Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hive of Bot-Aspirancy, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Highsec miners Ryuu Rockefeller and shaneduce were horrified to learn that CODEdot was renewing its wardec against their corp. Instead of turning to the Code, they sought salvation in the Anti-Ganking channel.
Roysefus > wow lol its true though. Code says play our way or else... no the anti gankers do too?
Agent Tom > no but u do not troll in here and u my god sir is a code troll
Roysefus > lol nope
Agent Tom > then why troll
Ryuu Rockefeller > Agent Tom sir you will have code alts in here carefull
Suriv Virus > u act like 1 now Roysefus
No matter how many times Ryuu tried to redirect the conversation toward the wardec, he was thwarted. The Anti-Gankers' infighting continually derailed everything.
shaneduce > our corp is less than 20 people that just do mining so why we a threat to them?
Aidan Hawking > He has a point you know
Aidan Hawking > He's not really trolling
Aidan Hawking > Just stating his opinion
Suriv Virus > i would cal it trolling.......
Aidan Hawking > Stating an opinion that is inverse to what you believe is trolling then, interesting.
Suriv Virus > if u talk in favor of code i would say it is
The atmosphere was as tense and toxic as ever. The primary topic: Who was and was not a New Order spy. A stray remark was enough to put anyone under suspicion.
Agent Tom > so u guys think its ok to start picking on those ho like to fighet code and is asking fore help that is trolling in my bok
Roysefus > I never said anything in favor of code. Im just tired of all the or elses going on everywhere
Aidan Hawking > I'm no supporter of CODE, but Roy has a point. All this 'do this or else' BS is fucking annoying.
Agent Tom > the leaver
Kalynn Shardani > only person trolling is Aidan Hawking - he is Norek Crendraven alt
Agent Tom > yes we know
Ryuu Rockefeller > so this channel must be cleaned from code alts
After a potential New Order spy was identified, Ryuu and shaneduce made another effort to request help:
Ryuu Rockefeller > these bullied in school code kids cant understand that industrialists are the backbone in this game
Ryuu Rockefeller > they are just making selling fake permits..and want to destroy the game in my opinion
shaneduce > its called extorshion
shaneduce > the mob in america did it
They were preaching to the choir. Complaints of bullying and extortion are the wallpaper of the Anti-Ganking channel. Now that everyone was on the same page, could their corp receive assistance in the wardec?
Vector Symian > Well well well
Vector Symian > what do we have here
Kalynn Shardani > lol here come the trolls
Vector Symian > there no way of telling who is who
Ryuu Rockefeller > just keep and eye and watch them smart sir
Vector Symian > truth
...Apparently not. Each time someone new entered the fray, the channel reverted back to spy-hunting mode. The Anti-Ganking community erupted into a new series of accusations.
Ryuu Rockefeller > well for once corp is a small pve corp giving a nice resistance to code...if someone is whiling to join the fun and help us pls contact me
Ryuu Rockefeller > this is the 2nd round..and they are not willing to leave us in peace
Vector Symian > have we though of a counter propoganda machine against the code
Ryuu Rockefeller > hello Kalynn Shardani
Kalynn Shardani > hi
Ryuu Rockefeller > War: CODE. vs. Star to Star Inc any kind and polite anto code joiners would be apreciated and thanful
Finally, a break. Ryuu met Kalynn Shardani, a prominent rebel who makes New Order Agents snicker by calling herself a "highsec mining consultant".

Recently, Kalynn promoted herself from mining consultant to "Senior Specialist". She claims to be able to undo the New Order's trillions of isk worth of ganks simply by sending useful information to gank victims. Her EVEmails basically tell miners to fit tanks and not go AFK--in other words, to obey the Code.

According to the latest rebel blog, "Highsec Militia", Kalynn is a pretty big deal.

Don't worry if you've never heard of the Highsec Militia. There's plenty of time to get caught up with their tear-filled posts.
Vector Symian > Is it possible to simply attack them we know who supports them?
Vector Symian > mabe a escort service should be offered
Ryuu Rockefeller > no war profiters plz..the profit is to clean our fav game from these kids
Vector Symian > identify prime targets that codeys drool over..and protect them
shaneduce > mining ops
Ryuu Rockefeller > you really want to protect this channel with a password and allow only tested members to join sir
Suriv Virus > Ryuu Rockefeller we got other cnls to....
Ryuu Rockefeller > safe?
Vector Symian > they will find it..they simply throw alts in and you will recruit them
shaneduce > well problum with that is u start trusting no one
Before Kalynn and Ryuu could engage in a productive talk, Anti-Ganking was once again swept up into a discussion of security issues.
Vector Symian > you see the clever codeys are sitting quitley in here watching
Vector Symian > so do the same
shaneduce > dang that a way to shut up a room
Ryuu Rockefeller > Vector Symian u sir cant even stay and talk to see who is code and who isnt
Vector Symian > gawd damit
Highsec carebears are known to be prickly and entitled. The slightest inconvenience sends them over the edge. Imagine an entire channel filled with that sort of person, and you'll begin to understand Anti-Ganking. A fight broke out between Vector Symian and the two miners. Someone slighted someone else, or something.
Ryuu Rockefeller > how old are you?
Vector Symian > my friend the question is
Vector Symian > if i was a really clever codey
shaneduce > Code fuckers read my Bio
shaneduce > enuff sead
Vector Symian > no it isnt...not any more
Vector Symian > no corp...if you hate em go vigilante on thier ass
Vector suggested shandeduce's profanity-laden bio wasn't enough to stop the New Order. He recommended using combat ships. This was enough to cause another argument:
Ryuu Rockefeller > you know... Kalynn Shardani sent a mail to me so i want a convo
Ryuu Rockefeller > but you sir Vector Symian acting like a kid and not respecting this channel's main movement
Vector Symian > i am speaking the truth
Vector Symian > they are clever
Ryuu Rockefeller > then why trolling me and showing off at this channel then
Ryuu Rockefeller > ofc they are and i dont give a shit tbh
Vector Symian > you have a thin definition of trolling
Ryuu Rockefeller > as long as im speaking in this channel with 100+code alts im a main target..but you keep troling
Feelings were hurt. It was simply impossible to put together a coherent anti-Order strategy. To make matters worse, Senior Specialist Kalynn went AFK--they lost their heavy-hitter.
Suriv Virus > Vector Symian pro-code talk is trolling
Vector Symian > really
shaneduce > yep
Vector Symian > hmmm
Ryuu Rockefeller > Vector Symian u seem to be the clever codey in here tbh
Ryuu Rockefeller > playing the "diplo" right now
Vector Symian > i seem to be in the wrong channel
Vector Symian > good bye
shaneduce > the several I've talked to fully belive that CCP uses NPC to buy and sell items that if they get rid of all rescorse gathering players that eve will still be the same
With that, Vector left the channel. Ryuu and shaneduce also left the channel in a huff. They concluded that the Anti-Ganking community wouldn't protect them from the Agents of the New Order. They were right. When our Agents set their minds to accomplishing something, nothing can stop them--certainly not a bunch of irate carebears. The good news is, the bot-aspirants don't need to be protected from our Agents; they need to be protected from themselves. If they give up their bot-aspirancy and embrace the Code, all will be well.

Now that's something they won't tell you in the Anti-Ganking channel.


  1. as pure elite bot , saying :" i kick new order every day in the ass" cause you can do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING vs. my procurer fleet containing 40-50 pro/skiff

    no war
    no gank
    no awox




  2. l0l more bullshit and lies from the f00ls at code

  3. All I got out of these two posts is that Loyal should definitely never wear a red hat.

  4. Replies
    1. yeah but the anti- gankers are trying there best honest

  5. I love reading about the antiganking channel. Its like all the worst reality shows and best nature documentaries rolled together.

    1. Such garbage....AG is trying to help protect new players from griefers and suicide gankers? Are there some loonies? Sure...but for the most part it's just nice PvE players working together to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. I'm proud to help out when I can,

    2. AG is filled with hilariously terrible spew. I recommend everyone keep it open in case they need a laugh.

    3. a decent human being

    4. LOL! A space lawyer? A decent human being?!? LMFAO!

    5. As opposed to bonus room torturers and real life harassers? I'd rather be me.

  6. I joined the "Anti-ganking" channel after reading this blog post. Very comical, will keep it open for entertainment on-demand.

  7. I was watching this debacle unfold. I actually opened up a chat with this bloke offering my condolences on his poor treatment at the hands of the AG bullies, and offering to show him the side of justice and order. He was polite but strongly believed in fighting on the side of darkness, he really wanted to help the AG lot. I tried to explain how trying to help them, how correcting their terrible understanding of game mechanics (TIL that concord takes 60 secs to arrive) is the quickest way to a ban, but he found out how toxic they are himself by the end of it. They are not reasonable people, facts come second, they care about ideological (im)purity uber alles, above all else.

  8. DJ, i have a new idea for a code contest. I know you offered plex and what not during the venture killing contest, why not offer Plex for Veers podmails or the most killmails on him in a month? I cant afford a plex atm for the contest but ill throw in a couple hundred million no prob. I'm sure others would be willing to sponsor the contest.

    1. Because that surely won't count as harassment?

    2. Killing me would require planning and competence, CODE is incapable of that.

      And DJ won't be participating because he was banned for real life harassment.

    3. BeBopareBop RhubarbPieNovember 23, 2014 at 5:06 PM

      Because its impossible to affect eve without having an account. *rolls eyes*

    4. Between DJ being permabanned and Gorila being bankrupt, this initiative does not see to be off to an auspicious start. Maybe Cpt Starfox could help? She is at least marginally more useful than the rest of you clowns.

    5. Classic DJ...I'd do something....but there is no point. When in fact DJ promised to bring me into "code compliance" and make my PvE playstyle impossible. Result - DJ Banned, Code crying, and Veers keeps on winning.

    6. You have to admit DJ, the guy does make for some interesting responses since his own ego won't allow him to -not- respond to anything. As eye roll-inducing as they can be sometimes.

    7. I consider more of my mercy mission to educate stupid people like you.

    8. Btw Dj, I downloaded and created a Toon on Archeage today, gimme a few weeks and i'll drop by and see if I cant burn those minerbumping ships ;)

    9. Yanno Veers, You may be the straw that broke the camels back. How about i create a new corp and fly under the James 315 flag. Corp goal will be to actively hunt and kill Veers. Kinda like what Bill Hicks talked about with Billy Ray Cyrus
      see :

      Who wants to join me??? I'm actively recruiting. I'm NOT bullshitting.

    10. Maybe I can catch your efforts on your blog some time Gorila, can't wait to see how you do, in Archeage and EVE. Good luck in both endeavors :)

    11. Yes!!! this is the real you, Gorila. But watch as none of these Code cowards will join you. Loyalanon is far too chicken. DJ is banned. I look forward to facing you with my CONCORD allies at my side, Ganker Gorila. This is a victory for CODE, they knew that by getting you into PvP you would eventually join them. I'm happy to keep being the law abiding hero!

    12. Veers, what you fail to understand is I was PVPing when the best part of you was dripping down your moms chin. You want to turn EVE into a theme park like STO and I want NO part of it and if i have to join CODE to make that understood then I'm doing it.

      Your no hero Veers. PVP and Ganking is part of the game mechanics I LOVE about EVE yet you cant seem to grasp that concept. Your a self important greedy, little loud mouthed scrub lord and I've had enough of it.

    13. More whining and tears. Are you sure you aren't an alt of Loyalanon. I don't mind strategic ganking in highsec....I do disapprove of the CODE -10 gankfest, and lack of real punishment. And I do disapprove of the sociopathic bonus room behavior that you so adore. And I do disapprove of the Loyalanon rage that you possess in equal measure.

      So come hunt me down buddy...I'd love to see it. Better bring a lot of your greenhorn friends. Cuz I'm rich, well tanked, and an elite PvP player, not some third rate has been grumpy old man who is broke and has an ugly avatar.

      I'm confident my CONCORD allies will make short work of an over the hill fool like you.

    14. Well Veers I’m actually enjoying your tears. Your limited intelligence is rather amusing after all, and yes you guessed it, I’m actually an Alt of Loyal. lololol Are you Sure you don’t want to claim that I’m actually James too?

      I’m curious if you can show me exactly WHERE I’ve said I support the bonus rooms? Our would you like to make more unfounded delusional claims?

    15. "tears" hahahahah. Let me guess you are going to declare victory and retire now? I'm still waiting for this megacorp that is gonna come hunt me down. Have you put your hand out for donations yet?

      James is far too calm to be you...he has class and good writing skills. He may be an evil human being, sure, but at least he plays the part smoothly. Unlike Loyal, and unlike you.

      And you realize that James supported the bonus rooms, right? He participated in them...he defended them....and he harshly criticized the bans. You are now choosing to fly under his flag. That shows tacit approval for his policies. By definition, that makes you, along with the rest of the CODE fools, a bonus room supporter.

    16. James supported real life harassment and despicable emotional abuse in bonus rooms. Yes, that makes him a thoroughly bad person. He supported erotica1 gving sokhar's wife a panic attack and giggling about it. That is despicable. He is despicable. Code is despicable. And all the people who follow James are despicable.

    17. ALL HAIL JAMES 315!

      and yes I posted it, DEAL with it Veers

    18. Oh I have. You are an immoral person who supports real life harassment just like he is. You are even, you are despicable, and you are the lowest of the low. You use Eve to live out your sociopathic fantasies, and to deal with your serious underlying emotional issues.

      Please do carry on.

    19. *evil not even.

    20. Well this made for an interesting little read

    21. I never met a non-code-compliant person who failed to entertain me with their delusion. Veers, You will become one of us. You have spent far too long on this website not to join us. And certainly, the crimes of the people that you claim to defend can't slip past your eye. They're the idiots, not us. You know this to be true. And you know it's more fun cleansing them from the universe with fire and scorn than it is living in our shadow all the time. I mean you don't even undock anymore because you're so afraid of us. Time to throw in the Anti-Code towel and become a share-holding member of the New Order.

    22. Now who's being delusional? Be honest.

    23. Veers...seriously. Do you truly shed a tear for the plight of another who was "harrassed" in a coms channel they willingly joined..after willingly handing over their assets because they were greedy. No, you don't. You clain to because for some reason you think it makes you look good and strengthens your "position" to others. You and the other anti-gankers live on the ideals of hatred and discourse toward others. You assume because someone likes to play the villian in a game that they "must" be thay way in rl. Ludicrous. I support Code 100%. I donate isk and buy shares of Code on a regular basis. Does this make me a "picked on in school" or "sociopathic" individual. It absolutely does not. In fact, Mr wanna be, I hold a degree in psychology, structural engineering, architecture, and one in design. You counted that correctly...4 degrees...and on top of that, I am a minority in the Eve can figure that part out yourself. If I can hack it, so can you..and so can the other whiny cowards that just want to be "left alone". I can tell you one thing with certainty..from a psychological standpoint, based on your rantings here, in game, and on the forums, you are a textbook narcissist. So before you go on trying to place labels on people you don't know and who just want to have fun playing a game...take a good look in the mirror and learn your place. You are neither an asset to the anti-gankers nor yourself. You are the noisy wheel that just needs to be oiled to silence its incessant squealing. With that being said, grow a pair and do what you try to get others to do for you. Fight the good fight if you have the pair to do so..otherwise...stfu and go back to your corner. Hugs and kisses :)

    24. You might want consider using some paragraphs.

  9. I didn't know about this Highsec Militia blog until now - here is my Yelp review of it:

    Terrible color choice, tacky background image, uninteresting content, and no comments section to shiptoast in. Anslo's proveldtariat looked like professional design compared to this. Will not be returning.

  10. I like the photo with the hat...suits you guys perfectly...

  11. Priceless comedy value on that milita blog.

    "Third, King tried. Even though he knew the Militia was in system, he flew out and tried, wanting to see if the Militia could stop him. And stop him we did"

    So a group of people beat one guy, which is exactly what they cry about us doing, yet when they do it it's a victory? Can you say double standards?

    "His final effort of the night stands in stark contrast to so many encounters with CODE, where they see the Militia in system, and either refuse to undock - fearing space combat and ship explosions - or flee the system, looking for easier, unprotected targets."

    Yup, because Loyal has never blapped targets that were surrounded by anti-spankers. No sir. He always makes his fleet hide in a station. /me looks for a :rollseyes: smiley.


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