Saturday, August 2, 2014

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #60

Someone's quitting because they encountered spaceship combat in a spaceship combat game? Must be another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

If you serve as an Agent of the New Order, the villains of highsec will treat you as they would treat me. This miner wished for Skipper Huitzilopoch to experience "a case of acute rigor mortis". In-game, of course. In-game rigor mortis.

Sylvia Ross was the subject of a recent MinerBumping post after she demanded a safer highsec for her Retriever. Miners like Sylvia complain about getting a "bad edit" on the site. Sorry, but I work with what I'm given.

Knights of the Order don't always get the respect they're due from the carebears they police. The balance is extracted from these carebears by looting their wrecks.

Guess which letter of the alphabet is Commander Koy Bruno's favorite?

Some carebears struggle to warn their fellow bot-aspirants about the presence of New Order Agents in the system...

...But such warnings are not needed. If you're in a 0.5+ security system, an Agent (or multiple Agents) probably isn't far away.

It should come as no surprise that I am often compared to a superhero who works tirelessly to save his city. Agent Alana Charen-Teng beat Skar Kaizen to the Batman comparison:

Batman doesn't need any special powers to save the day. He cleans up Gotham by using his courage, his wits, and maybe a little money. Just like our Agents.

The bot-aspirants of highsec operate under all sorts of misconceptions about EVE, and about the New Order. We could tell them they're wrong--but we prefer to prove it by our actions. So far, so good.

Some relationships are constructive. Others are destructive. Xeus Juntu's girlfriend became a modern-day Jezebel or Lady Macbeth when she encouraged her boyfriend to be AFK while mining. Nevertheless, men are responsible for their own actions, so his ship was terminated according to the Code.

Not every miner approves of the Code, but after enough ganks, they'll all obey it. Scronchenhammer Wongbengdong took highsec one step closer to victory when he promised to dock up the next time "nature called". A wise decision. Thanks to our fearless Agents, the Code has a call of its own--and it has even less patience than nature's.


  1. "Nevertheless, men are responsible for their own actions, so his ship was terminated according to the Code."

    There is so much wisdom in this statement alone that I had to spend multiple hours thinking on it!

  2. Nice piece of artwork, Alana, keep 'em coming.

    Supreme Protector - your grasp of what's actually happening in some of these chatlogs is nothing short of miraculous. Most of them had me stumped until I read your comments.

    Blazing wit!

    1. Sasha grovels again - what's new - write anything anyone and I will grovel like crazy

  3. You code monkeys are extremely cerebrally anally inverted suck ups...the code deserves no respect nor does the buffoon of highsec, james all should be flushed into the sewer from whence it came...

    1. "the code deserves no respect nor does the buffoon of highsec, james 315"

      People who lack the courage to post with their main whilst spewing insults, however, they deserve lots of respect, right?

    2. It's the AG guys of course they aren't going to reveal there mains.

      It could be gorila but he rage quit eve so either way the code always wins.

      Let the anon posters cry harder.

    3. Lets get it right - wolf soprano aka loyalanon insulted gorila over his recently passed wife because he is a low life scumbag

    4. I beg to differ.

      Gorila tried meta gaming, realise he was terrible and rage quit. Loyal didn't say anything about his wife, just some random dude and as gorila said, free speech and all that

    5. Go and cry abit it in the corner with him.

    6. That wall of tears I didn't read.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Someone hasn't quit yet? gods sake just quit already gorilla instead of bitching about your wife.

    9. Misspelled to many words

      Gorila qq more there friend, looks to me you haven't quit and you still hanging round eves number one blog.

      Lets be clear. The only one using the death of someone to get some sense of something is you. Yes people felt sorry for you, I did, but you played it up too much and used the death of ur wife to further your own agenda in my opinion.

      You have quit the game so move on son. Take ur free speech, go sit in the corner and find another game

    10. Ouch that has to sting a little

    11. Guys we aren't as stupid as you. Wolf aka Loyalmoron posts then tells his little pet yaken to post and he is ultra stupid so he says something about Gorila's wife.

      He then gets told by his owner 'ya can't say that bro' so he removes it and then posts as an anon and does the normal loyal and co insult about Gorila's wife and then he comes back again a few minutes later and posts as yaken again.

      He then thinks he can preach but in the process insults Gorila over his wife by saying he is using her for an agenda so pretty much he can't help but insult no matter what.

      This all shows the mindset of both yaken and loyal, they are both low life scum and could never reach a low because to them there isn't one.

      Take note code this is the standard which you are being judged on.

    12. Look through this blog always post as this.

      I don't need to hide anonymously and I don't care about gorila or his wife plain and simple, but if He is going to bring it up I'm going to have my opinion.

      Fact is gorila needs to stop trying to meta and actual quit if he going to and you guys can just keep on crying

      The code always wins

    13. AG still whining over the Internet baddies

    14. Well either you or loyal are adding extra comments, again it happens right after your comment yaken (aka loyals dog).

      Also obvious you don't care, you insulted gorila in local about his dead wife and you are continuing to do it now and you think that is a win for code? Nah it shows you are all scum

    15. I wasn't even playing when the comment was said.

      To be honest I don't care someone asked a question. Free speech friend and I can't control the actions of another player. Especially someone not in code.

      But just keep on crying.

    16. I'll always back mine, especially when they have done nothing wrong. However back down never.

      If eve upsets u this much, perhaps u should go play mine craft with the other 7 year olds and the other cry baby gorila


      Chribba still has the thread and there is the post with the "complete" logs Gorila posted. Unlike the first set he posted, this shows loyalanon responding to Lilynndria Satele comments, not to TasKu.

      It is obvious from the edited version that Gorila hoped to tar loyalanon by using Tasku's comment about Gorila's wife. Tasku's comment was entirely reprehensible and I'll have no problem dropping fleet if I find myself in one with him. Gorila trying to use that comment to tar loyalanon is reprehensible as well. I'm glad to hear Gorila has quit EVE and I hope Tasku does the same. You're both terrible people and have taken what should be a fun little roleplay in a video game way to far into the real world.

    18. It is common sense to post anonymously when dealing with cerebrally anally inverted arrogant sewage like you code code monkeys should be ganked for being bot-aspirant since you are always doing the same thing...ganking soft easy there is a lack of courage for afraid to fail, eh, chimps...

      From Anonymous @(August 2, 2014 at 11:29 PM)

    19. It's only common sense to a pussy like you.

      The CODE always wins!

    20. You guys really crack me up. Honestly. I love how you distort and twist any little thing. It’s disgusting.

      Since CODE loves tears so much it’s explains why Loyal cried for 6 weeks straight about Fallen Seal.

      And let’s use Loyal’s Fuzzy logic for this blog.

      Since James 315 won’t moderate his blog and remove comments people might find distasteful, doesn’t that mean James 315 and CODE supports the people who make those comments?

      That’s what Loyal tried to pin me with and according to you guys I’m suddenly a horrible person?

      LMAO what a fucking joke.

      More Hypocrisy from James 315 and CODE.

    21. Are you a tad upset gretchen? That sounds more like code loosing to me...

    22. Oh. Fantastic. Thanks for posting that link, Malcolm. I missed that particular nugget of drama and had no idea what the antiganking guys were circle jerking over.

    23. So gorila you should just quit already instead of hanging around

    24. Gorila are you quitting or trying to get more attention?

    25. You talk out of your butt Malcolm Shinhwa, you are one the biggest code sh*t stirrers and one of the biggest liars, it wouldn't surprise me if you were one of the people who write for MB along with DJ (we know Jimmie is demented and got shakes so he doesn't anymore).

      Anyway about the "official chat logs" which Gorila also posted btw so he wasn't hiding anything, in fact they read the same because Loyal and co are ignoring Lilynndria (she is a non-entity to them) and are responding directly to what is said about Gorila' wife. No one notice that?

      n++[ 2014.07.31 23:52:59 ] Gorila Vengaza > um loyal
      n++[ 2014.07.31 23:53:11 ] loyalanon > ooooo
      n++[ 2014.07.31 23:53:12 ] loyalanon > hahahahhaa
      n++[ 2014.07.31 23:53:15 ] loyalanon > #rekt
      n++[ 2014.07.31 23:53:25 ] iZaEaRl > rekt

      That and the context of the rest of the chat log make it very obvious that Loyal and co are GUILTY but hey it takes someone who has any brains to know that but of course people like you Malcolm want to spin it because you want to cover up how they all act.

    26. GV "I love how you distort and twist any little thing. It’s disgusting."

      Malcolm linked the original chat YOU posted. How is quoting you distortion?

      I love how the anti-gankers try to spin us as the bad guys in a comments section filled with personal attacks by anti-gankers on us...

      ("cerebrally anally inverted arrogant sewage" really?)

      Code agents represent the best of law, civilization, and order.

      Rebels like the so called "anti-gankers" reflect the anarchy, lawlessness and savagery their misguided beliefs lead to.

  4. Love it! And no whiteknight will say anything about these carebears language because its ok when it concerns someone in code or is a random ganker like myself
    Lets see if the white knights start a campaign to get these miners banned.

  5. in honor of all this i'm going to find a hooker who will do a mexican halloween

  6. I'm in the anti-ganking community and I don't give a flying fuck about language since I use language to communicate myself. Loyalanon aka Wolf Soprano is a piece of shit for using Gorila's wife as a tool against him.

    Since Loyalanon is still a member of code...

    News at 10:

    Today on the range, there was an ugly incident involving the pot and the kettle. Mr. Spatula, can you please elaborate on what happened?
    Sure, I was just hanging out on the wall when suddenly the pot called the kettle black.
    Thank you. Mr. Eggbeater, any comments?
    Yes. I was completely surprised by the pot's actions. Calling the kettle black. What did he aim to achieve?
    Mrs. Blender, what are your thoughts on this?
    I thought it was strange because the pot itself is black.
    Thank you. After the break, we will hear more from Spoon, Fork, Strainer, and Frying Pan.

    So far, Loyalanon is still in CODE, which makes James 315 a hypocrite, especially after Gorila Vengaza was raked over the coals for allowing Fallen Seal to remain in his corp after those comments he made about Vile Rat.

    So Jimmy boy, care to grace us with a comment here?

    1. don't forget the spatula he was behind all of this

  7. Lay off the weed bro...

  8. Hahahaha anti gankers whining there precious leader left them.

  9. Antigankers tears, fueling catalysts since 1862

  10. But yet here you are commenting about us.

    Haters gone hate, just the code is always going to win

  11. And there you are go falling for the trolling fat-boy homo LOL

  12. Where is this hate for gay community coming from? Or towards fat people? You anti-gankers and pitiful people.

  13. Looking over all this crap I noticed something. I don't see Gorila bringing up his wife. I see him post about how wrong it is to mock someones death. You lowlife Code monkeys keep bringing her up.
    its pathetic.

  14. AnonymousAugust 4, 2014 at 1:48 PM - so you are fat and gay are you? Go cry in a corner you 500 pound homo we don't feel sorry for you so weep elsewhere

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