Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Three Hundred Ninety-Six Billion in Shares Sold

The journey toward 400 billion continues. We're getting there. We're getting close to the mark now, people.

Lovely Dumplings purchased an additional 1,000 shares of New Order stock, pushing us over the 394 billion isk mark and earning a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

Great minds think alike, it seems. Sasha Nyemtsov, very much in the news lately, upgraded his holdings by 1,000 shares and sent us over the 395 billion isk mark. Sasha earned a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ to add to his collection of accolades.

And let us not forget young Luis Alejandro Flores, whose purchase of just 50 shares was sufficient to nudge us over the 396 billion isk line. He, too, earns a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ and reminds us that every share counts.

These achievements alone warrant a post. Yet the 400 billion isk mark beckons. Who will send us over the line? Will it be you?


  1. Gorila you don't understand anything. We thought you had quit?

  2. I haven't played EVE in a couple years. I doubt I'll ever play again simply because RL time constraints won't allow it. However, I'm patiently waiting for one of those EVE offers: "re-activate your account and play 5 days for free!"

    When that happens, I *will* devote a couple of days to liquidate my in-game holdings -- not much, maybe 3B at most -- and hand them over to show appreciation for this entertaining blog.

    1. That's the spirit! Have you considered hours for plex? The New Order has many agents experienced in the expedient transfer of wealth. They can accept your assets quickly and handle market trades for you. Just login and ask around for the minerbumping chat channel info. Tell them I sent you. A friendly agent will walk you through the process on CODEdot comms, and with your permission, record your story and thoughts, and perhaps you will be featured in a future article.

    2. Also, depending on skillpoints, it may be worthwhile to donate your character to the New Order, which an agent can also help you with. Resale on behalf of the New Order could be quite and exciting thing and fetch a premium. You might even see the character grace these pages well into the future depending on buyer. If it isn't worth it, also consider an alpha podding event for fun.


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