Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Highsec Cyberspace Law, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... After illegal miner jollena Khema lost her Mackinaw, she aired her grievances with Agent Arden Elenduil. jollena threatened to get the entire New Order banned. Arden wasn't impressed--until jollena revealed the true extent of her power: She was a cyberspace paralegal!
jollena Khema > quit spinning something that you cannot win here, i'm a paralegal, and hold a MS from St. Norberts University in wisconsin for Information Security & Cyber Security (that includes specific classes in IT laws).
Arden Elenduil > And it is still the game developers that have the final word
jollena Khema > devs may set the general rules but for specific cases like this one....... i'm sure i'll win
With her education and experience with highsec space law, jollena could bring down the New Order once and for all. Even CCP devs would be bent to her will.
Arden Elenduil > I'm actually quite convinced of the opposite
jollena Khema > CODE and its affilates don't "own" hi-sec space, nor can they enforce their will upon those who have no interest in CODE or its affialtes beliefs.
Arden Elenduil > code can claim ownership, and if they can enforce it in the environment of highsec, then that's perfectly fine
Arden Elenduil > in lowsec or wormhole space, one can't "claim" space in the way nullsec alliances can
Arden Elenduil > but they enforce their rule
jollena was supremely confident in her legal training, but Arden was equally confident in the power of the Code. And he, too, had an impressive highsec education: The school of MinerBumping. He destroyed jollena's "can't own highsec" argument in a flash.
jollena Khema > the law of nullsec and what was 0.0: shoot first and you don't have to ask questions later
Arden Elenduil > in highsec it's the same, it's just that the rules of engagement and ways of enforcing are different
Arden Elenduil > anyone can grab a catalyst and go on a rampage in the belts
Arden Elenduil > shooting first and not bothering to ask questions later
jollena Khema > just because your propaganda says so doesn't make it so
jollena was taken completely by surprise. It was obvious she hadn't been keeping up with the latest MinerBumping literature. Big mistake.
Arden Elenduil > it's approved gameplay by the developers themselves
jollena Khema > i won't speak ill of the devs, although their not very keen on every potential consequence of a decision
jollena Khema > every policy has unintended consequences, their not immediate but its there
Arden Elenduil > and what would you call the unintended consequences of this situation?
jollena Khema > allowing CODE and its affiliates free reign to do as they wish whenever
jollena Khema > CODE's behavior is an example of unintended consequences of a policy
Arden won the first round, but jollena wouldn't give up without a fight. The space law debate continued.
Arden Elenduil > wardecs, in effect, are also non consensual pvp
Arden Elenduil > would you ban wardecs aswell?
jollena Khema > wardecs are part of the game and that is accepted, what isn't is having to pay for a "permit" to enjoy a specific part of this game
jollena Khema > your code doesn't state those who pay will have 100% immunity of being killed either......... no diffrent than a randsom wardec
Arden Elenduil > the code does promise safety from code ganks (and only code ganks) IF those that purchased the permit adhere to the code
Arden Elenduil > if they are spotted violating the code, their permit will be revoked immediately
jollena Khema > nothing says that they can be called AFK just for the sake of ganking them, tell me how does killing a bunch of miners make your kill boards look wonderful?
Arden continued to gain ground. In desperation, jollena injected some sarcasm. But things weren't looking good for the anti-Order space lawyer. She was losing on her own turf.
jollena Khema > i played that bull@#$% game comming back from low-sec on my other account the jackass started blasting me while the game was transitioning me to hi-sec
Arden Elenduil > eh, what do you mean?
jollena Khema > he thought i was an easy target because i had been "AFK" but insted was waiting the ms lag to "gate" into another starsystem
Arden Elenduil > what did you lose?
jollena Khema > about 300 isk for repairs
Out of nowhere, jollena complained about someone causing her to spend 300 isk during a routine jump. Yes, a carebear will even complain about losing 300 isk in PvP. Now you see why a 10 million isk permit is such an obstacle for many.
jollena Khema > as for my death i wasn't bumped as is custom and law by your agents, they just showed up and blasted away
Arden Elenduil > could you please link your killmail?
jollena Khema > Kill: jollena Khema (Mackinaw)
jollena Khema > Kill: jollena Khema (Capsule)
Arden Elenduil > and you say this happened on a gate?
jollena Khema > no that happened in Aydoteaux
Arden Elenduil > ah, so they were 2 completely unrelated events?
jollena Khema > yes
jollena Khema > i didn't even have time to warp out let alone get my engines online
Despite her legal skills, jollena was beginning to sound like every other two-bit bot-aspirant in highsec. It was the old "not enough warning" complaint. Even her zero-align-time Capsule couldn't get out before being shot.
jollena Khema > your code also requires your "victims" to be bumped to verify their afk, this didn't happen.... thus the problem
Arden Elenduil > actually, that's not true
Arden Elenduil > some decide to give a few warning bumps
Arden Elenduil > others instantly decide to gank
Arden Elenduil > however, the bumps and convos are "courtesies"
jollena Khema > yeah and that is a problem for me, see your gank squads just kill without care and without reguard for your code of honor
jollena Khema > i don't need a stinking permit to fly let alone live in hi-sec, what part of that don't you get...... CCP dev's didn't write in their rules that James 315's laws are final and those who don't pay for protection will be destroyed
jollena put the whole system on trial. Unless the EULA said people could be ganked for not having a permit, she wouldn't buy one.
jollena Khema > and those that do pay for protection aren't guarenteed 100% saftey even when you do follow them
Arden Elenduil > the only place in eve that is 100% safe is inside the station
jollena Khema > again undeclred corp war randsom
Arden Elenduil > sorry?
jollena Khema > only diffrence is your not targeting a corp your targeting the mining community
jollena Khema > i'm getting bored to death of trying to help you understand this shouldn't have happened as CODE doesn't OWN hi-sec space, and let your friends know that i'll be bringing along much heavier firepower to protect my assets in the field
At last, the legal argument was over. Not because Arden won every point, mind you, but because jollena was getting bored. (A wise MinerBumping reader will see through this diguise, as highsec mining is far more boring!) Having been out-spacelawyered, jollena appealed to the law of the jungle. She would unleash her most powerful ship against the Order.
Arden Elenduil > would you mind giving me a sneak peak as to what said heavier firepower is?
jollena Khema > no but its going to be much bigger than really cheap Catalyst your suicide squad uses
Arden Elenduil > also, code has laid its claim over highsec
jollena Khema > only because you've frightened everyone into paying but me
Arden Elenduil > and i take it you're an experienced pvper?
jollena Khema > i am
Arden Elenduil > i've looked up your character on the killboards
jollena Khema > you know my charecter, but not the other account i've got
jollena Khema > the other "box" has ships on it that would and should frighten your gank squads
Not for the first time, a carebear suddenly claimed to be a skilled PvP'er. Not the character she was speaking with, of course. That character could do nothing but mine in highsec.
Arden Elenduil > well, you see, i have a bit of an issue, well issue's a big word, with boasts such as that
Arden Elenduil > the line "other account/other character" has been used so wearily often
Arden Elenduil > that it simply holds no credibility anymore
jollena Khema > the other charecter is cloaked, and nukes your gank squad the second they fire upon the miner
jollena Khema > just one painful idea you can face
jollena Khema > if i could bring the dread into the system your gank squad would run wetting itself like little 3 yr old scared
The former Mackinaw pilot spun visions of terror. Her cloaked ships could appear anywhere, at any time. And only the limitations of highsec kept her mighty dreadnought fleet at bay.
Arden Elenduil > question: what is the max number of targets of a properly fitted dreadnaught?
Arden Elenduil > max number of ships you can lock
jollena Khema > with my skills i can only take on 4 at a time
Arden Elenduil > aaaand busted
Arden Elenduil > you don't even have a dread
Arden Elenduil > how do i know this? because a properly fitted dread can lock a maximum of 2 targets with a tech 1 siege module, and 3 with a tech 2
Arden Elenduil > and this is a hard limit
jollena Khema > even hard limits have an exception
Arden Elenduil > do tell
jollena Khema > now i grow bored of dealing with a person who wants to controll the universe through fear and terror. Enjoy your time of "control" as it is quickly dissapearing. "Die Quick, often, and poor"
jollena terminated the conversation. As she flounced away, she warned that the New Order's victory was fleeting. Eventually, however, she must have received a response to her petition. CCP wasn't going to ban the New Order for ganking her Mackinaw.

...Which left only one alternative. If you can't beat us (and you can't), join us.


  1. haha nice, i guess people like jollena is why there's a bingo card. Every argument stupid and predictable

    1. "even hard limits have an exception"

      *sarcasm* Yeah, CCP goes out of their way to give a highsec carebear miner an advantage on a ship that is (mostly) used to shot POS's in low-/nullsec so they can scare away ganking catalysts. *sarcasm off*

      Ho-boy, some people's sense of entitlement know no bounds.

  2. Ahh, dang.

    I was hoping for a part three- where we see jollena Khema fight back with cloaked ships like in "Predator" and Arden Elenduil would have to cover his catalysts with mud to defeat her heat vision.

    Oh well.

    Also: jollena Khema has a master's degree yet doesn't know the difference between "their" and "they're". Good job St. Norberts University! They're giving their students a great education over there!

  3. The CODE always wins!!

  4. *wipes away tears of joy*

    The ending was so beautiful. Bravo Code! Bravo Arden!

    And mostly, Bravo to the the literary virtuoso that continues to add their high quality writing skills to this blog each and every day. Minerbumping and the exploits of the Code's Heroes are truly what makes Eve a game worth subscribing too.

    Now hear this, I pledge to *legally* mine 1 Billion ISK worth of goods so that I may transfer said ISK into something truly valuable, Shares of the New Order. It is the least I can do, to give back to an organization that selflessly raises the quality of living within High-Sec.

    And I fully expect to have the Code enforced upon me should I deviate from the law and order set forth by the Code, and will happily exclaim "GF" in local should I be terminated.

    "If ignorance is bliss, jollena Khema must be on cloud nine."

    1. Geez you wipes tears of joy over something like this? God help you, that is so sad

    2. Yes, art (literature, cinema, music, code enforcement, etc) is capable of moving people to tears.

      The only thing that would be sad is if I took to heart anything you and your ilk had to say. You can barely even communicate in a coherent manner.

    3. Normally a family, good relationships and adoring children bring people tears of joy but you get yours from code? Good for you but it makes you a very sad, depressed, self loathing individual with no life and you are to be pitied. Is that clear enough for you?

    4. Those things are also capable of causing joy. Thanks for stating the obvious.

      I was being facetious (but still extremely proud), which I would think is also obvious, but the AG community isn't known for their intelligence. Besides, I am unable to cry.

    5. Yeah bliss obvious you don't have any of those things - good look hanging on to the nothing called code

    6. Dear Anon 103,

      Please refer to the last sentence of Ignorant Bliss post 1115.

      Ignorant Bliss

    7. You are unable to cry? Of course not, you have nothing but code so are emotionless about anything real like children or a happy family

    8. ^I have a bridge to sell you.

    9. What kind of idiot brings things like RL family into an MMO anyway?

    10. DJ marks his boyfriends again but DJ I made you cry and bite your pillow and you said you loved me? But anyway you get 1/10, from what I heard your penis is too small so your boyfriends are complaining so get that penile extentsion you always dreamed off and then maybe you will be doing something real instead of looking for constant attention on Eve.

    11. I like to make ship explode, and try and surround myself with ppl I like. Still on the outskirts, doing my own EVE career without having joined sides - yet - but a big percentage of the AG bunch seem to lack intelligence, manners and arguments - carry on CODE. - more supporters (and hopefully future agents) coming your way.

    12. No fail every time you respond DJ, you got gay rage and that is priceless :)


      I've been too busy mining 2,000,000m³ of James 315's ore (his claim) over the last two or three days to post here. I dunno who the anonymous troller is, but good job man. You got him thinking it was me.


      Butthurt Miner

    14. Thanks Butthurt, a tribute from the best - I reached troll heaven :)

      Oh and I collected so many code tears it would cause massive tsunamis if I ever release them :) Thanks code you truely are the dumbest f*cks LOL

    15. you couldn't take time out from AFK mining to browse minerbumping? i find that difficult to believe.

    16. that's why code get time on here, ganking is ultra boring and repetitive and not to mention supremely cowardly - makes me fall asleep thinking about it -yawn

    17. Butt hurt, he doesn't like people talking about his love for Ero 1 and though I can't claim tears like you get, they are juicy and big :)

    18. and you claim DJ is gay for Ero, I guess butthurt really is butthurt

    19. Not at all. Get your fact straight: Where did I make such a claim? If anything, I claimed that James 315 and Erotica 1 were gay for each other, put into your own twisted format so you can understand it.

  5. Glad to hear this was settled out of court. Agent Arden Elenduil's legal prowess is unmatched. He's a regular Denny Crane.

  6. Replies
    1. So Loyalamoron, has the state taken your kids away yet. I'm surprized that you even found a woman who would bring herself down so low as to allow herself to be creampied by you and get pregnant.

      Instead of being born, you should have been aborted. Trust me, the world would have been a better place without you.

      I also fuck Vile Rat's corpse in the ass whenever I get the chance. So go chew on that for awhile. The only thing you can do to me is try to give me witty comments from behind your computer. Your rage is meaningless to me because I can type whatever I want, however I want.

      Oh yeah, the code always whines.

  7. Well done Arden! And, that ladies and gentlemen is what separates us from the carebears. We are willing to discuss topics in a polite and reserved manner.

    And we don't even need to resort to internet griefing like the deteriorating carebear community!

    Contact DJ, John e Normus, or myself if you're interesting in joining the winning side; also, we have cookies.

    1. Confirming cookies. Although John makes the best. Starfox's always taste a little like fish for some reason.

    2. uh that's cos starfox ejaculates on them then leaves them for 5 days ugh

    3. And that's what you call a lobster cum bubble.

  8. Are you are psychopath? Are you are social outcast? Are you lonely and depressed? Do you have no self esteem? Do you have nothing in real life? Can you whine? Do you have anger issues?

    You are NOT alone - Join the Code Alliance NOW

    1. Actually CODE members seem to be highly social with plenty of self esteem... which means you are either making things up or unable to properly interpret reality...which would make you the psychopath.

    2. Yeah sure you have Erotica 1 and Jerry Rin - both proved psychopaths, both who got banned at certain points for very questionable behaviour and you have people like loyal who insult someone's dead wife - yeah code sure are normal LMAO

      And now try to turn it around perp, but when evidence proves it is true and you still can't see it then that makes you the psychopath

    3. Quick question: Would you call me a psychopath?

    4. Ok anon 1121, you added the "I don't care what you have to say clause" (And now try to turn it around perp) so I won't waste anymore time with you.

      Either way, I find the traits of the code-enforcers more desirable than the mediocrity you promote. People who can think for themselves and hold their own are just more desirable.

    5. Homo is a DJ Entropy who likes likes it in butt LOL

    6. Well cased closed, all of code are psychopaths and you enjoy their company. Thing that worries me is people like you are also in society

    7. I'd rather be accused of being a psychopath than whatever it is you are advocating.

    8. Well done you admitted you are psychopath - there you go another code perp gives in to the truth

    9. But if I crack open the DSM V (get with the times DJ) I also find this:
      Oppositional defiant disorder:

      Characterized by angry/irritable mood, argumentative/defiant behavior and vindictiveness aimed in particular towards people in a position of authority.


    10. Yeah the troll constantly goes on about DJ and his gayness and his obsession with Ero 1, no it isn't funny anymore but the point is too keep saying it and people will do the work for the troll LMAO

      Oh and fact DJ you aren't a pro, you are a pathetic lonely attention seeker who has no real life - oops troll slipped LOL

    11. 1/10 you responded so you raged - troll never stops

    12. Not trying - your constant repeat rage is enough LOL

    13. 'a Something Awful forum membership so he can learn from the pros?'

      You are sounding awfully Goonish.

    14. I am a goon, didn't I mention that but which one? Give you clue - moonwich - now show me you have brains code perps.

  9. Jeez, James 315 (peace be upon Him) sure kept me in knots of suspense about what happened to the New Order and highsec, until this post. Whew!

    1. Normally a family, good relationships and adoring children bring people tears of joy but you get yours from code? Good for you but it makes you a very sad, depressed, self loathing individual with no life and you are to be pitied. Is that clear enough for you?

    2. At least try harder than copy/pasting, anon carebear.

  10. These posts just show that code monkeys are just yes men...power to the sheeple...

  11. Dear Bears of a Caring nature,

    Where is your Code equivalent? If the Code is so wrong, and you are so righteous, where is your champion organization to deliver you from oppression?

    Are none of you willing? Are none of you capable? As long as the Code is full of doers, and the Carebears full of complainers, how will you ever hope to succeed? When will the day come that one of you shows some ambition? Some leadership? Let me know, and I just might lend you my sword.

    1. Every positive person on eve - simple answer and they are many and you are few and they will always win

  12. Indeed...

    How do you kill that which has no life?

  13. The Saint Tsero
    Sarah Flynt
    Paulus Titans
    Crazy Ivans
    Mathias Mecklenberg

    The most effective foes we've ever had who earned our respect by actually fighting us in space and not anonomously on this site. I miss these players like I miss agents who have stopped playing eve. Class acts and good people despite their play style. You anti-gankers should aspire to be as deadly as they were in space.

    1. oh better marks - must be the gay + insult factor

      and I win you came back for more - troll is forever

      uh and no response to your lies?

    2. Did you not see the -6? That's is called tear's my friend.. in regards to his lies.

    3. The rage is str0ng in this one.

      He fails to reply with valid responses and defaults to 'Minus Number/Number getting worse"

      Them bots can't think for themselves. :(

    4. Oh he had strong rage, that's what you get when you constantly lie and exaggerate BJ, I mean DJ

    5. See above I was endorsed by butt hurt and you dumb enough to believe it was him LOL

      Rage Tears from DJ :)))

    6. Was once using wormhole chains to get to gank systems. After a successful gank we were coming back to the wh in our pods and Sara Flynt was there. After we were done crapping our pants, we knew we wouldn't be ganking from that hole again. Sara Flynt is that scary good.

  14. Some of those are still active but yes agree with list and would add jennifer en marland but not gorila, he talked too much and so failed to become an effective foe

  15. Unfortunately my old friend Jen bought into Gorilla's game hook, line, and sinker. It was a sad sight to see for me.

  16. what a great ending. Glad she saw sense in the end

    Code keeps winning, carebears keep whining

    1. Code keeps whining, carebears keep winning.

    2. how are the carebears winning? shooting space rocks and filing petitions isn't exactly competitive

    3. we could trying sitting in stations all day, shivering with fright like gankers do - funny code whine about miners but nothing more dire, more cowardly and more boring than ganking

    4. are you in politics? you did a great job of totally avoiding answering the question. you only help prove that the carebears whine with statements like "nothing more dire, more cowardly and more boring than ganking"

    5. Yeah I am supremely elite troll so I ignore everything anyones says and just take the piss so y'all have rage fits and cry :)

  17. "two-bit bot-aspirant"

    Succinct, gravely accurate, side-splitting. James 315.

  18. I would judge from the amount of trolls showing up the NO is WINNING :) :)

  19. LOL these impotent AG trolls are getting angrier and angrier. Keep the tears flowing, while we keep miners exploding.

  20. Nice photoshop there at the end.

  21. You know we should really make bingo cards or something given the amount of times I've heard those comments thrown at the CODE guys. It's funny yet kinda sad that carebears constantly try to judge CODE enforcers by a metric they themselves fail utterly at.

    For the record, and so people understand where I'm coming from when I say what I'm about to say, I'm a member of one of the larger pirate alliances in lowsec. We live and breath pvp every time we log in and you know what, I have nothing but respect for CODE and what they do. I think its a sign of a healthy sandbox that devious minds can still find a niche to work out of and find the obnoxious whining and rampant hypocracy of the AG crowd to be tedious at best and at worst its downright nauseating.

  22. Well said Darek.
    I find most of the Anon's here to be little bitches. Common trolls. Gutless. They are about a s bright as a pineapple. Personally, I don't like pineapples. As a Admin on another forum, there is only one way to deal with them, ban them. Here... I would suggest dis-allowing making comments anonymously... don't have the guts to step up, then you should shut up.


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