his RL job only to steal the personal items they bring to work and then fire them. And I can't really see James demanding a fee from his neighbors and a pledge of loyalty before allowing them to mow their lawns.

    The inability to separate what goes on in a game from real life is a defining characteristic of a carebear. Its one of the reasons they are so fun to mess with.

  10. Malcolm,, yeah, tell me about it. In my real life, I am a dude with a wife and 3 kids, and I work as an engineer. I play the RP part of the MMORPG known as Eve by being a tackle-frig-flying fleet member hardcore fighter-pilot picking fights with galmils. (We had a good night last night, btw) I made a chick character, because earlier in the game before I started using a mic, I would scam people into thinking I was a chick to get free assets. In real life, I have always worked to make a living, from the navy, through college, to now. And after I put my kids in bed at night, I have fun blowing ships up and getting blown up in a fake, unrealistic video game. I remember my carebear days when this crap made me soooo mad. Then I lightened up and realized it was a game!

    Now that that's out of the way, back to the RPing!

    All Hail James315, the Saviour of Hisec and his infallible CODE! :D

  11. I just realized, maybe Anon 10:25 is RPing himself here in this blog... I guess some people like to pretend to be weak, misguided, boring, greedy carebears with no sense of adventure...

    Am I wrong or am I wrong?

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