Friday, August 29, 2014

One Night in Leremblompes, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Rebel carebear Antiuk spent six years mining illegally in highsec. Then, just in the nick of time, Agent Mildron Klinker showed up and blasted the miner's Retriever. Offered the chance to get a permit, Antiuk refused on the grounds that Mildron didn't follow his own Code.
Antiuk > I am following the drill
Antiuk > and you didnt follow it
Antiuk > Cos you didnt initiate conversation in local to make sure I wasnt afk farming or didnt want to purchase a permit
Mildron Klinker > i followed my code of conduct, so if you want to complain about it... well, you know the drill
Antiuk > Mildron
Antiuk > kiss my arse
Antiuk > if you had followed your code i would
Despite being one of the mouthier miners Mildron had encountered, Antiuk claimed he would've purchased a permit if only he'd been asked. Attention all miners, past, present, and future: You're being asked right now. Send us your money.
Mildron Klinker > please keep local clean
Antiuk > kiss
Antiuk > my
Antiuk > white
Antiuk > hairy
Antiuk > cheeks
Antiuk > with soap
Mildron Klinker > just behave my friend, really, it's alot nicer
Antiuk > Mildron Klinker you say I dont behave?
Antiuk > Well perhaps you should learn to behave
Antiuk > need I remind you of YOUR OWN CODE
Talking to Antiuk was like talking to a wall. He couldn't get past his anger about Agent Mildron "violating" the Code.
Antiuk > - If a miner does not wish to purchase a mining indulgence, he may still be granted a one-day reprieve, if he is able to correctly answer the Supreme Protector's Questions Three.
Antiuk > i was not granted such
Leo Kovalenski > did you answer all three questions?
Antiuk > i wasnt asked them
Antiuk > i was just blown to smithereens
Mildron Klinker > well, you should have read that BEFORE you started to mine in our saviours Highsec
Antiuk > fuck you
The relationship between Antiuk and Mildron reached its lowest point yet. Most people would give up, assuming Antiuk would never pay for a permit. Mildron cared too much. He knew well the New Order motto, "No miner left behind."
Antiuk > I wasnt offerd shit
Antiuk > I was just gnked
Leo Kovalenski > you didnt even do the thing...
Antiuk > I didnt get to do the thing
Antiuk > I jsut got insta gibbed
Antiuk continued to fume about not being given the chance to answer the Questions Three. But let's be honest here--what are the odds Antiuk could've gotten those questions right, anyway? He probably thinks the Nile is the largest river in the world.
Oberyn Rodregas > why is he your savior?
Mildron Klinker > Oberyn Rodregas he's yours too
Mildron Klinker > just check out and it's all explained in there
Antiuk > Basically Oberyn Rodregas
Antiuk > He cant think for himself
Antiuk > so he gonks miners cos they dont fight back
Antiuk > to make himself feel big
Antiuk > that clear enoug hfor you? :)
The argument between the Agent and the non-compliant attracted the attention of everyone in Leremblompes local. This is always a victory for the New Order, as it inevitably brings the Code to the attention of more miners.
Antiuk > oh cos some guy tells him hes their "saviour"
Mildron Klinker > well, somebody has to protect our beloved Highsec and the treasures inside
Oberyn Rodregas > I am starting to think that EVE is some form of social experiment
Antiuk > Listen to what hes saying
Antiuk > Hes a fucking fruitloop
Antiuk > who cant even follow his own code
As Mildron attempted to speak the message of the New Order to more receptive ears, Antiuk tried to poison everyone else against it. What would Antiuk know about the benefits of the Code, anyway? He's never tried to follow it.
Irisong Solette > Antiuk...this is a game...give it a rest please...not like they burned down your house or torched your car while you were driving down the road
Mildron Klinker > I followed the CODE at the letter, you didn't so this is the result: Kill: Antiuk (Retriever) . Get over it, buy a permit and life goes on.
Antiuk > Dude, no one will buiy your "permit"
Irisong Solette > ive seen people with permits
Antiuk > then they are fucking idiots
Antiuk briefly flirted with denialism, claiming no one has ever purchased a permit. It's a little late for carebears to trot out that old lie, though. Even random passersby in Leremblompes knew better.
Mildron Klinker > James 315 is our Supreme Protector
Antiuk > meaning a miner would have to be offered a purchase
Irisong Solette > ok so according to that code...a miner should contact James 315 before mining to get the reprieve...correct?
Antiuk > No basically, if you dont want to purchase a permit
Antiuk > You get asked 3 question within a 24 hour period
Antiuk > you get ganked in 7 minutes
Antiuk > 24 hours = 7 minutes in the saviours eyes
Antiuk > The code should shove itself... up its own arse
As Antiuk went through his objections to the Code, other residents of the system studied the Code and found flaws in his argument. The Code was sound.
Irisong Solette > sorry Antiuk, but your argument doesnt hold any water...
Antiuk > dude
Antiuk > liek i give a shit what u 2 gays say
Antiuk > permits r for fags
Antiuk > Irisong Solette you dont know my argument either so you can take your comment and shoive it up James 315 arse with your cock
The toxicity of the rebel miner always reveals itself. Anyone who didn't agree with Antiuk was assumed to be his enemy. One of the reasons for the lack of organized rebellion in highsec is that the rebels have a difficult time making friends; they prefer to insult one another at the slightest provocation.
Mildron Klinker > Antiuk i still need to ask you to keep local clean please. behave like you are an adult if possible.
Antiuk > And again, I will tell you to go fuck yourself
Antiuk > your not my parent
Antiuk > If your so young Mildron that the word fuck offends y
Antiuk > I suggest getting off the internet
Antiuk > cos I fucked my wife the other day
By this stage of the conversation, Mildron began to prepare himself for the possibility that Antiuk might not be purchasing a permit that day.
Antiuk > Or if like me, u couldnt give a fuck spurt all the shit you want and corrupt his eyeballs til they melt
Antiuk > Its just funny reading his bullshit
Antiuk > - If a miner does not wish to purchase a mining indulgence, he may still be granted a one-day reprieve, if he is able to correctly answer the Supreme Protector's Questions Three.
Antiuk > BOOM
Antiuk > overwrites his gay ass indulgences
Leo Kovalenski > "MAY" in english this is synonymous with "maybe" or "at his mercy tbh"
Antiuk > Leo last time i read the dictionary it didnt define to "at his mercy tbh"
Antiuk > even gonkers have a code
The consensus in Leremblompes grew: Antiuk had no claim for relief under the Code. He was guilty.
Antiuk > he preaches a code he does not follow
Antiuk > so it doesnt make him right... he should stop preaching shit and go freelance
Leo Kovalenski > i dont care about your loss... i thought about contracting you a retriever from my hangar, but you seem crazy tbh
Antiuk > Dude i replaced my ship
Antiuk > thats not an issue
Antiuk > cos he preaches shit he cant follow
Leo Kovalenski > you seemed so mad
Leo Kovalenski > for so long
Antiuk > its in black and white on his website
Antiuk > Im not mad
Antiuk > why u think i keep pasting that rule.. Why preach his rules that he cant follow? AN amagad praching about a "saviour" over the interwebs
Agent Mildron had responsibilities to attend to elsewhere, so retired from the system. It seemed no permits would be sold to the unruly Antiuk. But the next day he received a convo request. It was from Antiuk.

Incredibly, Antiuk had a change of heart. As I've said on so many occasions, the wallets of our Agents are filled with the isk of those who would "never" pay. And I have also said this: The CODE always wins.

There isn't a man, woman, or child in highsec who won't eventually find their way into the New Order family. I noticed that Antiuk does not have a pledge of loyalty to me in his bio, so his journey toward compliance may not be finished yet. But I'm proud of the progress he's made thus far. Aren't you?


  1. Replies
    1. Hey, don't be so hard on the highsec miners! This one came around and bought a permit so they can't all be 'morons' as you claim.

  2. Another lame post....what's next, Code rescuing cats stuck in trees? Talk about creating boring and inconsequential "content." How about doing something that actually resonates. And no, trying to gank an Orca, failing, and then abusing the bumping mechanics so that the same gankers can come back 15 minutes later to kill it (how realistic is that?) doesn't cut it either.

    1. Either you've been living under a rock for the past several months, or you simply don't want to recognise that there's only a minority of threads and messages in "General Discussion" on EVE's official forums that aren't concerned with mining permits, the New Order, suicide ganking, wardecs, and other phenomena of highsec warfare. Yes, you haven't misread that: the Halloween War, which was making headlines not long ago, ended for good in B-R5RB, and now the Great War for Highsec is unfolding before our very eyes. This may be one of the most crucial moments in EVE's history, since the winner of this struggle will define not only the way the game will go in the nearest future, but whether it will live to actually see this future. No wonder all players are so excited.

      As for our "abusing" the game mechanics... There's only one party which has a right to decide whether someone abuses the game rules or not: the CCP. And what have the devs actually said on the matter?

      Pssst, can you hear this soft, gentle hum? Jimmies of carebears rustling softly in the night.

      Salah ad-Din

    2. Bro, remember to reply as Name/URL so we don't mistake you for one of these anonymous posting panzies. I think your point about the Eve Forums is well taken. No one really talks about nullsec or wormholes anymore. Reason? Because they are terribly dull and boring, and no one really wants to be there. You can thank The Mittani and his theory of blob warfare for that. The biggest problem in nullsec is even finding someone who is not AFK to engage with. It's 90% AFK Carrier ratters...what an exciting place.... As far as complaints about New Order operations dominating the forums, again you are on the mark. Reason? Highsec is fun, cooperative PvE is fun, incursions are fun, interacting with other people is fun. Code is trying to ruin all that and make highsec as lonely and miserable as lowsec, and people are rightfully concerned about that eventuallity.

      Your post, as per usual, does nothing to address to my complaint about game mechanic abuse. Your post concerns failfit, undertanked, autopiloting ships getting blown to pieces. CCP has quite rightfully endorsed that activity. Stupid people deserved to get blown up. Doesn't mean you need to be the one to do it (and if you look at my sterling killboard you will see 0 suicide ganks), but there is no reason for CCP to protect people from their incompetence. I have contacted multiple Code gank victims and explained to them why their fail fit ships are the cause of their downfall.

      What I do object to is trying to gank an Orca, failing, getting shot up by the police and getting a 15 minute aggression timer, docking up, having alts bump the Orca for the next 15 mins so he can't jump, and then bringing back the exact same gankers for round 2. That is lame, absurd, and stupid. The police would not release an attempted murderer from jail 15 minutes later so he could go and kill the same guy. Bumping off gate is clearly, in this context, a criminal act, and should draw Concord response.

      And as for being a "carebear," feel free to check out my killboard, scrub.

    3. Veerdspar still trying his hardest to stay relevant it seems. The sad reality of carebears astounds me.

    4. Another carebear who sits in uedama local screaming for someone else to stop code yet is too afraid to undock himself.

      the sad sad reality of carebears trying to stay relevant.

    5. I'm not interested in expending the effort to personally stop all ganking in Uedama. What I would like, and have now posted about on the Eve Forums, is for the game to properly address the criminal nature of bumping as used by gankers.

    6. So veers, you say we are trying to make high sec a lonely place, yet in the same paragraph you state that cooperative pve, incursions are fun. Yet when we have fun shooting spaceships, in a group, who if you ask any pilot who flies with us on a regular basis, has fun, however because u personally don't agree with how we go about it or in your eyes we shouldn't do it, or game mechanics should be changed etc. My friend that sounds like a double standard.

      Ccp pretty much says, "we are not going to protect you, protect yourself" bumping is a legitimate tactic, as noted in the sticky thread of crime and punishment. Your arguement is that we shouldn't be alllowed to bump for 15 minutes, why didn't the orca pilot call some friends to help web him into warp or a multitude of other choices he had at his disposal, why because he doesn't care for high sec like the new order.

      Personally I think you are simply on a tirade, because you know if we look at incursions which we are, you know u won't be able to make ur isk hand over fist and there will be risk and you will never be skilled enough to come up with a counter.

      If you aren't happy with game mechanics, go play another game. It won't be a loss and it won't be the last time someone floods minerbumping or local with tears

    7. Teers Vile-Bar,

      "No one really talks about nullsec ... anymore. Reason? Because they are terribly dull and boring, and no one really wants to be there."

      The remainder of your post has been answered elsewhere, but interestingly you raise an issue which will soon be engaging (sorry, had to stop there - just realised the three Gs in 'engaging' all have different sounds; your language, so interesting!); to continue, which will soon be engaging New Eden residents everywhere.

      James 315, who has a better grasp than you of the underlying causes of the malaise in the game, has penned a piece called 'The Carebears Killed Nullsec PvP'. As it happens, it's the very next slice of Manifesto II, to be released to SoundCloud early tomorrow morning.

      Why not drop in and have a listen? Can't hurt.

      Better still, join me for tea and biscuits on the verandah, promptly at 7 (BST).

    8. Real life engagements have prevented me from responding until now, my apologies. I will now address the points above (and repost in the new thread).

      412 - I object to ganking people for the purpose of making them cry and leave the game.

      Sasha - I will await your next post.

      DJ - You are, as usual, confused. My complaint was specifically, that bumping, when used to facilitate multiple waves of ganking, is exactly equivalent to warp scrambling, and should draw a CONCORD response. CCP was addressing bumping in general.

  3. I want to see a part 3 where this miner decided to go afk with a permit. Remember, it's fine to use the bathroom as long as you are given permission from an agent first. I laughed at the "I need to make some isk safely (in an internet spaceship pvp game)."

    Veers, how about you go roundup a rebellion and create some content?

    1. Opposing tyranny and oppression on is creating content.

    2. No, Mr Bell-hop, in your case it is not 'creating content' but creating text - lots of it. Of content there is nothing.

      Mildron, Knight: Again, persistence, politeness and unswerving adherence to the tenets of The Code made for such an uplifting victory. Victory, always.

      Saviour: Crackling wit and sparkling humour. There's nothing like the MB Blog anywhere in Eve.

    3. Then you should help us set the miners free and soak in the Saviour's words.

      "The New Halaima Code of Conduct is the product of a truly democratic process. It was written by the entire community. As Supreme Protector of Halaima and Saviour of Highsec, I represent all of the individual members of the community and acted as proxy when drafting the Code. The Code is also a social compact. This means that everyone who enters New Order territory is deemed to have agreed to its terms."

      James 315 has been democratically elected by everyone in highsec. Maybe you were afk during the vote.

    4. "Mr. Bell-hop" now there is a zinger. Did you have too much free time to come up with this stuff in a Siberian labor camp? Feel free to actually come to Uedama and do something in the game, I never seem to see you around.

    5. To Anonymous at 7:58 PM (feel free to use your in-game name, I'm sure it's softer on the tongue): There was a serious conflict of interest in that "truly democratic process," to wit that James 315 failed to set forth standards determining who should be Savior of Highsec. He simply declared by fiat that he was the right choice. This is tainted by a serious conflict of interest, and therefore the entire process is void. There should be a new, and truly democratic process, involving all members of highsec, to draft a ,more appropriate Code, and to elect a more appropriate Savior.

    6. You are free to call a new vote if you choose. Just evemail James 315 and ask if this is allowed, what term he was elected for, and so on. If it was anyone but James, of course it would be a conflict of interest. But it's not. Perhaps if you read the CODE more, you will be able to heal your soul.

    7. No need to call a new vote...the original one was never effective because James 1) determined who the eligible voters were (did votes tabulate by account or by actual human player?), 2) determined the candidates (only himself), 3) set the election date (which has never been publicized), 4) decided that he should vote by proxy for everyone, and 5) declared himself the winner with 100% of the vote (even dictators usually only get 99% of the vote to make it seem legit). This is an obviously flawed process, and therefore void, meaning that there currently is no Savior of Highsec. James has also failed to reply to all of my prior Evemails, and I think that he may have quit the game. I can no longer justify the excessive CSPA charge for further Evemails.

    8. Veers always cries

    9. Anonymous at 9:00 PM (good timing!) is always afraid to post with his name.

    10. Veers, you are crying. Stop crying about video games.

      Poasting with my main,

      PS: So now shoot at me or something.

  4. Victory after victory- the New Order matches onwards! Great work Agent Klinker!

  5. That was beautiful. Great to see the hate filled Carebear with nothing but darkness in his heart find his salvation with the New Order.

    The Code, constantly winning!! \o/

    Oh, and thiis ...."Attention all miners, past, present, and future: You're being asked right now. Send us your money."... awesome!!

  6. DJ Entropy wrote: What some might call "criminals" we prefer to call "freedom fighters" who "endure the unjust actions of CONCORD".
    Comment segment reposted from previous blog post - BM.

    Freedom Fighters huh? I'll get back to that.

    So, lets get down to the code flops.

    CODE suicide ganks innocent highsec miners who only have drones to fight back.

    CODE suicide ganks haulers, full or empty, who are running through highsec.

    CODE suicide ganks auto-piloters.

    CODE signed up for the AT, paid the entrance fee, and then didn't show (read: ran away) when faced by a REAL PvP fight with a REAL PvP corp.

    CODE gets permabanned from future AT events due to their actions (or lack thereof).

    CODE still supports the mittani even after he endorsed driving a player to commit suicide. Note, this wasn't some offhanded remark. According to official CCP correspondence on CCP's dev blog, there was actually a slide in the presentation. This means that he created that slide with the intention of having players ask questions about it. I don't know about where you live, but here in the United States of America, that is called "premeditation."

    Remember "Freedom Fighters?" Well, Islamic jihadists and terrorists also call themselves "Freedom Fighters." They suicide bomb (read gank) and kill hundreds of innocent people. So code agents perform ingame suicide bombings...err...ganks, just like the in real life terrorists do out of game. "The Code" supports The Mittani who endorsed people to drive another person to commit in-real-life suicide. Terrorist organizations such as Islamic State, Taliban, and Al Qaeda, have beheaded innocent people who's only crime is that they are not Islamic. These radical Islamic terrorists claim that their religion instructs them to kill "infidels" (Infidels are people who are not Islamic and don't abide by Sharia Law.) as justification of their actions. The code bot monkey wankers kill anyone who is not "code compliant" and point to the code as justification for their actions.

    Now I don't know about you guys, but I see some very disturbing parallels here about this CODEdoc alliance, their "code," and their justification of their in-game actions to those same attributes of real terrorist organizations. So if "CODEdot" was real life, they would be a terrorist organization. So if you are a member of code or a code supporter, think about this for a minute. Do you want to be involved with an organization, which if it existed in real life, would be involved in terrorism and endorse the wholesale slaughter of hundreds of innocent people?

    If you answer yes to this question, they you are where you belong. If you answer no, then you should seriously rethink your game plan. I stand by my earlier assessment of having a code agent walk into an office and spray it with bullets for real-life code violations. Sadly, I can see this really happening.

    Not trolling this time. I am serious.

    1. I'd say your off your rocker if you are comparing activities in a VIDEO GAME, to real life events in the middle east.

      I've been over there and I've played this game. No comparisons. You sir, have some serious mental issues. Seek help. Or better yet, just quit the game. It would be better for your current state of mind.

    2. Tens of thousands of guilty pilots have been slaughtered not hundreds. But all was consensual as they were not following the CODE.

      The New Order has not killed one innocent player to this day. They were all guilty. Our cause is just.

      Join us and set yourself free from the bonds of bot aspirancy. Simply read the CODE and reflect. Embrace it in your heart. In time, you will ascend and join us.

    3. "[Q]uit the game" - that would be excellent advice for all New Order Agents!

    4. The anonymity of the internet helps people's real inner-selves show. Speaking plainly, every CODE member, roleplaying or not, *likes* playing in this fashion - griefing, killing innocents, extorting, etc.

      This is who they are in real life; and if they aren't - it's who they want to be. It's scary really that these people exist. People who like this type of gameplay, find it fun and get a kick out of it - are just suppressing their need for it in real life. They are no different than a taliban fighter who explodes a bomb in a market and kills innocent people. The only difference, maybe, is that they haven't done it yet in real life - but they would like to.

      You can't reason with them, as James315 is Allah to them. Some may scoff and just say "it's only a video game, it's not real". I believe it's way more than that. Actions, no matter in a video game or not, still happen and have effects. Those types of actions taken say a lot about the person executing them.

      During the interview with Veers, one of the CODE members were talking and you can hear a baby screaming in the background. The way he sounded, I wouldn't have put it past him to kill that little guy one day. Very scary, indeed!

    5. Ero 1 the nutcase who was banned from Eve and so f*cked up he can't give it up - get back in your truck and do what you are good at - truck driving - what a loser

    6. @Colonel Falkenberg,

      If you can't see the comparisons between it, you my friend need help aswhell u have seen a little too much over there.

      " The anonymity of the internet helps people's real inner-selves show. "

      This sadly is the truth, and it could not be harsher. Every code agent in the game is excuting the same fundamentals as the IS in the middle east. Be it Video game or not they choose to harm people THRU a video game.
      Their sole point is to hurt the person on the other end of the video game and they would probably do worse if they could.

      The code is a good thing excuted by the wrong people for the wrong reasons

    7. Anon9:24. You crack me up. But I think you have me confused for yourself.

      I never claimed to be a war hero Anon9:24, but I know a few. And yes I served, and I also worked over there as a civi. Still no comparison. You guys are mixing your realities up. Seriously... read what you write. Very messed up.

      Put down the pipe. Get out of your mom's basement... get some air. Except for you Anon9:24, I really don't like the thought of you outside near children.

    8. @ Icey

      In case you haven't noticed, violence is either the backbone or, at least, a very important part of most videogames in the market. There are sports games, managers, and simulators of different kinds, but let's be honest: those are niche games with their own dedicated public, while all the mainstream games revolve around violence. If you consider this picture revolting and unnatural, let's look even further: chess and checkers, the legendary intellectual games, have military strategy at their core.

      The thrills of combat are what appeals to the average player. After all, CCP keep showing us large-scale space battles in their trailers, not 15-minute footages of mining barges drilling space rocks.

      Saying that CODE. members will do worse things in real life is akin to saying that all CoD/Battlefield/CounterStrike players will do worse things in real life, as will the players of Total War, League of Legends, the so-despised World of Warcraft (note the word "war" in the title!) and the vast majority of other franchises. Won't it be easier to ban all violent games and play Club Penguin instead?

    9. anon 9:04 i completely agree with you. Eve promotes sociopaths and their ways. it's proven in the new study they are doing about eve online. the producers from blackfish are making a movie called blackship where game companies like CCP want their people to become what they were in the game, but in real life. in order to gain traction in their "role" in the gaming community. It's sad really.

    10. Gotta say I agree with the CodeBros here...I play lot's of violent video games, blow many things up, but exhibit no violent tendencies in real life (nor do I feel any desire to exhibit such tendencies). I see no connection between a fabricated persona in a video game and real life activity.

    11. You LIAR Colonel doesn't f*ck his daughter, he moved on to his grandchildren - ALL LIES DAMN YOU

    12. Who says e1 is gone? those guys have more alts than underwear. i wouldn't be surprised if royalmoron is an alt of e1.

    13. Icey lol you need to seperate this game from reality mate, btw your pic - 2leedgy4me

    14. And once again, Erotica 1 has proven my point better than even I could with her response:

      "Tens of thousands of guilty pilots have been slaughtered not hundreds. But all was consensual as they were not following the CODE."

      From your perspective, those pilots are guilty because they do not follow "your" law, just like the terrorists who feel that the people who do not practice Islam and follow Sharia Law are guilty. Perspective counts, but the issue here is that since I have declared CODEdot a terrorist organization, their perspective no longer counts.

      "The New Order has not killed one innocent player to this day. They were all guilty. Our cause is just."

      Just like the Islamic terrorists, their small sect believes that their way is the only true path. Once again, they are judging people by their own standard, just like the terrorists do. They claim their cause is just. But in reality, they are just another radical minority faction within the game.

      "Join us and set yourself free from the bonds of bot aspirancy. Simply read the CODE and reflect. Embrace it in your heart. In time, you will ascend and join us."

      Here we see the attempt of a CODEdot member trying to recruit others to their cause. They would have you believe they are right, when the rest of the EvE community genuinely derides and despises them. They are heroic only in their own minds as the rest of us see them for what they truly are: Griefers, Scammers, and most importantly In-Game Terrorists.

      Considering the current state of delusion among all CODEdot agents and their supporters, the glowing ass of James 315 must be radiating in the x-ray band by now.

      Colonel Falkenberg, I can assure you, I am quite sane and I am not off my rocker. I can and do make the distinction between a video game an reality.

    15. I'm new here but this Code side looks more fun to be on. I think when I make account i'll join them.


    ********Too scared to fight RvB in Alliance Tournament*********

    **********BANNED FOREVER FROM AT**********


      ********Undefeated in Alliance Tournament*********

      **********VICTORY FOREVER IN AT**********

    2. Yes, I enjoy Call of Duty, so I must either enjoy shooting people in real life or want to. Seriously? LOL

      It will never cease to amaze me what kinds of people we get playing an internet spaceship video game such as Eve.

      I will probably always post as my main regardless of whether I have new characters or not.

    3. Only code dopes could claim a victory by acting like cowards LMAO

      Ero 1 get a life, we know you are an attention seeking psycho but you are the past

    4. Where is DJ? Has he finally got a gig on Friday night? He is the only DJ who never works at the weekend - WHAT A LOSER

      Oh Hi Ero 1 - your wannabe gay lover DJendopy is free tonight (and any night) - get in your truck (no hoper truck driver man) and go meet him LOL

    5. Of course e1 like CoD, the only downside for him is, that he can't humiliate his victims.

  8. Wow..such hatred. You're not jealous are you? Sounds like a little bit of rejection anger there. You're not good enough for DJ. It's time to move on. There are other fish in the sea. :)

  9. Wow, there sure are a lot of people who hate the New Order that spend a heck of a lot of time thinking about them and writing comments on this website and on the eve forums.

    1. Yeah we like harassing them because we get easy tears and lots of rage LMAO

    2. But they don't seem mad at all. it looks like everyone BUT them is super angry lol

    3. LOL You see what you want to see but look at some of the responses, they rage, cry, try to explain they are someone etc. Trolls always win on here, Butthurt is King and I am the apprentice.

      Thanks for your input, I am ultra smart so your attempt to turn my trolling around failed and many thanks for your pretence but it is PURE RAGE and TEARS and I love them :)))) Next...........LMAO

  10. "I stand by my earlier assessment of having a code agent walk into an office and spray it with bullets for real-life code violations. Sadly, I can see this really happening."

    There are several IRL examples of this happening.. for example shootings by cops, and those are dealt with also IRL, not in-game. Much the same way, game event's should also be handled in-game and leave the profanities and dead threats outside. Keep the local clean as the savior says.

    Contrary to what is said, I'm not angry, maybe a little frustrated about the situation. Looks as if the CODE gonkers only look for an excuse to kill and cause mayhem. I don't see any real concern for miners, as if CODE supporters see themselves superior. Why don't you try to be in the miners "shoes" for a moment and imagine the amount of ignorance they must shed before they can even begin to understand you'r code and what it stands for. Spouting profanities is the first sign, that someone is desperately trying to regain control of a situation, those are the ones who need the help most, and not by killing them either, REAL help and guidance.

    And no, I still don't mine veldspar.

    1. The Code is all about helping miners (and indeed all of hisec) and how much more "REAL" do you want than decommissioning their mining equipment at considerable cost and (crucially) talking to them about it?

    2. Code detest miners or anyone else, they aren't helping anyone and they don't care about high sec, they want to destroy everything and if it means people leaving the game then it doesn't matter to them.

      They are in it to make people feel bad because they have nothing better to do and are incapable of real pvp or getting involved in other aspects of the game. They are also losers in RL so eve is life and life is eve.

      Great news is that it doesn't matter. Code are their own worst enemy because they can gank billions and it makes no difference because it won't change a thing and they have to start it all over again next day. This can continue forever and no change and if it ever affects the game then CCP will nerf something.

      Great thing about code, they are all dumb and can't see that there is no point to what they are doing. So laugh everyone - code are the joke of Eve and not only because of the fail at AT but because what they are doing is pointless and it will continue to be that way no matter what they do.

    3. "They are also losers in RL so eve is life and life is eve."

      That.. makes no sense whatsoever.

    4. Veers amazing how simple that is - Eve is someones life so their life is Eve - you overthink simple LOL

    5. Not me...both posts above are fake...keep trying New Order Goons.....

  11. wow, I cant think of any other blog i've seen generate this many tears. This is amazing.

    1. HAHA. It always helps to have trolls involved to keep the conversion going.

    2. and that';s how CODE WINS

    3. Yes the blog generates lot of tears from code and it is real funny to troll them

      And yes code ALWAYS WHINES

  12. Its so sad that Even though people get told the harsh truth so many time they WANT to believe the lie.

    In a Video game you act out Who you and and who you would want to be this applies even more so in a sandbox game.

    They have the deep desire to hurt people, but yet they cannot because its not ethical to do in the RL world. Such is the way of a ganker they play a video game where is allowed.
    that doesn't make it wrong or right.

    And you say i should go outside and havea life? because i have an oppinion?

    Get a life live it al little and talk to me again and please have some hardships u seem to have lack of them

    1. I agree with you. Their arguments are flawed as they are comparing violence in WoW, CoD, etc as then the player must do violence in real life because they play those games. That is not the case nor the case we established.

      Those games are STRUCTURED and ENGINEERED for fighting. While I do agree that Eve is as well - due to the sandbox structure, you are allowed to make the CHOICE to ruin someone's day to advance your own agenda or cater to your destructive feelings.

      In WoW, you cannot walk up to someone in Ironforge and just kill them while they are banking; even if you really wanted to. Heck, you couldn't even do that out in the open world unless you're on a PvP server. To fight other players, ALL players must make that choice - enter arenas, BGs, etc.

      In CoD, well obviously here is only ONE way to play the game - shoot other people. There is no choice in that.

      However, in a sandbox like Eve - people are allowed to explore and act on their inner destructive tendencies and, as I said above, make the CHOICE to ruin someone's day and 'hurt' them. That one mechanic makes all the difference.

      It's hard for these kids to understand the psyche involved in this 'social experience sandbox' we call Eve Online. But hey, with age comes wisdom. They'll understand it sooner or later.

  13. "AnonymousAugust 29, 2014 at 11:11 PM
    Where is DJ? Has he finally got a gig on Friday night? He is the only DJ who never works at the weekend - WHAT A LOSER

    Oh Hi Ero 1 - your wannabe gay lover DJendopy is free tonight (and any night) - get in your truck (no hoper truck driver man) and go meet him LOL"

    You have mentioned this on other blogs before. You really shouldn't troll your own people it shows really bad leadership and you come across as a psychopath. Are you trying to stir your own guys to anger???

  14. I bet Ero comes back in grand fashion if he hasn't already. The only question is will we know who he is? I bet he tears down a large alliance from the inside or does a huge ponzi. Keep an eye on his share count lol

    1. E1 is not james 315, i sadly had verify it due people claiming to be true.

      On that not iv'e learned that the mitanni, james and E1 are RL friends how ever. ;)

    2. Don't be silly, there is ZERO chance of them being friends in RL. If you knew anything you would know Ero 1 is a complete failure truckie, James 315 is in a nursing home with alzheimers and mittani is in jail for murder. All are losers in the game and even worst losers in RL like all of code.

  15. I would love having them TRY to convince me. They're like Jehovah's witnesses, but more annoying, and want money of you.


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