Friday, November 29, 2013

The Carebear Who Came in from the Cold, Part 1

The New Order's intelligence network is vast. Most of our intel comes from highly-trained, highly-placed Agents all across EVE. Nevertheless, like any other intelligence network, we also allow random people to give us stuff. Stuff which is probably not useful. These people are called "walk-ins".
Duumias Okanata > I have something to share with you
Small Beer > Is it a disease?
A random gentleman initiated a convo with Agent Small Beer. The convo began with a cryptic offer to give him "something". Small Beer was understandably skeptical.
Duumias Okanata > Post #12
Small Beer > Oh.
Duumias Okanata > It shall interest all of you
Small Beer > Which bit?
Duumias Okanata > Him bad mouthng james
Small Beer > Who?
Duumias Okanata > Black Skull
Duumias Okanata > Callling James the "false prophet"
Mercifully, Duumias wasted no time in getting to the point. He linked an archived EVE-O thread from all the way back in March 2013. In the thread, xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 declared himself an enemy of the New Order.

Those unfamiliar with New Order history may find this shocking. It's true: Originally, xxBLACK's NEW ORDER DEATH DEALERS corp was created to attack the New Order. But xxBLACK didn't need to spend much time in the asteroid belts and ice fields of highsec to change his mind. What he saw there was a level of bot-aspirancy that shocked and appalled him. To his amazement, the only good miners were the ones who followed the Code!

xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 knew what he had to do. He vowed to slaughter as many bot-aspirants as he could find, and to force all the miners of highsec to obey the Code. And so the slaughter began. NODD joined CODEdot alliance and, in a matter of months, grew into the most deadly miner-ganking corporation in all EVE. No other group in highsec destroys as many bot-aspirants.
Duumias Okanata > I thought I should let you all know that he is playing 2 sides
Duumias Okanata > Thre is a post further down also
Small Beer > Good grief...
Duumias Okanata > Told you it woudl interest you
Duumias Okanata > If you feel inclined, an ISK tip would be appreciated for helping the C.O.D.E. stay clear of traitors :)
Somehow, Duumias came across xxBLACK's eight month-old post and assumed it was fresh, high-value intel. Who was this guy? Small Beer invited fellow Agent John XIII into the convo to get more answers.
John XIII > hello
Duumias Okanata > Hello
John XIII > what seems to be the issue here?
John XIII > i'm internal security for New Order personnel
Duumias Okanata > I am Ledrian
John XIII > \o/
...Oh boy. Duumias was our old friend, Ledrian Saisima.

If you don't know who Ledrian is, you've got some reading to do. Several months ago, Ledrian, well... I'll just provide you with the links. Long story short, he was the subject of a rare five-part series on MinerBumping.

Sins of a Solar Spymaster, Part 1
Sins of a Solar Spymaster, Part 2
Sins of a Solar Spymaster, Part 3
Sins of a Solar Spymaster, Part 4
Sins of a Solar Spymaster, Part 5

After his defeat at the hands of the New Order, Ledrian briefly retired from the spy game. Then his bio was mysteriously updated with a dire warning about a new anti-Order effort slated to begin on January 1, 2014. As per his request, we kept an eye on his bio for further developments...

...But there haven't been any. More recently, Ledrian popped up on the MinerBumping forum, claiming to be reformed and pro-Order.
Duumias Okanata > Here is the issue
Duumias Okanata > Black Skull is a traitor
John XIII > WAT!?!
Small Beer > John, just wait till you've seen the evidence.
Duumias Okanata > I am trying my best to do what is right by the order these days
The world of espionage is known for its shifting allegiances and double-dealing (not to be confused with isk-doubling). Ledrian, the notorious anti-Order spy, was claiming that xxBLACK, a man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of billions of isk worth of bot-aspirants, was a traitor. As rebels are fond of World War II analogies, this would be the equivalent of Tokyo Rose accusing the guys who nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki of being deep-cover agents for Japan.
John XIII > go on ledrian
Duumias Okanata > For example:
Duumias Okanata > When I was in his corp...he did mining for a limnited fee
Duumias Okanata > Breaking rule somewhere
John XIII > explain that
Duumias Okanata > Mine= corp buys ores at Jita price or at a cut
Small Beer > Oh good grief. This is bad.
John XIII > he mined or paid?
Duumias Okanata > MINED
John XIII > ...
Duumias Okanata > Even ever so shortly
Duumias Okanata > He still did it
It wasn't just the post from March that Ledrian had up his sleeve; he also claimed to have witnessed xxBLACK mining on an alt.
Duumias Okanata > This is not the fiorst time I have seen evidence of him talking against the Order
Small Beer > Sweet mother of St Dominic Savio.
Small Beer > I'm calling James, he has to know about this straight away.
John XIII > hang on
John XIII > let's hear it all first
Ledrian's accusations were dynamite. If xxBLACK were really working for the rebels, anyone could be a traitor. Perhaps even James 315 was a mole. Small Beer wanted to send this information up the chain immediately. John XIII agreed that this was a serious matter, but he wanted to hear more.
Duumias Okanata > From the looks of things, he has low skillz cause he focused on Scord. This was roughly 7 months ago when Scord was at its highest price
John XIII > interesting
Duumias Okanata > Then, here is the kicker
Duumias Okanata > Ever notice that he seems to know where to hit the best targets?
Small Beer > Oh man, I don't think I want to hear this.
John XIII > i have indeed wondered that
Duumias Okanata > How easy it is to takwe them out?
Then Ledrian slowly unveiled another bombshell. Small Beer went into screencapping mode.

Before the day was done, the New Order would never be able to look at itself the same way again.

To be continued...


  1. Ohhhh myyyyy goooooood.....
    Black must be D400s alt and maybe even Chribbas alt making the biggest scam ever in EVE.

    First he makes sure that billions of isk in mining barges are destroyed and then....
    ok i still have not figured out the second step but maybe lendrian will enlighten us.
    Other theories are also welcome ofcourse :)

    Oh by the way. Does lendrian has our schedule for this week, or are they also nearly a year old now?

  2. Oh no! My very worst fears confirmed! We have been infiltrated to the highest level! Who can I trust? Has this all been a lie? Am I really just a James 315/ The Mittani alt? What about my family? Are they spais too?

  3. Dominic's mother was named Brigida and they lived on the outskirts of Castelnuovo d'Asti which was the birthplace of... wait for it... JOHN BOSCO! The threads all weave together in a web of deception and intrigue....


  4. This is absolutely terrible, I am absolutely lost for words. This could be worse that the damage wreaked by Benedict Arnold, can the New Order survive?

    - Guybertini

    1. Man I hope not, eradicating the Code would be a godsend :)

  5. I'm so glad Ledrian is looking out for us these days. He nearly destroyed us last time by injecting lots of ISK into the Order, stealing schedules and various other nefarious activities. It's a good job he's now working with us to provide us with the latest intel.
    Ledrian, the Order would truly be in trouble without you...

  6. Ledrian asks in his bio that if you have any intelligence that you send it his way. Oh if only it were that easy Ledrian.

  7. ......

    ---Mike Adoulin

  8. This is what happens to New Order stooges....

    Cholo Dejesus - Dead Ganker - 11/19/13 33.6MM Loss of Pod
    Zane Arnolles - Ganker Ship Blown Up - 11/30/13 10MM Loss of Ship

    Both in the New Order Death Dealer corp... learn how to fly suckers. We'll be waiting for you so do come back for more :)

    1. Your right, 43 mill is a lot to lose. We should learn how to fly better. Don't hesitate to take a peek at our kill boards, we clearly are doing terribly.

    2. whoo! 43m, you could buy a fitted & tanked retriever with that, and STILL have enough money to buy your permit!
      to think TWO Knights lost a ship and a pod. how will they ever recover?
      its like the billion isk loss generated between them daily from compliance exercises cant possibly offer any solace.

  9. My entire life was a lie! the horror!


    1. Horror? It's good news can't you see?? Down with the Code!

  10. For a price, I can give the new order a vital secret about the rebels.

    1. Oh no....please name your price.

  11. What game are you playing, Blue?

  12. Finally, a good story. Down with the Code!

  13. Some of the anonymous posts appear to have no sense of either narrative arc nor sarcasm.
    Luckily the new order has experts in both to enlighten us further on the outcome of this story.
    Keep up the good work guys
    Dr Limbu.

  14. We may need to find a suitable replacement CEO for NODD.

    Maybe Ledrian?

  15. I cannot wait to see how this turns out!
    -Angus Adalwin (alt of The Mittani (alt of Chribba (alt of James 315 (alt of Erotica 1 (alt of CCP Rise))))

  16. Black isn't a traitor. He's a pisant who doesn't know how to elevate himself beyond ganking miners. James is quick to post Black's kills as well as others but leaves out their losses. Those losses being against opponents who actually know how to pew pew.

  17. Black/blue/pink knows who I am, we only just recently spoke. So do me a favor old friend, pass along that i want a shot at the "invincible" stabber.

  18. Duumias Okanata > I am Ledrian

    This is the point where I just fucking lost it. I really laughed out loud at this, to the point of getting weird looks from my family.

    Up to this point the article was merely amusing, ostensibly about some random carebear idiot thinking he discovered some dark terrible secret at the heart of New Order. But the dramatic reveal of him being Ledrian... oh god, the hilarity just shot up to 11, I could barely maintain my composure.

    For anyone who has followed the old antics of Ledrian, our Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, this turn of events is just too funny.

  19. There's more to this story now. Syn Winter is a former NODD member that left us do to us joining the New Order. So he enters the scene. From what i've read he has teamed up with Ledrian. Now Syn is hell bent on removing me from the Order. Also him and Ledrian are plotting to dismantle us. That is enough spoilers for now. I'm still reading the paste bins.



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