Monday, August 4, 2014

Highsec Cyberspace Law, Part 1

Being an Agent of the New Order is all about making choices.
jollena Khema > either you replace the ship, cargo drones, and implants or i'll get the ticket going for your banning....... what will it be?

Agents Throatslashar and iZaEaRl launched a daring attack against Code violators in the Aydoteaux system. It paid off, big time: A fail-fit Mackinaw was destroyed.

The illegal miner, jollena Khema, had a few tricks up her sleeve. When she threatened to get our heroes banned if they didn't send her isk, the carebear was directed to Agent Arden Elenduil. jollena no longer had a ship, but the PvP had only just begun.
Arden Elenduil > you may not want to say stuff like that
jollena Khema > what your going to hunt me down and engage in griefing???? your group is already doing that now
Arden Elenduil > no, not at all
jollena Khema > don't try to rationalize it, i've seen groups like yours come and go
jollena Khema > they go because they get ban
Some miners will swear up and down that the New Order is nothing new, and that there have been countless other organizations just like us. So far they've never managed to name any of these other organizations. Apparently the reason the New Order is unique is that all the other ones have been banned.
Arden Elenduil > but threathening to petition someone in order to gain financial advantages through it (aka blackmail) is considered a violation of the EULA and ToS
jollena Khema > oh its not a threat, you and your cohorts engaged in griefing a particular group in the game, that is what grieves me the most
Arden Elenduil > we are not griefing
Arden Elenduil > what they did is perfectly legal
jollena Khema > if it was consentual PvP i wouldn't be crowing, but it wasn't consentual
Arden's expert training in dealing with bot-aspirants allowed him to get right to the heart of the matter: jollena opposed all forms of nonconsensual PvP in highsec.
Arden Elenduil > and that is a problem, why?
Arden Elenduil > because in eve online, non consensual pvp is perfectly accepted
jollena Khema > you and your cohorts may have found a bug or loophole to exploit your activities in this game but its one that i'll see closed
According to jollena, suicide ganking is a "bug" or "loophole". It had been used against her Mackinaw, but she wouldn't allow it to be used against any other miner in highsec. At last, she had a cause worth fighting for.
Arden Elenduil > it is not a loophole
Arden Elenduil > it is simply how eve is
Arden Elenduil > this has been a fact from the beginning
jollena Khema > i payed real money to get this account reactivated, i expected the rules would be obeyed like everyone else, but i see there are those who seem to think that killing miners is perfectly acceptable if they don't pay extortion fees
Arden Elenduil > this is perfectly legal gameplay
jollena Khema > just because one GM says its legal doesn't make it so
True, the GMs have handled literally thousands of anti-Order petitions. But jollena was confident that she could fix the system. A little too confident. Was she a space lawyer?
jollena Khema > in high sec unless your security status allows it, you've got kill rights, or you've engaged in consentual PvP your safe from being targeted and killed
Arden Elenduil > that, i'm afraid, is where you are wrong
Arden Elenduil > you may ask any developer or GM that question, and they will tell you the same thing
jollena Khema > this wasn't a suicide gank for just being there.......... i was a target because i didn't pay protection money to a rogue group of pirates targeting a specific segment of eve
jollena Khema > all your doing is validating something that'll damage the eve economy
As an Agent of the New Order, Arden is an expert on the ins and outs of highsec combat. Still, he listened politely as jollena lectured him on the rules. It was obvious that jollena had very little knowledge on the subject, yet she was supremely confident that she knew all about it. This served as confirmation that jollena was indeed a space lawyer.
Arden Elenduil > would it have been better if it were completely random, without the so-called "protection money"?
jollena Khema > if it was random i can accept it, but that was all about not paying some rogue group of pirates
Arden Elenduil > you say that we do something that damages the economy, yes?
Arden Elenduil > the more ships that are destroyed, the better
jollena Khema > how can without mining in high sec, people buy the minerals to build ships, equipment, ........
As time went on, jollena developed new theories of space law. In addition to being nonconsensual, ganking miners is illegal if it's non-random, or if it damages the economy.
jollena Khema > paying protection money cuts into my ability to pay for this game without using rl money, also it doesn't prevent them from killing me anyway. read your own propaganda.
jollena Khema > not interested in spin, but i am interested in somebodies destruction.... complete and utter. After that i'm interested in getting what was taken from me illegally back
jollena Khema > the attack wasn't just coincidental, it was calculated and not within general high sec rules for accepted PvP
jollena Khema > accepted pvp is consentual......... this wasn't
The former Mackinaw owner's rantings became more dramatic. Alarm bells started ringing in Arden's head. jollena was showing all the signs of a carebear about to file a frivolous petition.
Arden Elenduil > please don't increase the workload of the GM's by submitting petitions like the one you're planning, it will be rejected
jollena Khema > so you say, the petition is off and in the system
jollena Khema > this isn't being filed for general ganking, 2 noobs taking out a ship because its there. i'm filing it for griefing, your organization griefs specific elements of this game and doesn't even promise them 100% saftey from attack by you.
jollena Khema > i was griefed, and killed because i didn't "buy" a protection permit from your organization
Arden Elenduil > what happened to you was perfectly legal gameplay
jollena Khema > quit spinning something that you cannot win here, i'm a paralegal, and hold a MS from St. Norberts University in wisconsin for Information Security & Cyber Security (that includes specific classes in IT laws).
jollena dropped the hammer. She wasn't just any space lawyer--she was a cyber paralegal. Arden was stunned. With the rest of the Agents handling other crises and no reinforcements in sight, it would be up to Arden to stand alone against this new threat. If he failed, the New Order--and all highsec with it--would be doomed.

To be continued...


  1. As someone who actually works in IT & infosec I must ask... If this person has a MS in IS & CS why are they working as a paralegal?

    A quick Google search would indicate that the average paralegal salary is in the $50,000 range while someone who works in IS as a Security Manager (w/ a MS in InfoSec) would have a average salary of around $106,000....

    Seems to me someone is either lying or is an idiot and is leaving ~$50,000/year on the table... Either way, it's probably best that this person doesn't actually work in InfoSec.

    1. Wouldn't that degree take the same length of study as a... law degree. Don't get me wrong, I'd feel much safer if my lawyer's paralegal had a masters degree like this when making photocopies, filling out forums, and operating a personal computer.

      Oh, and hugzzz Bibbs.

    2. geez Ero 1 the psychopath can't give up Eve because we know he is attention seeking moron

    3. Ero 1 - I love you, please come back to the game, I always liked to hear you voice and would dream about you every night. It isn't the same now and all I have is my pussy and yes she licks my dick but she is a tight fit so it is not like giving it to a man. Please come back I love you more

      DJ Entropy - the homo love bug

    4. @Anonymous poster(s) - post with your main.

      @Bibbs - you're back? There goes the neighbourhood. :P

  2. "I might have an MS from a school no one has ever heard of, but that won't stop me from typing like English is my second language and displaying my lack of realization of the internet spaceship world around me. Furthermore, said degree has entitled me to special consideration when I attempt to portray my ignorance as fact."

    jollena Khema you disgust me, and deserve no sympathy. Your advocacy of mediocrity is exactly what I personally find distasteful in the modern error... excuse me, era.

    Arden Elenduil, you are a coddling and warm voice of reason in a world gone awry. You truly are a knight in the classic sense, a warrior poet willing to do the right thing even when the ignorant masses try to break you down. Keep on keeping on.

    1. Well, I am a Magnificent Bastard after all. I have to uphold certain standards.

    2. dumb b*stard more like with zero standards

  3. Well seeing how St. Norbert's is a college and not a university, and I have a hard time believing an alumni would mix the two up, I'm going to have to go directly to calling bullshit on this jollena Khema's part...

  4. how do people in Eve know so very little about how it actually works or what the rules are?

  5. Indeed, jollena Khema is supremely confident! She spoke not one word of calling in her powerful friends from nullsec. Her space-lawyer skills must be powerful!

    I'm really anxious about if the New Order and all highsec was doomed after this encounter! James 315 (peace be upon you) sometimes your cliffhanger's are almost torture!*

    *Please note, "almost torture" was used in recognition that CCP recognizes all international conventions outlawing torture, and I don't want to get anyone in trouble with CCP.

  6. Is there a game called "Space Lawyer"?

    There should be.

  7. I don't like these "To be continued" posts. I want the rest of the joke RIGHT NOW.

  8. So glad to see Arden Elenduil stand up to jollena Khema's attempt at petition blackmail.

    The New Order always takes a firm stance against extortion in the Savior's highsec.

  9. I predict the carebear will cry and fail :)

  10. Usually you are grabbing someones penis and swallowing instead of eating popcorn - yeah and we know you can't wait for the next one LOL

  11. Why is "homophobic remark" not a square in Miner Bingo? It really should be.

  12. Loyalanon is still not banned from eve, this goes to show that James 315 is a CCP employee and therefore CCP are making it a joke of the EULA

    Add Arden and DJENTROPY to the list of someone who I will have banned by the end of the week regardless if James 315 is a CCP employee or not. This level of griefing by older players onto other players who are trying to play the game will not be tolerated by the eve community I am also in discussions with the CFC and other null sec entities to organize station camps of every single code member or if they support code in HIGH SEC

    Freighters are being attacked by CODE because some letters that appear in the word CODE appear in the names of freighters. CharOn, prOviDEnCe, fEnrir, ObElisk just for a few examples . We have to put a stop to these unlawful attacks. In Dryson We Trust, All Else Will Fail, the code will fall, Dryson will Rise.

    1. "Loyalanon is still not banned from eve, this goes to show that James 315 is a CCP employee"

      "Freighters are being attacked by CODE because some letters that appear in the word CODE appear in the names of freighters. CharOn, prOviDEnCe, fEnrir, ObElisk just for a few examples."

      Oophf, that rock solid, totally sound reasoning. Looks like Dryson cracked the "Code" fellas. Time to pack it up and call it a day, the gig is up.

    2. Dude.... get off the pipe.
      In all seriousness, it's hard to feel sympathy for the anti-ganking crowd when I continue to read the blatant hatred and just absolutely retarded statements coming from these guys. And the killmails... these guys are SO FUCKING SLOW TO LEARN. Just blatant stupidity and laziness. I can't believe I was considering joining the white knights and helping... sounded like fun. But I can't fix stupid. I don't want to fix stupid. Too much work, and this is a game... I want to have fun, not work.

      I sorry I ranted... but really, this shit is getting silly.

    3. lol good luck with the CFC and varied other nullsec entities Dryson, a fair few of them regularly fly with CODE.

    4. Dryson, I have decided to leave code and follow you.

      You are my saviour, will you teach me to scissor

    5. Dryson It doesn't take an Android Hotspot with 3G and two bars showing in order to figure out you are a full on Aspie.

    6. Carebears and the raging thirst to constantly discuss male genitalia in and around various male orifices claim everyone else around them is gay, but themselves. Could this be a 'coming out of the closet' moment for the carebear community?

      More news at 11.

    7. Starfox is being diplomatic for the first time - does this mean that Starfox might do something about situation where the bumper for code said something about Gorila's dead wife and will also discipline loyal and co for mocking gorila or his starfox blowing smoke out of his arse?

      Sorry starfox I mentioned arse, I didn't mean to offend you since you are such a staunch gay supporter.

      Oh I said staunch I didn't mean rigid like a prick and I wasn't suggesting you would get a hard on at the sight of a butt starfox.

      Oh I said butt - oh f*ck so you are an homo too starfox - nothing new, another one to add to codes bottom feeder list.

    8. Come now, why should I be banned? The only thing I did was talk to Jollena, trying to have a reasonable conversation and trying to help him understand what highsec really is.
      I never violated any rules by doing so.
      Please, do explain.

    9. this is some of the worst trolling by anonymous in a long time. It's like being attacked by a bag of kittens.

    10. I like the part where theres nothing you guys can do about Code and gorila except whine harder.

    11. Anon - 8:09am

      Gorila I thought you had left already?

    12. And here I am still playing eve while you are still whining.

      Gorila should have really bought a permit for his blog and you should keep on crying I enjoy the tears.

      Also CCP won't come near me, anti gankers can't touch me. The code keeps winning and you keep crying.

      God I love eve.

    13. Loyal cried about Fallen for 6 weeks. Now hes gonna cry about Gorila for 6 weeks...

    14. Nice comeback anon

    15. And so what if he does? When will you anti gank lot learn that there is nothing that you can do to someone like him? All you can do is flood eve with tears. You can't stop the code.

    16. Yeah loyalanon cries forever and blames everything on anti gankers because he has personal issues.

      But his CHILDREN CRY MORE because they have a useless daddy who ignores them so he can play eve which is very sad. What a loser

    17. DJ attempts to incite the homo rabble but fails because like him they only have handbags and lots of lube.

      I liked it better when you professed your love for Ero 1 and he turned you down because he doesn't like homo's either plus he knew you had aids.

      Still DJ all is not lost, you can screw you old fat cat and ejaculate over a picture of Ero 1.

      Btw way naughty, naughty code diplomat has HOMO RAGE FIT and accuses all miners of beating their children and wives. This is the code standard and while DJ was pretending to be mr nice, he really HATES anything not code and is prepared to make RL comments about those people.

      Troll wins again:))))))

    18. Of course you want to trivilize it DJ, it is getting to you so you are heartbroken. Did the little queer get his feelings hurt? My advice shut up and play the game and people won't hate you so much.

      Did everyone notice the no response to the RL comments, the code diplomat made about miners? Shows what kind of person he really his - another hater outted (already outted he is an homo).

  13. The CODE will fail, The CODE will Fall, Dryson Will Rise, In Dryson We Trust.

    You are attempting to troll DJENTROPY and COLONEL. You may not do anything that interferes with the ability of other EVE Online subscribers to enjoy the game or web site in accordance with its rules.

    Capsuleers are protected under Section 16 of the EULA, James 315 and his CODE will be subject to the laws of the land if they continue violating Section 16 of the EULA

    1. Dryson I tried to read your "Section 16" post on the forums, but my head almost exploded trying to comprehend the meaning of the term "obliquely obvious". Since you are trying to use the art of rhetoric to draw people into your way of thinking, maybe you could take the opportunity to explain to me just what "obliquely obvious" actually means.

      EDIT: I decided to read the first reply in hopes that it would help me understand your post. It stated the following, "You are, without doubt, one of the worst posters ever." In light of these new findings, I kindly rescind my invitation for you to decipher your post and hope to avoid anything that has spewed out of the sieve that is your head in the future.

    2. We also need a gay DJ Entropy box adding to the bingo, every time it comes up then DJ tries to bang Ero 1 but fails

      I love you Ero 1, please love me back - TEARS :(((

    3. This is becoming...Tiring...

      Can you switch to another ""joke"" plz ?

    4. "DrysonBennington, please run for CSM 10. You have my vote. Just think, you can use the UNSTOPPABLE SCISSOR TECHNIQUE. "

      Given all the codswallop he's been posting here and on the Eve forum, he definitely gets a spot on my CSM 10 dream team, along with Dinny, Gevlon, Lucas Kell, Mr Epeen, Anslo, Capt Lynch, Sarah Flynt and Riverini.

      Xenuria, that dude from intrepid crossing who posts a lot of nonsense, Ripard and Trebor for alternates.

  14. i say add slow cycle mjd to freighters, as a defence against bumping. pilot has to decide whether to use it to avoid bumper or gank squad warping in.

    1. Dear anonymous poster, it would be a lot easier to take you seriously if you posted with your main. There's already a perfectly good defence for freighters who want to avoid being bump-tackled - it's called someone else webbing you.

    2. post with my main to make it easier for code to target me ? lol

      i think adding built in slow cycle mjds to freighters /jump freighters would give em a slight chance of escape if caught solo, rather than currently being a helpless oversized beached whale pinata under the current mechanics.

      the homophobic and personal attacks i witness from the anti ganking posters here are pretty disgusting, it does nothing for the cause , and is even more tiresome than the code spam bs we have to endure in the comments + local channels. keep it clean guys ffs.

      an anti-ganker

    3. DJ plays it down but as seen above he had a HOMO RAGE FIT and so this is really getting to him :)))))))

      Also noticed he never mentions anything about his doting love for Ero 1.

      Who says I am anti ganking? Seems you are paranoid about whoever they are but I don't care about any community, I troll here because DJ is reacting and having a HOMO MELTDOWN.

  15. Yeah blow it off DJ like you do your boyfriend LOL

  16. Every time I read these posts I am more and more enamored with the New Order.

  17. Yeah I am too, I realize that if you are a psychopath or an imbecile then they are perfect for you

  18. James is an alt of khan from goonswarm, ero and mitani live very close to him.
    His true objective is to get as many people in null sec, for massive wars.
    Minerbumping is but a means to get people to go to any null sec alliance preferably goonswarm so they can be trained for the upcoming war against pandemic legion.

    Carebears should stay in highsec. its that simple. Loads of CCP employees got fired for giving free plexes to goonswarm. Keep it up khan they will come for you soon enough

  19. careful going near microwaves with that tin foil hat

    1. sadly its true :), thinfoil hat on not most of the information can even be found on this site :)

  20. I would like to thank the butthurt homophobe anon for his high-larious comments on this blog, you keep me coming back, long live the CODE. :) :)

    1. I bet this is only 1 guy doing 50 comments / article.

      He's very very mad, what's code did to him ?

    2. It is called trolling LMAO You should look it up, people troll, they don't care about who they troll and only do it for LOLS and the more you feed them the more they do it

    3. He lost a retriever and started commenting on any blog under the pseudonym of butthurt miner but is trying to post as anonymous.

      It's funny he says he's trolling but he is actually upset about code in a genuine way.

    4. He realized that posting on every blog entry made him the one who was being trolled. Now he goes anon, but he's still butthurt and trolled :)

    5. So many conspiracy theories and dumb statements about the troll but you ever thought troll has never been touched by code, has nothing to do with anti-gankers and instead just enjoys winding you all up because you feed it constantly. The troll is smart and y'all are dumb

    6. No DJ you are probably the biggest failure. You are supposed to be a DJ but can't get any RL work so you whine and cry on MB and in-game and gank all day because you have nothing else to do. Funny how you like to criticize everyone and it is the focus of all your posts but yet you are a RL failure in every sense and that is not even mentioning you are an Homo.

  21. wait a minute Butthurt miner hasn't posted for a while...... you're the same person aren't you

  22. yeah that's what i was thinking. what's cute it thinks we should be 'insulted' by this 'trolling'. of course i'm feeding it, this tool is funny!

  23. That's it, I'm done. The intellectual gap between The new order and anti-ganking/mining/bot-aspirant community is amazing. Anti-CODE people have a tumor in their humor and they make themselves look like gay-fearing, knuckle dragging rednecks, who spew hate with every sentence (if they manage to form one).

    I wish to prove myself worthy to join your ranks as a ganker with baptism by CONCORD.

    1. Like he wasn't already a ganker, but the homo thing make it more interesting for him LOL Talk to DJ he needs a boyfriend and is real desperate so doesn't matter what you are LMAO

  24. I love seeing the anti gankers get so angry about someone giving them a taste of there own medicine. Such epicly delicious tears, it's a shame the new leader Dryson is an aspergic retard.

    The code does always truly win.

  25. sad that you find that statement "LOL" worthy. Grow up dude, it's 2014.

  26. And here i thought the arguments "without miners, you don't have any ships" and "suicide ganking is griefing and a violation of the eula" had been debunked years ago Oo.

    Looks like some people are stuck in the past.

  27. from the responses the troll has everyone raging and crying

  28. code has evolved, they know what year it is and it is hell funny, anything about DJ and is gayscapades and love for Ero 1 is funny

  29. I cant believe I sat here and read all of these. I should get some sort of special reward.


  30. No DJ everyone is laughing at you. They now know you are a raving homo and will ridicule forever over Ero 1 but keep playing the I don't care card but every time you respond then we know we have won :)

  31. Me too! The comment section is like this horrible mangled car crash, you want to look away but you just can't...

    The mind-melting buttrage from the Anti Ganking crowd is truly a sight to behold.

  32. Funny how i got on here while searching for more intel on Jollena...

    After getting big mouthed by her and threats of her ending me the more obvious happened. I'm glad the Code has her in her sight too.

    Sadly she mentioned the last part a few days later

    Agents Throatslashar, Arden Elenduil and iZaEaRl I salute you!


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