Saturday, November 15, 2014

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #67

Every day is better with the New Order, isn't it?

Among the whiniest carebears, if you really want to earn street cred, you copy a GM on your "I'm quitting EVE" mail.

Sometimes people ask what happens if a rebel miner puts an insincere pledge of support to the New Order in their bio, without paying 10 million isk for a permit. Lhama Self provides the answer: They get ganked.

Carebears and Agents have very different perspectives on this game. Dyson Moriarty, for example, thinks autopilot exists "so it can be used free of consequences". That doesn't sound like EVE to me.

Don't expect the New Order to change its name any time soon. It's difficult enough for casual players to keep everything straight as it is: "New Order", "MinerBumping", "CODE.", "the Code", etc.
Quaker Oatmeal > whats up
moverdooverman > WHY YOU RED
Quaker Oatmeal > why not red?
moverdooverman > why you blinking red
Quaker Oatmeal > why arent you blinking red?
moverdooverman > i dont know im new
Quaker Oatmeal > wtf why arent you red dude
moverdooverman > omg
moverdooverman > how do i get to blink red
Quaker Oatmeal > just go shoot at capsules
moverdooverman > will i get killed for shooting them
Quaker Oatmeal > nah, itll be fine. turn the safety to red
I don't know if CODE. corps are set up with the in-game corp-finder tool, but if they are, they'd be marked as "new player friendly".

Agents don't need to be exalted in their own eyes. They're exalted in my eyes, and that should be good enough for anyone.

Did you know the New Order of Highsec has a renter empire in the Drone Regions? Neither did I.

Some miners stand on ceremony more than others. The New Order is pretty casual. Only one rule: Don't be a Goofus. Huger Nalelmir broke that rule.

Although the miners of highsec are virtually identical, they do sometimes find ways of carving out a unique identity.

Between the New Order and the rebel carebears, which side consists of the "good guys"? Here's a hint: The miners are the ones always rooting for people to get cancer. As for me, I've always been firmly in the anti-cancer camp. The reason is simple. When EVE players die of cancer, the game loses subscribers. That means less revenue for CCP.

It's one thing for a miner to issue an empty threat. They do that all the time. Dragon Ellecon, on the other hand, gave me a "formal warning". Much more serious.

I only have one question for Mr. Dragon. What's wrong with our Agents' Catalysts?

Roza Noman thinks gankers work for minimum wage because they can't see the bigger picture. Also, people who blow up ships should be against people blowing up ships, because it makes ships more expensive. Navigating so smoothly from one non sequitur to another is quite a feat. It takes more than WASD controls to pull that off; you need carebear logic.

Roza Noman continued throwing out carebear logic until she had none left to give. "I'm not paying 30 million for a permit because your character portrait shows you're trolling." Those are the kinds of insights you can only discover in highsec.


  1. Hint to James: Good guys don't shoot first and ask questions later.

    1. Next you're going to try to tell me that Han isn't a good guy.

      Unless you're trying to suggest that Greedo shot first?


    2. ^flawless victory

    3. Hold you horses, It's not over until it's over.

      You really think Han was a good guy when he shot Greedo? Oh dear... no wonder you are in CODE, you're confused.

    4. It's always a good idea to proofread _after_ you've sent the message...

      Hold your* horses.

    5. Awwww 290xanaots Han *is* a bad guy.

      still he would never be so low like a code-monkey

    6. "Han is a bad guy"
      "Mining is brave and noble"
      Madness unending


    1. Have anything to prove that claim?

    2. He described himself as an "Elite PVEer", that's pretty strong evidence for losing entirely at eve.

    3. You make is sound like being an Elite PVEer would equal to losing. That makes no sense.

    4. Caring about "elite PVE" makes one a loser. Claiming you are one, is losing. Seriously, it's mining red crosses, which is a subset of mining, which is incredibly easy and unbelievably boring. What kind of waste of protein would take pride in being "skilled" at that? It's like taking pride in breathing.

    5. It actually requires a high level of skill and competence. I wouldn't expect a third rate degenerate code fool to get that though. Come win some incursion contests and then talk.

    6. Maria, are you now saying breathing is equal to losing? Man, you're even more confused than I thought. Maybe you shouldn't listen to James, your mind does not seem to be capable to filter the sewage his mouth is spilling. It's clogging up your neural pathways.

    7. No need to be nasty, anon@6:35. It was pretty clear that what I was saying was that PVE in eve has roughly the same difficulty as breathing. It's pathetically easy. Taking pride in something pathetically easy, something which literally every single other person can do just as well, is equal to losing. It shows that one has absolutely nothing else one could take pride in, if one is forced to resort to "I'm a real leet PVEer guise". Literally any other activity in eve requires more thought and more skill.

    8. Now you're being hypocritical. Shooting unarmed miners is even more easy than shooting red crosses, yet CODE seems to take great pride in it.

    9. Oh come on, the real Veers Belvar would never say "incursion competition".

      Try harder.

    10. The only people who say suicide-ganking is easy, are the people who've never done it. It's actually quite challenging, and requires active and engaged gameplay to pull off with any kind of regularity. I suggest you at least attempt what you're describing, before you embarrass yourself by saying that it's easier than ratting.

    11. Here's a newsfash for you: I don't want to. The only difficult part of it is to make the kill before Concord makes it's kill.

      Also, it's incursions we're talking about here, and that stuff requires a lots of teamwork as far as I know. I'd imagine it to be at least as challenging as suicide ganking. I could be wrong, but at least shooting red crosses is more honourable than ganking miners. Oh, breathing is too.

    12. So you haven't done suicide-ganking, but you know it's easy. You haven't done incursions, but you know they're hard. You haven't done any of the things you're talking about, but you know so much about them.

      Do you really expect anyone to care what you have to say? You freely admit it's all ignorance and bluster. Why do you think this stuff is even worth writing out? Seems like your time could be better spent learning how the game actually works, before you try making factual statements about it and embarrass yourself.

    13. You take "as far as I know" and "I'd imagine" as "I know"?

      I don't expect anyone care what I have to say, but you do apparently. And I thought this whole blog is about embarrassing one self, CODE people do it all the time here, why should I not participate? I don't even need a permit for it.

    14. I take statements such as "Shooting unarmed miners is even more easy than shooting red crosses", as "I know". If you're going to make wild guesses about things about which you know nothing, at least have the decency to clearly label them as such.

      Your justification for acting a fool, is that you think that's what we do here? Since when does the wrongdoing of others, justify wrongdoing of your own?

    15. You did read the post after that, didn't you? I also said "I could be wrong" there. If you didn't, read it now.

      You admit that what you're doing here is wrong. Good to know. My work is done here.

      *flies away*

    16. Sorry to deflate your "gotcha" moment, but all that I "admit" is that you think what our brave Agents and Knights do is wrong. You're wrong in that assessment, but that's beside the point. Even if what we do is wrong, it still doesn't justify your doing wrong.

    17. But if you're not, then I am not either, and you're bitching for nothing :D

    18. You talk about incursions and ganking without knowing anything about them. That's making a fool of yourself. Though hopefully, you'll refrain from such embarrassingly ignorant comments in the future.

    19. But as I said, that's what I thought this blog was all about. I want you to know I can lower myself to your level anytime, no matter how hard it is. If you want me to stop, tell James and other Codies to stop first.

    20. "I know you are, but what am I?" isn't a very clever response in elementary school, and it doesn't get any better with increasing age. But if it's all you're capable of...maybe spare yourself (and us) the embarrassment and don't say anything at all.

    21. That's your clever response?

  3. I run market scams throughout highsec, nailing newbs and vets alike for 500p+ mil a pop. I have never once received a "i am quitting the game because of you" crymail. Somehow losing massive sums at the market window doesn't have the same effect as getting popped in a 20mil ret. Always found it interesting.

  4. CODE junkies and James315 both, you can kiss my hairy white ass! I'd never give you a tenth of an ISK, let alone ten million! None of you even bother to follow this Code you spout around! I hope you all are struck blind and are therefore unable to play the game you seem so intent on ruining!


  5. I have found that those that claim that they are elite pvpers are not. CODE will run for the hills if you start shooting back. I've seen this myself.

    So, what about highsec gas mining? I don't see any enforcement along those boundaries. Besides, I'm gas mining right now in highsec, afk as well. So what are you code bot monkey fags going to do about it?

    Nothing, as usual.

  6. I can't help but imagine that first comment being read in the voice of Jane Valderama from the Saints Row games. It fits the EVEmail, too -- trying to be all polite and professional and informative while at the edge of bursting into tears.

    1. Would've you preferred insults?


  8. B


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