Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Venture Contest Intensifies

As most of you know, Agent Anal Canal created a Venture killing contest for the month of August. Anal made the contest so she could give away a spare PLEX and give highsec dwellers a chance for some fun.

Because "new players" supposedly prefer using Ventures to mine illegally in highsec, the contest became the subject of intense controversy on EVE-O. Incredibly, this resulted in a CCP dev weighing in (the contest is allowed, of course). Carebears complain about everything, especially if it's something fun.

Due to the enthusiasm of the non-carebears, many players in and out of CODE. have contributed extra prizes. It has actually been quite difficult to keep track of all the prizes, since people keep contributing new ones. Here is the latest prize list, based on the EVEmails I've been forwarded from the contest coordinators. There may be more prizes. Long story short, there's a bunch of stuff you can win:

1st Place: 5 PLEX plus 3.5 billion isk (roughly 7.5 billion)
2nd Place: 1 PLEX plus 1.1 billion isk (just shy of 2 billion)
3rd Place: Rattlesnake
4th Place: Any faction cruiser (Courtesy of The Marmite Collective)
5th Place: Collection of 5 faction frigates (Courtesy of admiral root)
Youngest Ganker: Stabber Fleet Issue

Everyone is allowed to play; you don't need to be a member of CODE. or the New Order. For the rules, see the original post.

Some of you might be saying, "But James 315, the month is almost halfway over. I haven't been killing Ventures yet, so there's no way I'll catch up." On the contrary. According to the rules, you don't get credit for ganking the same Venture pilot over and over. You get one point for each Venture pilot you gank. Thus, the more Ventures you've ganked, the more you'll need to search for new victims. Think of it like a game of pool, where the more balls you've cleared, the fewer shots are available. It's still anyone's game, especially since there are so many prizes for runners-up.

Some people have cited this contest as an example of the New Order bullying new players. This is nonsense. And even if gankers did explode the ships of new players, what's the harm? When I joined EVE, I immediately moved to lowsec. Within a week I'd lost my first ship, and learned more about the game as a result. At no point did I ever question the validity of someone shooting at a "new player". I'm categorically opposed to the idea that new EVE players need special treatment, or that they need to be persuaded to subscribe by being safe for the first few weeks (or months, or years, or however long someone can claim to be a "new player").

Besides, Ventures are cheap. They also have a built in +2 warp core strength, so if they get ganked, they're almost certainly AFK. Fire at will!


  1. "Fire at will!"

    Poor Will.....

    1. Will should have bought a permit.

  2. On my 1st day in game I immediately got myself concorded 3 or 4 times. I also flew to lowsec and got blapped by a guy with artillery. The best was when I got my trusty omen blown up by a nice man with a yellow can. Within a month or so I lost everything inside a bestower headed to nullsec. These early experiences were great. The only thing I wish had been different is Concord... would have been nice if there was just an aggression timer but no Concord. New players need to stop being coddled, as well as older players in highsec. New players should blow up in an internet spaceship pvp game and learn lessons while new. Now, these are my opinions and not directly tied to the contest. In the thread linked, I really like the idea of new players having a special tag in the overview.

    All that being said, let's be on our "best behavior" and pay more attention than should be necessary at player age. Of course, if you are a new player yourself, have at it.

    Considering tossing in a gtc myself.

    1. I agree, and its the fact that people clamor for more hand-holding beyond Concord is what drives me toward an organization like the New Order.

    2. Well said, Erotica and Anon @ 10:48.

      When I first started EVE back in 2006, I was ganked on a undock in the first battleship I ever purchased. Now, of course - I never undock what I cannot afford to lose many times over, so I did not cry and rage over the loss - I simply had no idea how the hell the gankers pulled it off.

      I simply opened up a conversation with them, gave them a "good fight! how the hell did you pull that off?" and suddenly met some of the most fun people I have had the fortune of knowing in any online game I have ever played. I learned what mistakes I made, and learned that the only way to win in EVE is to understand game mechanics inside and out.

      Fast forward eight years, and it's still the same old story. I often remind raging targets who I have just brought to justice in high sec to turn off the rage and tears and just learn how EVE actually works in the first place. For every fifty clueless and foul mouthed carebears that I bring emergent gameplay to, at least one of them listens to reason and becomes a better player for the experience.

      It's really wonderful that CCP embraces emergent gameplay and seems to be resisting all the efforts of the high-sec carebears to turn our beloved game into a World Of Warcraft (IN SPACE!) theme park clone!

      At least we can take comfort in the fact that the CSM has rid itself of the likes of Ripard Teg, and that the current EVE development team has taken a much more logical approach to game balance: provide players with all of the tools they need to adapt to any situation, and then ignore them when they cry and whine about their bad day in outer space that resulted from them not bothering to learn how to use or even understand those mechanics in the first place.

      Thanks to the New Order, I am predicting a very bright future for EVE online. I think the next ten years are going to be great. All we need to do is bring all of high-sec into CODE compliance and make sure everyone has a permit and is at the keyboard, and then things will be perfect :)

    3. Looks like Erotica 1 has finally either come out of the closet or gone off the deep end. I'm thinking the latter.


      This is another quality trollific post from your friends at Carebears United.

      We are many. We are strong. The code will fall. The code will fail. A code free highsec is worth fighting for. Saving highsec from the savior of highsec, one carebear at a time.

    4. butthurt you keeep replying to every post, you are the one getting trolled

    5. Perhaps you should look up the definition of a troll then. A troll doesn't care if he himself is trolled, as long as he gets people to post on his comments, he's won. You're claiming that Butthurt is getting trolled. Stop and think about that for a moment. You cared enough to reply, so you are feeding him, which made his troll successful.

  3. Attention all participants! We have an information from insider that mentioned PLEXes are related to real money trading, so you are at risk to get banned. You were warned.

    Ganking is fun, but putting "burned" PLEXes as a prize is a little bit low even for us.

    Sincerely yours,
    anonymous member of New Order Logistics.

    1. Ya' know... It's nice to be able to identify unreliable sources of information such as bogus websites and anonymous forum posts like the one above this one simply by the level of intelligence conveyed by the quality of the writing.

      "...an information from insider that..."

      Step your game up, trolls. Take pride in your writing.

    2. @290x - you know, the fact we get so many fanboys trolling is great to me, but much like miners - I just wish they were of a higher caliber.

      "...That mentioned PLEXes are related to real money trading..." - lmao. I give it a -8/10 and lament the lack of psssssh.

      Anon @ 6:24AM - you really need to purchase a permit.

    3. *sarcasm mode engaged*

      I'd like to see some proof on this matter (screenshots, chatlogs...) ...oh wait, i bet you're going to claim that you don't want to blow your cover so you can continue to supply us with "the undeniable proof that CODE. is a bunch of griefers that targets newbies on purpose \ losers who can't fight those who can shoot back \ a front for the alt-collection of The Mittani and/or Grr, Goons \ the new Band of Developers \ some other conspiracy stuff I can't remember right now".

      *sarcasm mode offline*

      Srsly such a poor attempt of ruining peoples fun is just....low.

    4. @Acuzio Ace

      This is literally all our enemies have left.

      They fail again and again to show up and give us any resistance while we make high-sec a better place for everyone.

      They try to form organized groups to stand against us, and they implode due to their own ignorance of game mechanics.

      From the ashes of these fail-cascades, leaders emerge - who soon implode under the simple fact that a large majority of their line members are some of the most toxic and hateful people EVE has ever seen, true sociopaths who cannot even tell the difference between a video game and reality.

      This is all they have left. The last stand they have is trying to "troll" here, all the while not realizing that if we did not find it so amusing in the first place - we would simply not allow anyone but authorized members to post here in the first place

      Don't take this from them. It's literally all they have left, and watching the latest chapter of fail-cascading in the "anti-ganking" community is going to provide some amazing content and many laughs.

      Get your popcorn and beer, ladies and gentlemen of the New Order. 2014 is going to be one hell of a year.

    5. It's funny to watch naive attempt to find out identity of rat in ranks of CODE. Providing chatlogs? Are you serious??

    6. @Anon 7:40AM

      LMAO @ "rat in ranks of CODE" - this is funny it literally hurts. We have about a dozen "spies" in our ranks. These spies are able to gain very useful intel such as "We like to shoot things that don't comply with the CODE."

      Much like our CFC overlords who fund everything we do and who we are all alts of, we love our spiez :)

      #ProTip: In order to be a spy in our ranks, you will need to be ganking many things and assisting in making High-Sec a better place by enforcing the CODE. If you are willing to do that, as all of our members do, you are welcome to some spy on us and gather very valuable intel :P

    7. @Entropy

      In given context rat is not neccessarily must be an infiltrated outsider agent. It could be (and it seems that is the case) member of your organisation with specific knowledge on funding this matter and not happy about it.

      p b-a.

    8. @ Anon 8:14AM

      Dude, you're cute.

    9. I bet it's Small Beer :P (j/k) it was a running joke last time I was in the minerbumping channel,

      @Acuzio Ace you forgot the now standard homophobic remarks I've seen so much of recently

    10. Carebears grasping at straws, what a surprise.

      I'm one of the players who's donating to first place, I'm buying my plex with isk and I'm going to do that legitimately on the market in Jita.

      Fabricate more stories carebears. Or, better yet, participate in this event and maybe you'll win something and use that to further your goal of ending the New Order.


    11. if there really was a person who didn't like where the funding was coming from, they should sack up and quit. What kind of pussy would sit around fretting about that then posting anon in the comments?

    12. @Jonah Gravenstein:

      Why should I use them? I'm a supporter of the code, not their enemy.

  4. "This is all they have left."
    "Get your popcorn and beer, ladies and gentlemen of the New Order. 2014 is going to be one hell of a year."

    Such a sound speech from a member of organisation which "controls" few systems during weekends.

    Proud bot-aspirant.

    1. you're proud of *not* playing a game? these bot aspirants are weird....

    2. With morons like you playing, I can see why they are proud of not playing. So how many of you guys have been banned so far for ganking new players?

      This is another quality trollific post from your friends at Carebears United.

      We are many. We are strong. The code will fall. The code will fail. A code free highsec is worth fighting for. Saving highsec from the savior of highsec, one carebear at a time.

    3. Haha aw BM...

      "We are many. We are strong. The code will fall. The code will fail."

      Last time I checked BM, you are the only one over there at gankerbumping...
      "Is there any chance that you could upload all the old content for us?" I would say there is no chance BM, because failure to launch is all that happens over there and you are the only one sticking around waiting for different results. Many? Strong? I don't think so.

      BM your posts seem like the only person you are trying to convince is yourself.

  5. I wanted in on this so bad. Can't play right now because my stupid wireless router died, but I'll be back soon. Debating between throwing my sec status to the space-wind and going full-on ganker with you guys, or joining Feyd & co. with the mission raiding stuff.

    1. Have you considered a very long ethernet cord or using your phone as a hotspot?

    2. Ethernet cable wouldn't work because I keep my laptop upstairs so I can use voice comms and everything without bothering people I'm staying with while the main desktop setup is downstairs, and no cell phone = no hotspot. I am getting a new router soon. once I do, I'm updating and coming back

    3. That's why ethernet cables come in 10M bundles. There's nothing like routing 10M of cable through a rented property :D


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