Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kills of the Week

The entire highsec community is on a fantastic voyage toward its shared goal of 100% Code compliance. For some, that voyage can become a bit of a bumpy ride. Let's look at some of the highsec residents who took a tumble during the week of August 3rd @ 00:00 EVEtime through August 9th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Nothing says "oops" quite like a 436 million isk Retriever. Castailia Cybele went (generously) halfway on the tank and went all the way on expensive mining drones. Agents Anal Canal, loyalanon, and Big G Chelien witnessed Castailia's crime and put a stop to it. Crisis averted.

The good news? Angrahm Mileghere was flying a cheap frigate. The bad news? It was completely untanked--indeed, unfit. The good news? He didn't lose any modules when Agent Zane Arnolles popped him. The bad news?

...The unfit frigate was carrying nearly 900 million isk in cargo. The good news? The CODE always wins.

WoB Diamond become "WtB Permit" when he went AFK and autopiloted in a 5.3 billion isk Nightmare. Agents loyalanon, Zane Arnolles, Krominal, Angel Pirate, and John E Normus noticed the slumberer sleepwalking his way through Isanamo and gave him an antimatter wake-up call. They say it's dangerous to wake a sleepwalker, but it's even more dangerous to violate the Code.

Xispa Alborada lost the Pod of the Week while abusing her limited-issue Leopard by AFK autopiloting. Agent Brutal Anna patrols highsec for such abuses--yes, even in 1.0 security systems. Apparently Xispa considered herself quite the marksman with all of her gunnery-related implants. But it was Brutal Anna whose guns won the day.

There is a plague infecting highsec. A disease which threatens to ruin us all.

They're called incursion runners. These bot-aspirants equip themselves with decadent finery and go AFK in "safe spots" between isk-grinding sessions. Virpio Hekki's Vindicator was destroyed shortly after the screenshot was taken.

Everyone knows that I have long opposed highsec incursion running. It's a grotesque risk/reward imbalance. If I were in charge of CCP, I would remove all incursions from highsec and neg-wallet every bot-aspirant who has ever profited from them. However, I do not run CCP. Therefore I only require that incursion runners purchase a mining permit and show total obedience to the Code. Fair enough?

Zelom Oeqan is a typical incursion runner. This week, our Agents paid special attention to incursion runners such as he. Agents John E Normus, Sophia Soprano, Zane Arnolles, loyalanon, and Anal Canal found him guilty and splattered his fail-fit command ship. Look at those lowslots. Is he flying a Sleipnir or a Dell?

Skai DefENDer is another example of an incursion runner who ran afoul of the New Order. Agents John E Normus, Angel Pirate, Zane Arnolles, loyalanon, Anal Canal, Capt Starfox, and Sophia Soprano are never put off a gank by a bunch of warp core stabs. It's hard to warp away when AFK.

The Dryson of the Week went to DrysonBennington's astonishingly fail-fit Cyclone, which attempted to stop our Agents from killing freighters in Uedama. DrysonBennington's ship didn't have too much EHP, but Agents Brutal Anna, DJentropy Ovaert, Lonely Spirit, Aaaarrgg, Mildron Klinker, Krominal, loyalanon, SirCunccan, Anal Canal, and Skipper Blue all crowded onto the killmail so they could share in the pleasure of killing him. How did Dryson manage to gain such notoriety? Here's one reason:

Dryson believes the EULA requires CCP to nerf freighter ganking again. If CCP doesn't do it, are they violating the EULA? Committing torture, even? Should CCP be banned?

Until then, the warriors of the New Order will do what they feel is right with the freighters.


  1. Inb4 racist and/or homophobic fail-anti-ganker failtroll posts

    1. Dryson lol! the anti-ganker leader says enough as representation of there toxic community.

    2. *The* Dryson Bennington?

      Wasn't he supposed to be outing the Saviour this weekend, providing evidence of some sinister link between something and something else? Courtesy of his spy in the CFC?

      Why yes, I do believe it *is* that Mr Bennington. He should have stuck to Freemasonry, he's clearly even more inept at white-knighting.

  2. "decadent finery"

    "Look at those lowslots. Is he flying a Sleipnir or a Dell?"

    The Supreme Protector continues to lead the way in eloquence and wit. In sordid contrast, the average rebel or bot-aspirant is foul-mouthed and crass. How much the dissidents have to learn, not only about EVE, but about life itself.

  3. I actually feel ashamed of gorilla bringing back his blog and not just moving on with his life like a sensible adult. He's blatantly obviously only back with the goal of getting loyal banned through smack talk on local. It's so obvious it's painful and what's really sad is that he's using his wife's death to achieve that.
    I don't care either way about ganking but watching him fumble his way to getting loyal banned is both painful and sad. Dunx

    1. The best thing loyal (and the rest of NO) could do now is just ignore gorilla totally. I mean, gank him and PVP as opportunity arises, but otherwise pay no attention.

      It's pretty clear now, the dude is the bad kind of unstable. Either way, he's made the whole "wife death" thing up out of whole cloth to attack NO, or actually he's using the death of his wife to attack someone in a videogame. Regardless of which case is true, they both point to some massive mental instability that you don't want to be around when it explodes.

  4. "There is a plague infecting highsec."...yes and it is called the new order...

    1. The clearest symptom of a plague is a Cyclone without a single shield boost in the mid-slots. Or maybe that's just the rash that accompanies the plague.

  5. To my dearest James 315, self-proclaimed Savior of Highsec, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm.

    I write to you with conflicted emotions following your posting of my incisive comments on the website. I have much admiration for your endeavors, and whilst it is admittedly true that this will be my maiden comment on the site, you can rest assured that I am a long time reader of your posts, often admiring your resoluteness and conviction, if at times questioning your strategic vision and tactical nuance. To dispense with the necessary introductions, I will simply posit that my history is that of a thoroughgoing and normal Eve player. To wit, my first two months in the game were focused entirely on running combat missions, soon graduating, with some assistance from American Express, to running Level 4 missions in a Machariel. While exhilarating for approximately four days, it soon became apparent that Eve missions are hopelessly and repetitively boring, and that an appropriately fitted battleship can simply sit on the warp in beacon and successfully dispatch all enemy ships.

    In search of some more stimulating content, as well as a reason to continue subscribing, I naturally turned to my corporation, the esteemed Republic Military School, often disparagingly euphemized as the “noob corp.” Boasting well over 300 members, many with years of experience in the game, I looked forward to uncovering a variety of opinions as well as a veritable plethora of knowledge. Alas, it was here that I first encountered Eve’s most troubling and disturbing phenomenon – the AFK capsuleer. Despite its robust manpower on the official rolls, fewer than 20 of the RMS membership actually participated in the corporate chat, with the rest being trading alts, pirate spies, suicide ganking alts, and a cacophony of other non-participating players. What scant advice I did receive (other than the thankfully ignored insistence that I must not sit in a battleship with under 4 months of experience) consisted mainly of poorly conceived plans such as mining (less interesting than watching paint dry), manufacturing (hopeless in the face of the nullsec cartels), playing the market (virtually impossible in the face of rampant market manipulation by the nullsec cartels), joining a nullsec blob (painfully boring), solo pvp (irritating and boring), and most often heard was the advice to simply unsubscribe since there was no enjoyment to be had in this game.

    Thankfully I did not heed the naysayers, instead diligently searching for some novel and exciting content. By happenstance, I stumbled upon incursions, a dynamic game mechanic where groups of up to 40 capsuleers team up and work together to repel a dangerous horde of invading Sansha forces. While far more dangerous than mission running or mining, for it is a common occurrence to lose 5-6 billion isk battleships, incursions represent a breath of fresh air in Eve, and the only truly challenging form of PvE content. Between the sheer DPS of the Sansha, the constant threat of contests, the MOM popping drama, and other threats, incursions are a tough nut to crack.

    1. This brings me to the main purpose of my comment, specifically to clear up some serious misconceptions you have about incursions and the brave souls who run them and keep New Eden safe for us all. You write that “There is a plague infecting highsec. A disease which threatens to ruin us all. They're (sic) called incursion runners. These bot-aspirants equip themselves with decadent finery and go AFK in ‘safe spots’ between isk-grinding sessions.” This is highly inaccurate and misleading. Incursion runners appropriately fit their ships to minimize site completion times, and therefore maximize site payouts. The equipment used is that which maximizes efficiency and aids in winning contests. Incursion runners do not decorate their ships to show off on parades, rather they use them to repel the Sansha invaders and secure Highsec space. Further, I do not understand your reference to going AFK and “safe spots.” Incursion groups quickly warp from site to site to maximize payouts, and have little to no tolerance for pilots going AFK as this harms the profit of the entire fleet. There is no reason to have “safe spots,” as the fleet is either inside a site, or it is docked up to reform and refit. Incursion groups do not have “safe spots” in the systems, that is reserved for lowsec and nullsec fleets. Indeed, incursion runners are one of the least AFK groups in all of New Eden. Compare, if you will, incursion runners to other groups in Eve. Miners, for example, need merely to press F1 every 20 minutes. This sad group of lost souls may easily be over 90% AFK, treating Eve as a giant game of solitaire. Manufacturers may wait weeks or months for their products to build, able to AFK the entire time. Traders need only log on for a few minutes a day to manage buy and sell orders. Mission runners can easily AFK in drone ships, and AFK scoop up the loot using MTUs. And your beloved nullsec dwellers? Well, their most prolific activity is ratting. In a Carrier. In Sovereign null. And of course, AFK. Many of them no longer even monitor their alliance intelligence channels, figuring that it’s not even worth their time to save their carriers in the unlikely circumstance that someone actually shows up and tries to kill them. Not so for incursion runners, who, given the intensity and multitude of demands they face, are simply unable to go AFK much at all.

      You later state that “Everyone knows that I have long opposed highsec incursion running. It's a grotesque risk/reward imbalance. If I were in charge of CCP, I would remove all incursions from highsec and neg-wallet every bot-aspirant who has ever profited from them.” This represents a fundamental misconception regarding the risks that incursions runners face. Nearly every incursion community has a ship replacement program, reflecting the significant chance of losing an expensive incursion ship to the invading Sansha forces. Thus, the robust incursion payouts reflect the enhanced risk involved in running the incursions. Indeed, incursion running is far more dangerous than AFK ratting in sovereign null, as evidenced by the fact that we don’t see masses of CFC members come and run incursion in highsec.

    2. You conclude by demanding that “Therefore I only require that incursion runners purchase a mining permit and show total obedience to the Code. Fair enough?” You then post some random killmails, some of which, like the Loki, are obviously not incursion ships (shield booster on an incursion ship, really?). I cannot and will not speak for others, but for myself I must loudly say “not fair.” While it is true that a TCRC can be run it 8 minutes, and with a 31.5 mil isk payout (excluding LP) your permit represents a mere 3 minutes of incursion running. The 10 million isk annual fee would not much be noticed in my 20 billion + isk wallet. Nevertheless, incursion runners are not miners, we are not bot-aspirants, we are not AFK, and we do not need to purchase any permit, mining other otherwise, to continue our mission of fighting off the Sansha and saving Highsec. To equate us with AFK and bot miners is nothing more than a bald faced lie, and shows that you, sir, have never run an incursion. I suggest that you try fitting up a battleship, running some incursions, and seeing things for yourself.

      And thus my missive ends, not with the purchase of a mining permit, not with any acceptance of your fabricated charges of bot-aspirancy, but rather with the proud knowledge that incursion runners represent the cream of the crop of Eve capsuleers, and will never surrender to your extortion and fabrications. And with that I wish you good day.

    3. Familiarize yourself with the usage of indentation.

      Beyond that, you may have a point.

    4. Its actually quite simple - Veers.

      Get a mining permit or be destroyed. No wall of tears will save you.

    5. I don't mine, hence I will not buy a mining permit. Go bother the AFK miners and mission runners. As for destroying me - good luck, you are going to need it.

    6. Please continue to cry more. Your tears sustain us.
      sincerely Code.

    7. I did not lose a ship. Why would I cry? I Simply write to correct the legion of factual errors.

    8. is there a tl;dr or cliff notes available? or does someone have a ladder, and a rope for this wall?

    9. tl;dr

      This is no longer Miner Bumping.

      It is now Risk vs Reward Bumping.

      Or, *ahem* "Grrr, you take less risks than I've decided to. Grr."

    10. Veers,

      I want to take you seriously, but then you write things about how Highsec Incursions are harder than Nullsec ratting. Then you give off the impression how it’s so safe that everyone undocks in their ratting carriers and go completely AFK –no need for Intel channels.

      This scenario you’ve fabricated to support your statement is absurd. You don’t seem understand how Nullsec works.

      Highsec Incursions are not more difficult than anything Nullsec; you're in Highsec. You don’t need Intel channels, standing fleets, scouts 1-2 systems out, and most of all you don’t have to pay attention to local; ‘cause Highsec is ~safe~, not to mention that at any moment your fun/hr, isk/hr ratio could be smashed to the ground by another player –happens way more often in Nullsec than in Highsec any day.

      This is all exacerbated by the fact that players can make more isk in Highsec than in Nullsec The reason why you don't see CFC members running to partake in Highsec Incursions is because of the endless stream of wardecs.

      Out of all the PvE activities found in Highsec I would agree that Incursions are among the most fun and involved, until the entire fleet goes AFK that is. Which is exactly why these Incursion runners lost their ships; they were AFK in space.

      If Highsec Incursions were anything like Nullsec Incursions, I would immediately become more sympathetic as Nullsec Incursions are a bitch; yes, I've ran them. The fact that Highsec Incursion fleets don’t need to put forth any sort of planning through the use of Intelligence, scouts, routes, backup, etc. and can go AFK on a whim is enough to make Highsec Incursions laughable when compared to other endeavors in other regions of Eve outside of Highsec.

      For the first time a large, dedicated group of players is paying attention to your isk grinding activity and the first thing you do is try to convince them to leave you alone. This is typical carebearism.

      I respect you as a player for posting with an in game character, but if I were you I would get a permit, sit back and enjoy the show of other Highsec Incursion runners exploding.

    11. I have to agree with Fox, but I will add one other thing... ratting in a carrier or other capital is an invite to a hot drop. Many null-sec fleets just LOVE to drop in on lone carrier. Looks nice on the kill board. My main lives in provi and provi-block policy is no ratting in caps, just for that reason.

    12. "the proud knowledge that incursion runners represent the cream of the crop of Eve capsuleers" thank you Fox for debunking this myth so thoroughly (also, wormholes). Not only is it complete bunkum, it's reason #2 pilots love killing incursybears.

    13. @Veers Belvar.

      You don't understand. CODE gankers are using CODE "ruleset" just as means of trolling. CODE rules are just their tool. They will never let themselves to be handicaped by rules.

      The only thing about they really do care about is extracting tears. The only way to stop them - real competition in ganking at similiar magnitude.

      John A. Norman

    14. Anon 11:57
      "The only way to stop them - real competition in ganking at similiar magnitude."

      Great idea - for as long as it doesn't devolve into "someone else will do it".

    15. I love re-reading the original veers tears.

  6. The New Order isn't merely upset with miners, clearly.

    It's upset at the entire risk-reward imbalance.

    And you expect the PLAYERS to stop doing the most rewarding tasks? When the blame is solely on CCP?

    Maybe next time you'll keep things interesting by not backing out of the CSM running because you're all "grrr may not be invited to Iceland."

    1. Since when does CCP listen to the CSM? They don't unless they have no choice like during that Incarna fail and the Jita Riots.

    2. Anon 6:21 AM,

      "Since when does CCP listen to the CSM? They don't unless they have no choice like during that Incarna fail and the Jita Riots."

      (O, and when Ripard Teg decides to pursue a personal vendetta...)

    3. Grrr, Ripard Teg.

    4. Well it is the New Order of High Sec, not the New Order of Mining

    5. @ ignorant anon OP who said:
      "The New Order isn't merely upset with miners, clearly."

      lol. NO aren't upset at all. It goes like this:

      Fabricate reason to gank > Gank > Harvest tears.

      There is no "upset" aspect to it.

  7. Ho-boy, that Heron with the purple Cruise Missle Launcher... srsly, why do people insist on ferrying such expensive stuff in ships that go "Boom" when simply breathing in their direction?

    I've never run any incursions so I'm a bit unsure is that Loki with the warp core stabilizers is a viable fit. I mean, doesn't those mods reduce the targeting range of the ship?

    "WoB Diamond became WtB Permit" = I laughed so hard about that one ^^. Srsly James, where do you get that type of stuff?

  8. One solution would be to ban IS Boxer and other programs that allow a single person to control an army of ships. Talk about bot aspirancy! I have seen what amounts to bot fleets haunting incursions and other aspects of the game. Consider these the botting programs they are and permaban users.


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