Thursday, August 28, 2014

One Night in Leremblompes, Part 1

There's an old saying, "You should never judge a book by its cover." However, on the other extreme, it would be silly to withhold all judgment until you've read every last word of a book. Once you've read far enough, you can start to make intelligent judgments about the book as a whole.

So it is with the miners of highsec. The New Order has dealt with enough miners to be able to draw some sweeping conclusions. For example, when Agent Mildron Klinker encountered Antiuk's fail-fit Retriever, he knew Antiuk was in desperate need of the Code.
Antiuk > lol mildron
Antiuk > i got all my ore back
Antiuk > so erm your suicide gank
Antiuk > yeah...
Antiuk > WORTH
Mildron Klinker > i dont think you have it back ;-)
Antiuk > 2.8 mil out of 2.9 mil recovered
Antiuk > so yeah
Antiuk > fuck you
Ten minutes after being ganked, Antiuk made a triumphant return to his keyboard. Despite losing his Retriever, he was rather pleased with himself.
Mildron Klinker > oh well, Kill: Antiuk (Retriever) need to replace that first ;-)
Antiuk > i have
Antiuk > insurance + alliance funds
Antiuk > so again
Antiuk > FUCK
Antiuk > YOU
Mildron Klinker > please keep local clean
Antiuk > kiss my arse
Antiuk > stupid pirate cocksucker
Let's return to the subject about judging books by covers. Having seen Antiuk's Retriever fit, and his reaction to being ganked, what conclusions would you draw about him? The length of his EVE career? His corp affiliation, if any?

You might be surprised. Antiuk has been playing EVE since 2008. Most of that six-year period has been spent mining in highsec. He is the CEO of a 30-member corp. The lesson to be learned here is that all highsec miners are pretty much the same. Young or old, NPC corp member or CEO, they are all useless apart from the Code.
Antiuk > learn to gonk with style
Antiuk > or go low sec
Antiuk > at least make sure u get the booty
Antiuk > to cover your costs
Mildron Klinker > lol, i actually made a profit :D
Having lost his 1v1 duel with Mildron, Antiuk nevertheless saw fit to give him some advice. Antiuk was a veteran player, after all.
Antiuk > sure
Antiuk > 100k
Antiuk > to cover that ship
Antiuk > and ammo and weapons
Mildron Klinker > i dont pay for ships
Antiuk > oh sorry forgot eve gives u free ships
Antiuk > and weapons
Antiuk > and kit
Antiuk > and ammo
Antiuk > they have a "Bad pirate fund"
Mildron Klinker > actually, James 315 does indeed ;-)
Antiuk > course he does
Antiuk has spent many years in the Leremblompes system. Somehow he managed to avoid learning about the New Order and highsec's Saviour. This is why Agents move around so much. If the carebears won't come to us, we will go to them.
Antiuk > well
Antiuk > mildron
Antiuk > 1 month of global kill rights
Antiuk > at 0 cost
Mildron Klinker > Antiuk congrats, no use to anybody :D
Antiuk > except u have 29 days of not being able to fly without being freee ganked
Mildron Klinker > euhm, you want to see my list ? :P
Leo Kovalenski > Mildron Klinker happens to be -10 with a 300M+ bounty... killrights are a poor consolation, sorry Antiuk
Antiuk > But setting it global will make me feel better
Antiuk was forced to admit that he experienced total defeat. But let's be real: Someone willing to spend 6 years mining in highsec is bound to have a high tolerance for pain. He shrugged off the loss and sucked on the pacifier of killrights.
Leo Kovalenski > maybe someone will convince him to "elite PvP" in a Macariel :)
Antiuk > Doubt it
Antiuk > that requires skill :P
Antiuk > and PvPers fight back
Mildron Klinker > hey, are you a player ?
Mildron Klinker > it's called Player vs Player, so, yeah, Elite PVP ;-)
Antiuk > Yeah but pvp means they fight back
The miner was ignorant (or feigned ignorance) about the Code, but he was very up-to-date with the latest in carebear philosophy. He wallowed in self-pitying complaints about gankers shooting people who "can't fight back". Because he was unwilling to fight back, he didn't even consider himself a "player"!
Antiuk > anwyays
Antiuk > Where was my one day reprieve?
Antiuk > Iwasnt excessive mining
Antiuk > - If a miner does not wish to purchase a mining indulgence, he may still be granted a one-day reprieve, if he is able to correctly answer the Supreme Protector's Questions Three.
Antiuk > i didnt get my questions
Antiuk > nor a reperieve
Antiuk > u just came in and gayed it up
Antiuk > read your own rules
At last, Antiuk opened his mind to the joys of the Code. He cited a provision allowing miners to get a 24-hour mining pass if they can answer the Supreme Protector's Questions Three.
Antiuk > I WANT my fucking ship
Antiuk > and questions
Reading the Code is a fine thing, but understanding it is even better. Antiuk felt he was somehow entitled to something, despite the fact that he'd never answered the Supreme Protector's Questions Three.
Mildron Klinker > you can contact our Surpreme Protector, and he will give you your questions
Antiuk > give me his name
Antiuk > im going to speak to him
Antiuk > give it up
Mildron Klinker > James 315 is the person you can contact for the questions, Antiuk
Antiuk > is he online now?
Mildron Klinker > and if i did something wrong, he will be happy to reimburse your ship too. Might need to send him a mail though
Antiuk > Oh im gunna, im fairly certain u warping in and ganking me
Antiuk > isnt a one day reprieve
Now the carebear considered himself an expert in the Code. Everyone knows that if you're stopped by a police officer, you don't lecture him about law enforcement. Nor do you tell him you'll report him to the chief and "have his badge". In New Order territory, Agents of the New Order are even more powerful than police officers. Why would you give them less deference?
Leo Kovalenski > if anyone in this system is not being ganked by Mildron Klinker and would like free max orca bonuses, just let me know.
Irisong Solette > funny thing about hisec...
Irisong Solette > after living in null for a while previously...i feel safer there
Irisong Solette > at least their i know who is out to get me :D
Mildron Klinker > hehehe, i go out there and i hardly meet anybody, in highsec, i meet alot of people, some are happy, some are not, right Antiuk ?
Antiuk > Some of us get raped by u not following your own code of conduct
Every miner has his own favorite Miner Bingo quotes. Antiuk really took a liking to the "You're not following your own CODE" square. His EVE career stood precariously on a razor's edge. One false move and he would slip into the darkness, becoming a space lawyer. Agent Mildron Klinker was determined not to let that happen. He wanted to guide this carebear into a life of Code-compliance. Would Mildron succeed, or would Antiuk only produce more tears?

To be continued...


  1. Comedy gold baby ... "Someone willing to spend 6 years mining in highsec is bound to have a high tolerance for pain." . Brilliant!

    The Code winning in perpetuum. \o/

  2. Veers veers and more veers

    Veers 24/7, more veers pls!

    1. confirming that veers tears are best tears

      he's probably busy engaged in 40 man blob warfare in provi at the moment, give him time :)

    2. Did you like the Tengu kill, bro?

    3. And for the record Veers is a proud carebear and "bot-aspirant" who doesn't go to scary places like nullsec, and therefore requires a New Order mining permit.

    4. Of course, just like no CODE agents ever go to scary places either. When my killboard shows otherwise, it's just a elaborate hoax :P

    5. Side note: Yup :) Nice tengu :P

    6. Well DJ, if that's the case, come down to where I live and I'll repo your ship and pod.

    7. Hmm, i'm trying to run a locate agent on "Random Anonymous blog poster too afraid to post with his main @ 10:49PM" and unable to find you in order to engage in said repo.

      Am I doing something wrong? :-)

    8. locate a coward - type in code

  3. Well...if you insist....pretty lame that Code is now bragging about killing a 25 mil isk Retriever...welcome to life under Loyalanon. Next they will post about that top notch Ibis they blew up.

    1. Actually, my last kill was a non compliant Imicus and i'm proud of it.

    2. Confirming that the entire New Order itself is holding an emergency meeting to make sure that "Veers" does not find the latest writeup "lame".

      This is serious business, after all :-)

    3. Try to show off some of the better kills, this is just sad...Also, where are my 20 million shares? And how is the much hyped Incursion compliance campaign going?

    4. Still flying the catalyst with +100 dps from James' blessing?

    5. Always! It's common knowledge that when James 315 even logs in - all New Order catalysts gain a extra +212 DPS and also shine a little more when the sun reflects off them.

      The +100 DPS is just a standard bonus given to all New Order agents who have received the blessing of the 315, regardless of if he is online or not :)

    6. tralllllll.....and my provi group was 10 guys, not much is a permit again? You haven't tried to sell me one recently.

    7. Butthurt ... really, dude, get some professional help. It is not healthy you are still in the anal stage of your psychosexual development. That is supposed to end at the age of three.

    8. Sorry, but I am going to refer you to my diplomats Gorila Vengaza and Blackhole Kelly. They will take any complains that you might have about my trolling here. It will become quite readily apparent that my diplomats are significantly more intelligent than all of CODEdot's diplomats, combined.

  4. Man thes guys make me laugh, about improving High-sec, noble cause surely but its run like a protection racket. Pay 10mill or die, except their so called agents would rather break your legs and your fingers so that your incapable of paying anyways. Some people on a power trip that they would never be able to achieve in real life so they result to cyber-bullying and other childish nonsense. I come to read these posts becasue its a valuable source of information on a paper I'm planning on writing the elements of societal decline and the age of cyber-bullying. Those who praise these guys for their so called PR after pulling idiotic antics need to re-assess their opinions because these CODE fellows are terrible at it, their posts are flimsy and whimsical at best. Now don't get me wrong I'm not against pvp combat in highsec and such but the claims of CODE to suggest that mining or shipping freight around as an invalid way to play the game is highly hypocrytical considering their so called manifesto claims to do exactly that act as a draconian mandate on how to play EVE online. To finalise what I've typed I stand by believing that CODE is just a simple extortion racket and nothing more, entirely into gaining as much ISK as possible while veiling it behind some Polictical Science dropouts attempt at a political manifesto. I've not been playing long but I hope that I will see the eventual collapse of this goofy mafioso alliance and be able to enjoy the game in any manner I wish, which happens to be both high-sec and lows-sec mining, manufacturing, pvp frigate combat and exploration, plain and simple.

    1. "I've not been playing long" - you could have left that part out. It shows :)

    2. Dear Social Justice Warrior,
      Hopefully, when u write your paper it will use proper paragraphs.

      I, at least, hope that when u do write it you cite examples of societal decline being the carebear miners sperg of filth that are the common interactions with Agents, as this blogs has many examples of.

      Perhaps you should think about writing of the juvenile entitlement of MMO players? Or puerile depths that are brought about by Internet anonymity?


    3. That is a new one I must admit. Never before has a carebear threatened to write a journal article about me, exposing my mean behavior for the world to see, with peer-review!

      I realize that this may frighten a carebear, going where no man has gone before. But don't worry, there is no need to be afraid of the new and unknown, you can take solace in the fact that though the exact method of exposing our villainy to the world that you have chosen may be novel, the essential elements of your tear laden rant are not. Nothing we have not seen a thousand times before.

    4. Make sure you buy a permit though.

  5. How about you right your paper on the CODE instead? Wouldn't you rather get an A+?

    1. lol he's onto the big secret - we are all getting filthy rich by providing permits at the extravagant cost of 10 million ISK :P

      Oh wait :)

    2. write, not right

    3. More cool-aid please! OH YEAH!!!!!

  6. What some might call "criminals" we prefer to call "freedom fighters" who "endure the unjust actions of CONCORD".

    It's really just a matter of perspective. Think outside the bun a little bit :P

  7. Sanbox! Be the villain

    1. +1

      Everything the New Order does = Support by CCP. In fact, CCP Falcon came out with a mighty FALCON PUNCH today and just wrecked the entire "anti-ganking" movement in one paragraph.

      In reference to a post entitled: "High Sec Hauling/Mining Kills - TY CCP for No Protection" - CCP Falcon responded with:

      "Why should CCP provide protection for your haulage in high sec?

      CONCORD offer a level of deterrent just the same as any law enforcement agency, but as with any police for they're reactive and punitive rather than proactive.

      If you want your haulage to be safer, bring the guns. If you don't have any guns, sacrifice some of your profit margin and hire someone who has them to escort you.

      Welcome to New Eden, you just learned a very valuable lesson in being prepared and covering your back."

      If you have a hard time understanding that, he basically said - learn to defend yourself and/or make friends to help you and stop crying, this is EVE.

      Working as intended, and that drives the carebear more crazy then anything. If CCP did not want us doing what we do, it would not be allowed. Just think how many silly support tickets get created on a daily basis in regards to the New Order.

      Welcome to EVE :)

    2. Oh man. That falcon smackdown. CCP is done with the carebear. They have begun to see hisec as we see it--a carebear infested wasteland filled with those that would harm the game. In true CCP fashion, it took them a long while, but they came around in the end.

    3. Yup. In a nutshell, CCP Falcon just told all the high-sec crybabies to HTFU, stop whining, learn to eve, and maybe make a friend or two and learn to teamwork.

      It totally made my day. Of course, the white knights and anti-gankers and carebears will ignore it, and continue to explode and cry about it.

    4. @"Random anonymous blog poster @ 11:11PM"

      Is eve... DYING? :)

    5. DJ you are sounding more hateful and angry with every post - what happened to the hugs and other garbage you pretend to give out?

      Yeah we know it is false and you are an hateful, self loathing individual who is taking his lonely pitiful anger out on everyone else and then turning around pretending to be someone who is caring.

      You have been busted, your true colors are showing

    6. @"Random Anonymous blog poster @ 4:04AM too afraid to post from his main"

      I've never been hateful to anyone, and there is not a single example anywhere ever of me acting in a hateful manner to anyone. I challenge you to find a single example of me ever engaging in a personal insult against anyone else, or acting in a hateful manner. Yes, sometimes the ideas or opinions I express may be unpopular, but I am never hateful about it. This is just common knowledge, and I am sorry I am unable to fill this role you feel the need to cast me in. Being nice just comes naturally to me!

      When it comes to self loathing - nothing could be more silly. I am a confident and happy person. I'm far from lonely, I have a wonderful job, a amazing girlfriend, a herd of cute cats, great friends, a really wonderful family - and I am really happy with my life. I'm sorry I can't be what you need me to be.

      Sorry to let you down :) If you need examples of some hateful people, simply scroll around some of the comments that are left for me anonymously on this blog. Look for the creepy personal insults, the death threats, the homophobia, the raw spitting rage and anger, and all of the things that make James 315's decision to allow anonymous posting here to be probably the best decision possible. Players hear about us and we are typecast as horrid cyber-bullies, then they come to this blog and find nothing but page after page of CODE agents behaving in a fun and respectful way while random angry anonymous carebears rage at us.

      You have no idea how many of our members starting out as GRRRR code after getting ganked, spent a few hours hanging out with the GRRRR code groups, and then came to us to enjoy some fun and some enjoyment of a video game without having to be part of a community based on personal hatred and rage. Keep it up, random anonymous angry people! You only make us stronger with every single post. We love you :)

    7. LOL nobody is afraid of you but keep repeating your 'idiot line'. You know nothing and are a part of a coward corp who won't fight anyone with guns and you proved that at AT. Any 3 month or older pvp player would tear apart you or anyone else in code and that is a fact.

      Oh and carry on being the total hypocrite, you said something hateful lower down about certain individuals and many times you have engaged in severe negativity to others and even in this post you are pointing fingers and insulting others.

      The hugs shit is false, you hate anyone not code and that is obvious and you probably hate the world because you are a total failure.

      It is funny that you openly show your '2 heads' and think no one notices. You aren't smart and it is very obvious that you have a severe personality disorder.

      The lies about your personal life are all are part of your self loathing and mental illness. You have to prove something to a total stranger? LMAO how pitiful!

      Carry on with your nervous breakdown it is fun to watch LOL

    8. I love it when DJ gets trolled so hard that he posts walls and walls of textual tears.

  8. Replies
    1. yeah Loyalanon aka Wolf you coward


      ********Too scared to fight RvB in Alliance Tournament*********

      **********BANNED FOREVER FROM AT**********

    2. This is totally relevant and I think you might enjoy it, random anonymous blog poster too afraid to post with his main @ 9:49PM

      "I trolled them on the fourms and everything! Do you have any idea how many times I typed #rekt after they got banned from the AT"?? :)

      Of course, during this time we are still out there winning, destroying everything, spreading the good word of the 315 - and earning the respect and love of any player who has a sense of humor and respects emergent gameplay and player driven content.

      For every angry anonymous spammer who hits this blog, I personally know 5 well respected content creators from major alliances who literally throw billions and billions of ISK at us every single month, just to keep us from having to do anything but keep on doing what we do.

      So, continue to call us cowards, ramble on about us being the champions of the AT, whine about us being "scared" - we'll be out there doing what we do best - blowing up spaceships and creating content.

      Fun fact: the CODE. alliance is currently responsible for 42,994 Ships killed (5,671 BILLION ISK). Very few alliances kill harder then us.

      So keep on spamming about cowards and being scared and our winning performance at some random tournament - in the time it takes you to cry more about it, we'll have a few more billion worth of non-compliant miners reduced to ashes and their owners sent home to their medical clones. Thankfully for us, concord makes us wait 15 mins between each kill - plenty of time to make some blog posts between :)

    3. DJ plants wall of text and has rage fit.

      No one reads your posts DJ, you are a forum troll with no life and all you do is exaggerate and lie

    4. Confirming that 280 whole words is a "wall of text" and from now on, I will do my best to remember my audience when responding to Anonymous shiptoasters too scared to post with their mains and try to keep it down to under two paragraphs. After all, anything longer would take you hours to read.

      Also confirming that perhaps some adult extension classes in reading may help you get past mighty "walls of text" that clock in at about 300 words :P

    5. Carebear tears fuel our catalysts!!! Keep it up Anonymous poster!!!

    6. Wolf aka loyalamoron your AT fail fuels everyone laughing at code - keep it coming LOL

    7. DJ spends more time on this site than I do, and that's saying something...

    8. @Butthurt MIner:

      Get used to it. I do everything better/more then you do :) <3 *hugs*

    9. Really now. Have you degenerated so much to resort to "my dick is bigger than your dick" arguments?

      Fine, I'll go there. I know there are a few things that you and most other people cannot even come close to me on. They are actual ingrained talents that I have.

      Do you know what I do for a living? I am an electrical engineer and computer programmer. Next time you take your computer apart, look at your harddisk. You see that little circuit board on it? Chances are, I designed it. The software that runs on that DSP chip? Chances are, I wrote it.

      So, what accomplishments can you claim?

  9. DJ is a word twister and a liar. He is all over every Eve forum doing the same thing but people have worked out what he is and so all he gets now is constant insults.

  10. lol look at DJ go at every post.

    The poster-boy PR manager frantically putting out fires. I *almost* feel bad for him, just almost ;P

    1. "Putting out fires" would mean that I was dealing with issues that were of some type of emergency, or were in any way harmful to the New Order.

      My responses are far from that. I respond as we care about you, we care about every citizen of high-sec - and a diplomat of both the CODE. alliance as well as the mighty New Order itself, it is my job to take the time to listen to people and respond to them. I happen to enjoy it, I like socializing with other human beings.

      Don't feel bad for me, not even just a little. If I was not having the time of my life doing what I do and getting a great deal of personal sanctification out of it, I would not be doing it.

      Thank you, however, for your *almost* concern :-)

    2. DJ is a pathetic loser and attention seeker, he trolls all the Eve forums saying the same thing over and over again.

      He doesn't care about anyone, he hates anything not code and lies and exaggerates to get his fail point across. Him and Loyalanon need booting, they are the poison which is making code look like a bunch of imbeciles.

    3. Veers can you please stop crying anonymously on blogs

    4. Wolf aka Loyalamoron stopping crying in forums because you are a proved coward

    5. Confirming it's not creepy or weird at all that you feel the need to call me a "pathetic loser" over a video game. :)

      I feel you may have immersed yourself in EVE online a little too much, random Anonymous blog poster too scared to post with his main @ 10:56PM. Perhaps a little break would be good for you? Get some perspective? I disagree with a lot of peoples views on things in this video game, but really - there's never a need to get so creepy and personal.

      Just look to the CODE for inspiration. That one simple rule. "Keep local clean." Apply that rule to your posting here, your work, your personal life - and I promise you that you will notice positive results.

      Regardless, I will always be here to allow you to vent your personal insults at me. As James 315 has pointed out, most carebears force their girlfriends, wives and or children to grind ISK for them in EVE, and if you expressing your rage and insulting me saves the ones who love you a beating or two, I will gladly take it.

      James 315 teaches us to be friendly, calm, patient, and forgiving. Just give me a shout when you want to really talk. The fact you can only make these insults Anonymously speaks volumes, good sir or madam - your own words embarrass even yourself.

    6. Go get therapy DJ, you are sounding more and more demented with every wall of text you post. You are all the laughing stock of Eve but the more you say the more everyone is laughing at you

    7. @Wolf Soprano:

      Oh no, the well respected member of the EVE community "Random anonymous blog poster too afraid to post with his main @ 11pm" has called you a "proved coward" (sic)

      I have forwarded this serious issue to the secret underground New Order meeting room, members - please set your decoder rings to LPT-2329-RED and prepare for further instructions about how we will deal with this very serious issue :)

    8. You aren't making any impact - the random anonymous poster - couldn't care less and enjoys winding up the demented no life attention seeking nobody called dj LOL

    9. @"Random Anonymous blog poster @ 11:05PM" - Funny. In game where anyone can open a conversation with me or send me an evemail - the only people who are ever rude to me are random miners in the few moments after they explode, then they calm down, we have a laugh about it, and life goes on.

      It's only here, where a small handful of angry people too afraid to ever post with their mains that anyone is ever rude to me or laughs at me :P Go figure, eh? :) I wonder if there is any connection between the whole "too afraid to talk when I might be held accountable in game for my words" and the worst of the personal insults :P

      Why don't you just drop me a message in game sometime with your sadness, and we can make up and hug, ok? :)

    10. we've heard all the bullshit already dj, you aren't anyones friend and you are hated by everyone - all you are doing is attention seeking because you have no life outside eve - go have your nervous breakdown somewhere else

    11. @Anon 11:15PM

      So drop me a message in game and tell me how much you hate me, as I never get that in game. :-)

    12. Wolf, it's not me bro...I always post with my main (unlike the Code Bros who won't post with their Goonie mains). It might be New Order Agents making intentionally ridiculous posts to make you guys look good. Please investigate.

    13. And for the record I was busy killing Goons during the time of the anonymous posts as can be seen from

    14. Veers: Well done, Syndicate can be a lot of fun. Unlike the "anti-ganking" crew you have chosen to identify with, I am going to give you a good fight - looking over those kill reports it looks like you brought some overwhelming firepower there and used it to score some good kills.

      However, can you please understand where we come from? We roam low sec often, and score lots of great kills as well (while the anti-gankers and white knights scream about how we never even go to low sec) - when we link them a killboard, there's never a GF, never a "Oh, I was wrong" - nope, just a endless stream of reasons why none of our kills "count" - we even get idiotic reasons like:

      "It was not 1vs1 so it was not real PVP."

      Dude, you seem intelligent. I hate to see you self-identifying with a community that is well known for being one of the most toxic, ignorant, and generally clueless groups one can possibly hang out with in EVE.

    15. DJ shows his true colors and hatred towards others - see how he pretends to like people then he switches over? This makes me think he is bi-polar or even a schizophrenic but he is certainly very mentally ill.

      Funny how he also talks about "toxic, ignorant, and generally clueless groups" but all those things are exaclty what code are.

      Also love the low sec fail brag - camping on gates is not real pvp - try engaging RvB and see how silly you will all look. Oh I forgot you had a chance to do that in the AT and you were too scared to fight them LMAO

    16. DJ,

      What I saw in Uedama tonight was far more pathetic than any of your alleged "crimes" by anti-gankers. Quite simply mass immature behavior, commensurate with 12 year olds, and griefing of anyone unlucky enough to be ganked. I am proud to oppose your griefing organization, and will continue to be the #1 enemy of Code. It's time to move beyond pathetic spam in local, taunting, bragging, and stupid claims that you "won" the AT.

      For you own sake - grow up, and quickly.

    17. Veers: What you saw tonight in Uedama was something you will likely never experience in EVE, which is a large group of players working together and having a absolute blast while racking up 5 times more ISK value in kills in three hours then you have managed in your characters entire history. Do we get a little spammy and silly? Yes, yes we do! Is is all about fun, creating content, and enjoying EVE in a way that is totally encouraged by CCP? Yes, yes it is!

      No one needs you to approve of or enjoy our style of content. Of course, we are always here to listen to your opinions and ideas, and you are welcome on my Teamspeak, Mumble, or Jabber any day to express them.

      @ "Random Anonymous Blog Poster @ 6:02 AM" - show everyone how what is done? If it's a question about any aspect of EVE mechanics, PVP, or anything I can help with - you or anyone are free to ask me, and I would be happy to take a few moments to give you a good answer or point you in the direction of some folks who would be happy to help you out. There's no need to get all creepy and homophobic about it, just ask! <3

    18. No, one conversation with the great minds of Code was quite enough, thank you. I will continue to oppose the immaturity, griefing, spam, and abuse of game mechanics on this blog, and in local chat, which should be quite sufficient. Your fun consists of harming others and mocking them, which has no staying power, and is hopefully on the way out of Eve.

      Great job on winning the Alliance Tournament. *eyeroll*

    19. lol no staying power... isn't that a bingo square?

    20. No one wants to talk to a mental case like you DJ. You are a pitiful failure hanging on to life through a game. When did you have a DJ gig last? When was the last time you dated someone? Does it bother you that you won't ever have children?

      I can give you the answers - you never get DJ jobs, you haven't had a date in years (if ever) and you cry yourself to sleep knowing no one will ever love you and you will never have children.

      Now are we going to get another sermon where you are going to prove you are someone? You should stop, we get it, you are a self loathing lonely hypocrite with no life and no prospects so you spend all day playing eve and bowing to a pretend saviour and you clutch onto 'love' from spineless individuals in code who are exactly like you.

    21. @random Anonymous blog poster too afraid to post with his main @ 11:33AM:

      Oh god no some random guy on the internet has made fun of me oh god BESS BESS get them off


      I still love you. Please, get a permit :)

    22. Well DJ, if the Anons won't talk to you, I will!

      It's funny... they keep bleating how you have nothing to say and don't want to talk to you, yet they still do. Most confusing. Sounds like someone has missed their daily meds.

  11. And confirming that anon @ 9:53 PM lacks a sense of humor, and adult concepts such as moral relativism are a bit on his or her horizon.

    I can gladly recommend a nice reading list for you to help introduce you to thinking in a more adult way.

    Also confirming that I take random insults over the internet very serious :)

  12. Its a war. A thought experiment brought to life. One man's idea articulated and propagated, the Code has become a meme(viral thought) Its now a war of wills. Concord will never change until they are coded to change. Code will never give up until players accept the meme.

    Its been 2 years.

    Code hasn't gone away, its only gotten bigger.

    Whenever James315 and Code crank it up a notch threadnaughts are spawned. Devs respond but scrupulously never name names.

    Empty Freighter Ganks

    THIS is what CCP wanted from their game when they made it 10 years ago! Someone to turn it into something else, this is the game within the game. CCP should give James315 a lifetime achievement award.

  13. Confirming that Anonymous @ 10:27 PM "gets it."

    So many of these care bears are just unable to comprehend the concept of a sandbox experience, and the actual meaning of emergent gameplay is so many levels over their heads. They are unable to embrace the meta.

    What depresses me the most is their lack of ability to accomplish anything that measures using any metric (beyond how often they explode). They just "want to be left alone" to grind in irrelevance, and when another player dares create some content with them - they rarely if ever rise to the chance that has been offered them.

    Nope. They just come here and spout the usual stuff. GRRRR CODE. GRRR goons. Grrrr CCP for not holding our hands tight enough.

    And of course, the most depressing part - if they would just use some of the time they use GRRRRing at everything to actually learn how eve works, make some friends, and get out there and actually do something - magic would happen. I mean, really guys - even a organized gank fleet can be stopped cold in it's tracks with some really basic strategy. In nearly a year of flying with the New Order, I have yet to ever see anything beyond a mild annoyance generated by two or three players.

    Step up your game, White Knights. Learn to teamwork.

  14. dj is losing it on MB - walls of rage, hissy fits, tears - take the meds and see the therapist - you are one step from a nervous breakdown

  15. I'll consider it. I usually get my serious mental health opinions from well respected sources of diagnosis such as "random anonymous blog poster posting to a blog about a video game @ 11:13PM".

    Seems legit :)

  16. I predict a phoenix shall rise from the shadows, a force so fearsome that the CODE. killboards multiply by double, then triple, then 5 times. The day is coming where all freighters, other hauling vessels, and miners undocking without a permit will blow up. Tears will wet faces and screams will be heard all over the world as the collective carebears cry out. The cats will be herded to enlightenment or unsubscribe.

    The rapture is coming in 2015. Prepare yourselves. Buy a permit. Live the CODE.

    1. Hmm... maybe someone somewhere knows a certain someone is coming back with a vengeance. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    2. E1 was permanently banned from the game. S/he/it isn't coming back. There will be a phoenix rising from the ashes though...

      And it's name is BoB.

  17. What about deep throat and his raspy voice... Welcome back Ero1 in advance :)

  18. I don't need to be legit, it is very obvious to anyone you are having a nervous breakdown. You are erratic and often make no sense and are switching moods with every post and even shifting personalities.

    It is LOL to see it especially since you are the code diplomat and it shows they have no idea and are desperate but for god's sake get help.

  19. Dj, I wonder if you get the point that the conflict arises because EVE is actually 2 different games appealing to two different audiences? On one hand its a glorious PvP sandbox where we are allowed to burn down each others sand castles, on the other hand its the ONLY spaceship empire building game thingy where we get to fly spaceships and mine stuff and build bigger spaceships.
    Its all well and good CCP telling the people playing the spaceship game "your wrong" and the people playing sand box saying "fuck off back to wow scrub", but as soon as a genuine spaceship game appears that actually provides a pve server and a decent pve experience we are gonna lose alot of players. From ccps own stats they are writing off 90% of the people who subscribe cos they cant be arsed to improve their shitty pve.

    So if eve has 300k subs does that mean the market for a pve spaceship game was 3 million? that was alot of money CCP left on the table huh?

  20. nightgerbil: Well written and you bring up some good points - however I must disagree. EVE has NEVER been two different games, not since day one. The sandbox does not magically vanish during a mining operation, or a mission, or when hauling, or when you are in a specific area of space.

    Truth be known: I can't wait until Star Citizen comes out (though we will be waiting for a while). Sure, EVE is going to lose some people - but to be blunt, I think EVE would be better off for the experience. Once Star Citizen is released, the crowd that wants EVE to be something it has never been will have somewhere to go and can play a game they will enjoy a lot more. Sure, EVE will take a bit of a hit.

    What you may be forgetting is that even if the playerbase does shrink, that means less server hardware needed, less overhead, fewer employees - and frankly, I think that might actually be better for the future of this great game.

    You seem to be forgetting the very core, the thing that makes EVE something unique and magical. We don't have "PVE servers" and "Arenas" and "Special areas" where player interaction is not allowed. This is one of the HUGE selling points of EVE - it's ONE universe. No matter how much people want to just be "left alone" to grind PVE all day, they simply have to accept they are playing a game that does not allow them to be left alone. It's clearly stated in the EVE FAQ - there is NO WAY to avoid PVP conflict 100% of the time, and there is no such thing as a "safe" place. If you are undocked, pew pew can happen.

    People have been saying "EVE is Dying" since 2004. Has it stumbled a few times and had some troubles? Sure. Is it going anywhere anytime soon due to holding true to what makes it great? Not a chance!

  21. At this rate I will put CODE into shame with my kills. Keep up the bromance gays while I educate the masses of your true intentions ;)

    1. Not me. Loyalanon, get some help, dude. Trying to steal my identity is not a winning plan.

  22. Veers, get your own blog instead of just coat-tailing on ours...

  23. Omg the tears, they taste so sweet

  24. COde wins and carebears cry, nice :P

  25. creating over yourselves


      ********Too scared to fight RvB in Alliance Tournament*********

      **********BANNED FOREVER FROM AT**********

    2. Certainy not one dimensional like cowardly gankers who sit scared in a station all day waiting for a scout to do their work so they can shoot a miner with no guns

  26. CODE is an insult to PVPers like me. Sometimes I undock and there are goon carriers everywhere. Why can't CODE come pay 5Z a visit? Please? We have cookies!!

    1. LSM:

      You're not my supervisor! :-)

    2. And you're a laughing stock. What is your point? But seriously, 5Z could use some fresh faces!

  27. It's comments that I've seen on forums like this that causes me to want to replace humanity with new creations...

    1. @Gawd: Ehh. Simply remember the rules of the internet and you'll be fine.

      Rule #6: Anonymous can be a horrible, senseless, uncaring monster.

      Don't judge humanity by the insane rude comments that Anonymous loves to share. As one who can see the IP address of these Anonymous posters, what looks like a huge sample of humanity acting awful is literally three people who are still sad about some random internet spaceship they lost at some point.

      Join us in game on channel minerbumping (password 315) and you'll see what I mean - of the three very upset Anonymous posters that frequent this blog, two of them are banned and one of them dares not show his face in channel - you can't join without people knowing your name :)

    2. There's an interesting article about this in the Harvard Review Of Psychiatry: "Repressed Sexual Urges and the Carebear Obsession with Homosexuality -- a Causal Connection".

    3. Minerbumping is definitely worth crashing for the entertainment value. 90% of my time there consisted of pathetic New Order Agents begging me to buy their worthless permits, and Code compliant miners demanding that I meet them in 1v1 combat to burnish their low self esteem. I was forced to decline both requests, because my non-mining play style does not require a permit, and because miners are unworthy of a 1v1 against me. After outwitting the Code goons, John Normus and Loyalanon banned me from batch channels. The greatest fear of CODE is accountability for their griefing.

  28. Well...its time for common sense with Mr X.

    Today, we'll be reviewing why chasing players off a game is bad for that game.

    CODE has demonstrated repeatedly in the past, with even a confirming comment from James 315 during a interview during his brief attempt to run for CSM, that their overall aim is to chase any 'non-compliant' player out of EVE.

    This not really a smart idea for several reasons which I will cover later on...but first, lets take a look at the outcomes of this campaign.

    A: Everyone becomes code compliant. This sadly will have no chance of happening unless CCP enforce it themselves which will not happen as it would mean that the game is no longer a sandbox where a player can play his way. Not only that but it is extremely unlikely that CODE could get the numbers to have permenent staff in every high sec system in the game.

    People will mine regardless of CODE's views and will always find somewhere to operate where CODE has no presence.

    B: CODE ends up causing a incident similar to the alliance tournament, resulting in bad PR for CCP. This scenario seems the most likely to happen to me and will certainly result in concequences to protect their image. This has happened before, in the case of the mittani's incident at the eve convention where he encouraged the community to drive a player to suicide or erotica1's 'bonus room', both of which resulted in bans.

    The last scenario, I would like noted, I concider very unlikely but I am including anyway.

    C: CODE manages to drive every player in highsec to unsub.

    This would be a disaster for the game and CCP. Not only would they lose millions in subscription income but, as the leaving players tell others via steam or other online forums, New player subs would reduce significantly, costing even more money to CCP and again, causing bad publicity when the story hits News websites.

    This would also be the most disastrous for CODE as CCP is, first and foremost, a company and like all companies, the very first thing at the top of their list is making as much money as possible.

    If you threaten that bottom line, they will cut their losses and unleash the banhammer on you. Its that simple.

    As I said, Scenario C is very unlikely and would take some very special circumstances, including Newbie griefing that again, would result in a terminal case of banhammer.

    The events of AT, an event that usually attracts many new players, including myself, to subscribe, that CODE caused showed that CCP will act to deal out penalties for anyone who messes with the games image.

    I fully expect you to make up some wierd reason why the games terms and conditions don't apply or why CCP don;t have the right to ban whoever they want...but this is just food for thought for you.

    This is Mr X...signing off.

    1. Very odd way to view things in a video game really. I personally play Eve because I enjoy it. not because it helps CCP to profit or look good to their shareholders. 99.9% of high sec residents could unsub and it wouldn't change my gameplay style in the slightest. Only when high sec is completely 100% Code compliant or completely empty will I stop being an agent for the Code and James 315.

    2. Mr X here.

      Of course YOU play for fun. The fact remains though, that you are still paying CCP's wages with your is everyone else who plays.

      CCP will do everything possible to make as much money as possible, including banning players who are attempting to disrupt and remove subscriptions from the game with harassment.

      I personally also play for fun. But CCP make the game to make money.

    3. Confirming that Mr X missed the recent forum posts by CCP Falcon clearly stating that CCP would rather shut down the whole game then hold the hands of carebears and give them their themepark wonderland.

      Also, the "Eve is Dying" thing is getting old. The phrase was first used 4 days after launch. We are still here :)

    4. Code is dying is more suitable and code is laughing stock of eve after AT is even better

    5. At no point did I say that eve was dying. Far from it from what I last heard.

      I also said that the unsub scenario was extremely unlikely.

      I don;t consider CODE capable of causing that at all, not when events like 'Burn Jita' and 'Hulkageddon' fail to cause the same problem.

      As for falcons comments, you are right. At the time of my OP I was completely unaware of CCP Falcons posts...and you know what? I agree with every point he makes...though I do note that at no point did he say that 'he'd rather shut down EVE online then give in to carebears'.

      People who fit their ships badly and then choose to fly it through a combat zone might as well just call it 'HMS Shoot me' and they really need to learn to fit. Battleclinic and eveuni's wiki pages are all there for that reason.

  29. Common sense, true. But without the goal of total domination, their movement losses it's vision and momentum. They would very quickly cease to exist.

    1. Exactly. Fundamentally they are griefers....without an overarching goal it would just collapse under its own weight. Thing is that their goal is unattainable - vast majority of Eve players (including me) will never buy their crummy permits. That's why long term Code will disintegrate.

    2. You mean the New Order will be around forever to take out the trash. The New Order will stay a growing force for as long as there are noncompliant miners, haulers, missioners, etc. Even after the goal of 100% compliance has been reached, the New Order will remain around to administrate highsec. You don't eliminate the police force just because crime is low or completely stomped out.

      James 315 is our rightful leader. Even if James were to retire, the New Order has a deep bench of talent from which to draw upon. I am sure the martyr of the sandbox, Ero herself, would be more than happy to fill in if called upon, as well as many others.

      Also, I think you underestimate the scope of what the New Order has planned.

    3. Thank you, Anonymous at 6:11 PM for sharing with us the minutes from the confidential NO leadership meeting last week. Feel free to post with an actual in game persona to share further details.

    4. Again, not me. Troll harder gyus.

  30. DJ Entropy wrote: What some might call "criminals" we prefer to call "freedom fighters" who "endure the unjust actions of CONCORD".

    Freedom Fighters huh? I'll get back to that.

    So, lets get down to the code flops.

    CODE suicide ganks innocent highsec miners who only have drones to fight back.

    CODE suicide ganks haulers, full or empty, who are running through highsec.

    CODE suicide ganks auto-piloters.

    CODE signed up for the AT, paid the entrance fee, and then didn't show (read: ran away) when faced by a REAL PvP fight with a REAL PvP corp.

    CODE gets permabanned from future AT events due to their actions (or lack thereof).

    CODE still supports the mittani even after he endorsed driving a player to commit suicide. Note, this wasn't some offhanded remark. According to official CCP correspondence on CCP's dev blog, there was actually a slide in the presentation. This means that he created that slide with the intention of having players ask questions about it. I don't know about where you live, but here in the United States of America, that is called "premeditation."

    Remember "Freedom Fighters?" Well, Islamic jihadists and terrorists also call themselves "Freedom Fighters." They suicide bomb (read gank) and kill hundreds of innocent people. So code agents perform ingame suicide bombings...err...ganks, just like the in real life terrorists do out of game. "The Code" supports The Mittani who endorsed people to drive another person to commit in-real-life suicide. Terrorist organizations such as Islamic State, Taliban, and Al Qaeda, have beheaded innocent people who's only crime is that they are not Islamic. These radical Islamic terrorists claim that their religion instructs them to kill "infidels" (Infidels are people who are not Islamic and don't abide by Sharia Law.) as justification of their actions. The code bot monkey wankers kill anyone who is not "code compliant" and point to the code as justification for their actions.

    Now I don't know about you guys, but I see some very disturbing parallels here about this CODEdoc alliance, their "code," and their justification of their in-game actions. So if "CODEdot" was real life, they would be a terrorist organization. So if you are a member of code or a code supporter, think about this for a minute. Do you want to be involved with an organization, which if it existed in real life, would be involved in terrorism and endorse the wholesale slaughter of hundreds of innocent people?

    If you answer yes to this question, they you are where you belong. If you answer no, then you should seriously rethink your game plan. I stand by my earlier assessment of having a code agent walk into an office and spray it with bullets for real-life code violations. Sadly, I can see this really happening.

    Not trolling this time. I am serious.

  31. Wow. You just went full retard.

    Question: What color is the sky in your world?

  32. Colonel what color are daughters panties? Are they pink or pink with white stain where you came on them?

  33. The color of my sky is the same as yours. Blue. I reposted it to the next blog so it would get more coverage.


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